Uranus into Taurus

Okay, May 15 is an astrological biggie. The planet Uranus enters earth sign Taurus. It was last in this sign between 1934-1942.

Uranus is a fascinating planet in the astrological scheme of things. It rules Aquarius, genius, individuality, earthquakes, inventions, the Internet, the sudden and unexpected, electronics, technology, the future. It’s about the visionary, the unimagined, the surprise that hits you out of the blue. Its job at a personal level is to shake us out of our ruts and routines, so everything that no longer serves us falls out of our lives, making space for the new.

From May 15-November 6, it’s in Taurus, then the planet turns retrograde and on March 6, 2019, it enters Taurus again and will remain there until 2026. So the 6 months between that May date and November, you‘ll get a taste of what this transit will mean for you.

Here’s why you should pay attention to this transit. On March 11, 2011, when Uranus entered warrior archetype Aries, Japan experienced a 9.0 quake that triggered a tsunami that resulted in the meltdown of nuclear reactors at Fukushima. It was a tragically literal manifestation of that planet in that sign and the Uranian energy at work.

Taurus rules beauty, art, money, stability, endurance, sensuality, physical pleasures and material goods. It’s one of the most stubborn and rigid signs in the zodiac and the energy of Uranus, by contrast, is the most disruptive. You can see how this transit may not be a total picnic. That said, though, at the end in 2026, you’ll look back and think one of two things: OMG, it’s over or What an incredible adventure!

 Globally, the financial markets may be rattled, shaken up. Your IRA, the value of your home, your services, your products, may plunge – or soar. Which it is depends on where Taurus is in your natal chart, how well you deal with change, and – most of all – your mental and emotional attitude toward abrupt change and life in general.

The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii may be an early indication of Uranus entering earth sign Taurus. Tunde Atunrase, a Facebook friend and author who wrote a book about remote viewing, notes that in 1998, remote viewer #001 Joseph McMoneagle predicted this.

“If you live in Hawaii or know anyone who does, here’s some professional remote viewing news you might want to pass on. This was a double blind remote viewing prediction published in 1998 by remote viewer #001 Joseph McMoneagle”

“’There will be significant volcanic action in the Hawaiian Islands between 2014 and 2023, resulting in the abandonment of a now-occupied island.”

This prediction can be found on page 212 of Joe’s book The Ultimate Time Machine.

Abandonment is a strong word and although Joe’s timing on this prediction is a bit wide, this isn’t unusual when psychics make predictions about anything. At the moment they are making their prediction, they’re seeing what’s most probable, based on the free will that we exercise as individuals and as a collective.

On the same day, at 7:48 a.m. EDT, there’s a new moon in Taurus, which spells new opportunities, new doors opening. Both powerful Pluto and energetic Mars will form beneficial angles to this new moon, so it’s going to be an exciting and surprising time. Less than 4 hours later, Uranus slips into Taurus – and that’s where life gets really interesting.


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12 Responses to Uranus into Taurus

  1. Gabby says:

    A resurgence of my old friend from Venezuela, original from Chile, and an ordained priestess of the Yoruba religion is beginning to awaken dormant spiritual endeavours which I had long gone astray from. I see this transit as exactly what you describe; out with the old, in with new – it is your free will that an make this an exciting new beginning!

  2. Tammy Martin says:

    I am up for a good shake up and look forward to what this might be. These last 7 years have been more of the same. Separation, custody battle, son had open heart surgery, discovery of a non cancerous tumour on him as well, paid out my ex husband in the split, worked hard to keep both my son and I healthy. Have 3 types of arthritis, managed pain, had been single all this time because I had very little energy to offer. Sure could use a good smile just because I deserve it.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Damn, Tammy. That’s a load! Send me your birth info. I’ll take a look at your chart. Send thru facebook. The next 7 years have got to be better!

  3. Nancy says:

    I sure hope it goes in the positive direction in my life. My youngest brother drowned on Saturday. I sold a house, and I’m in the process of moving back to my hometown, waiting for the home to be finished. I sure hope this is a positive move. It seems to be getting off to a sad start.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      My god, Nancy. I’m so sorry!! I’ll take a look @ your chart. The move, tho, sounds positive.

  4. C.J. says:

    My parents were married on May 15, 1936. My older sister, my only sibling, was born on Dad’s birthday, November 6, 1938. There is a great deal happening in our personal lives at this time, including eye surgery for me on May 30, and I am trying to focus on all things positive! Thank you for this guiding post! The original date for my surgery was during Merc retro, and it was re-scheduled by the surgeon. I was happy!!!!!!! This new date seems much, much better!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Interesting! Uranus was in Taurus on that that date in 1936, CJ. Thigs really do come full circle! I took a look at that may 30 date, didn’t I?

  5. Alisha says:

    Why I’m having feeling that it is not going to be all that scary as people are sounding.. Few seconds back I googled what Vedic astrologers refer Uranus as. They call it ‘Rahu’. Growing up in India I know Astrologers are not happy when they talk about Rahu – both lunar node. I am very confused now. I will stick to my feeling that good things are going to happen during the time of Uranus. Also whatever happens, I am bracing myself to embrace it. I have a feeling that I can make my dreams come true in this time. I don’t know why it is such a strong feeling. I don’t know, what dreams are going to get realised. I am taking one thing at a time.
    I am so happy to know, I have Trish with me on this journey where I share with her the joys and the sorrows. I am looking forward to making most dreams come true and enjoy the process that comes with it.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Thank you, Alisha! Good things, for sure! Vedic astrology has negative takes on the lunar nodes, too, and is much too “fated” for my tastes. I figure we have the free will to make our choices and that any transit can be helpful. Uranus ushers in change and it’s wiser to embrace those changes than to resist!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    As an April 21 Taurus, 1 degree, I already feel the Uranus motto “expect the unexpected.” A month ago, I had no idea I would be traveling to a writer’s workshop week at what I consider sacred lands of the Nez Perce in NE Oregon, to study memoir writing with an esteemed Aauthor of 32 books. For 30 years, I have been the teacher and mentor to writer’s, and now I will be the student! For a year of coaching culminating in a return to NE Oregon. Uranus, in my 11th, has also begun to shake up friendships. Old friends from long ago have made contact. I expect I may lose friends too. Conflicts and opportunities have surfaced with professional groups. I feel like I will I am at the beginning of a shamanistic transformation.