Like Magic!

Scott Colborn –

Here’s an interesting synchro- a case of someone’s thoughts manifesting instantaneously in the physical world. Like magic. It comes from our friend Scott Colborn, who hosts a radio show out of Lincoln, Nebraska called Exploring Unexplained Phenomena. On our last appearance on his show, we talk about synchronicity and so he has sent us one that recently occurred to him. Besides his radio show, Scott also teaches guitar lessons at Dietze Music Briarhurst and that’s where the synchro occurred.

“I had just finished several lessons and had a brief time to eat lunch and then teach more lessons. I had checked my voice mail on my phone and realized that it was about full, so I deleted some old messages. I came across a message from my friend and guitar student Joe B, who had left a message about a month ago saying that he was suspending lessons for awhile.

“I felt my intuition say that I should call him – so I did. I left a voice mail for him, wishing him well and saying that I hope that he was continuing to play guitar and find joy in that. I ended the call, put my phone in my pocket and walked up front.

“Drake, one of the sales associates at Dietze, walks up to me and gives me a note, saying that Joe B. had just stopped in and signed up for lessons starting in May. Realizing immediately the synchronicity happening, I showed Drake my time stamp of 1:19 pm on my phone message to Joe B, and Drake said that he had just left the store. I figured it was almost simultaneous. I saw Joe B in the parking lot so I went out and greeted him and told him about the phone message (he hadn’t had a chance to listen to it) happening at about the same time as his visit to the store to sign up for lessons again. We both had a good laugh and I felt really filled with joy – which for me is what happens when I’m conscious of a synchronicity happening.

“A close-minded skeptic might say that somehow I heard a familiar voice (from the front of the store all the way back into my small classroom at the other end of the store) and that was what prompted me to call. I did not hear Joe B’s voice, nor was I aware that he was in the store at that time by any auditory or visual clue. I was following my intuition, which said to call Joe B.

“When we open up to the world and people around us, amazing things can occur. These more-than-casual coincidences happen in each of our lives – most of the time we are unconscious to them. What they tell me is that miracles happen – and miracles are not as scarce as we might believe.”

Scott added and old saying: “If you believe so – so. If you believe not so – not so.”

I believe.


PS. I had moved around some posts and didn’t know this post that Rob wrote was about Scott. So, there’s a synchro here, too, because it got moved to May 5, the day we’re on his show!

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2 Responses to Like Magic!

  1. Darren B says:

    Sounds like Scott needs to have a chat with Dean Radin, the author of ‘Real Magic’ on his show, because if you listen to Dr Bernie Beitman’s interview with Dean –
    Dean tells of a similar story to Scott’s.
    It’s podcast #58 on Dr Bernie’s podcast playlist.

    • Trish says:

      That was my thought, too! I’ll mention it to him.I didn’t realize Bernie had interviewed Radin. Thank you for the link! Rob really enjoyed radin’s book.