A Synchro or a Spy Alert?

’Morning Joe’ Scarborough recently told a personal story that is either quite a synchronicity or evidence that we are being spied upon through our phones and computers by simply being in the same room with the digital devices. Here’s what happened.

Joe, who is over 50, decided to take up running. But he found entering the activity at his age to be a bit embarrassing. He talked about it at home, but swears he never did any on-line research about the subject or e-mailed anyone that he was going to become a runner. He actually wanted to keep quiet about it.

Yet, soon after his at-home conversation, ads and articles began to pop up on his computer about advice and products for runners over 50! Go figure. A serial synchro? Or can our devices now listen to us? I’m hoping for the former, but fearing the latter.


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7 Responses to A Synchro or a Spy Alert?

  1. Laurence Zankowski says:


    You are being tracked just by having your phone on,


    If you don’t use a RFID blocker ( wallet, purse, sleeve ) you are tracked. Your voice is picked up analyzed and identified for key words and sent back to your public email address.

    Google tracking from computer to retail outlet. Facebook and facial recognition.

    And so much more

  2. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    My husband and I were reminiscing one evening about how his Mom would make sure she got the , Free block of Cheese from the Govt., every year even though she didn’t eat it or really even qualify for it anymore. Well, the next day up pops a story about “Remember when….” And it was about the govt. giving away free blocks of cheese if you qualified. I was shocked.
    I then asked SIRI if she listens to us and got the response “I’m always listening “!
    The government has found interesting way to spy on all of us unless you are totally off the grid.

  3. Nancy says:

    Big Brother is everywhere.

  4. C.J. says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we CAN block it. Because “The Powers That Be” are so far advanced in technical knowledge using techniques of which we, the general public, regardless of our individual specific expertise in using any or all of the “new” and “smart” technology, are in kindergarten, if even there. Something to think about in this regard:
    REMOTE VIEWING. There are persons who have an innate ability to Remote View a particular designation at any distance from any distance. Most of these persons consider this a spiritual gift and do not choose to abuse it by invading the space of others unless requested or invited. But, it’s not a well-hidden established fact that certain government agencies have been successfully training remote viewers for a very long time, and use these trained personnel for various purposes, including being “Watchers”, or “spying”, for whatever nefarious reasons. Remote Viewers are of course invisible, just as entities from other dimensions are often present in our space but are invisible to us. Remote Viewing without the expressed permission of the subject is a horrific invasion of the subject’s privacy. Nevertheless, it’s a system being used prolifically by several government agencies and many companies. I call it ‘the elephant in the room’, here yet not here, not detected, and in spite of our own awareness, we do not yet have the abilities to block it.

  5. lauren raine says:

    I so often experience genuine synchronicities via the internet (individuals contact me, or friends in non-commercial circumstances), and when it happens I like to think of it as “Spider Woman’s Web of Synchronicities”. But the sinister tracking of our lives and interests by “smart” phones and computers is a very real possibility, and probably a reality. I expect it will get worse, until some people really begin to notice and devise ways to block it.

  6. My daughter has had a similar experience happen to her. She was just talking about something when in a department store and then immediately got ads about what she was talking about. She had not bought anything. There was no use of a credit card to track.