Full Moon in Libra and Beyond…and trump

Full moons are about completions, the harvest, the illumination of some facet of your life. Full moons often bring news, too. On March 31, the full moon at 10 degrees Libra should be a beauty for air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and for fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – if you adhere to a few simple guidelines.  Here’s why:

There are some challenging aspects from Saturn (structure, authority, government, responsibilities, discipline) and from Mars (physicality, sexuality, ambition, action) which are both in Capricorn at 8 and 7 degrees respectively. The angle these two planets make to the moon are called squares – 90 degrees with a 5 degree leeway on either side. Also, the moon is opposed to Mercury (communication) at 12 degrees Aries, which is still retrograde.

Squares cause friction, oppositions involve conflict and tension. So, my advice is to think before you speak, particularly if you’re irritated or angry. Don’t rush to get anything done or to be somewhere on time. If you’re late for work or an appointment, keep to the speed limit. With Mars squaring this moon, the possibility for a speeding ticket is enhanced. If you have authoritarian despots in your life (Saturn) avoid conflict by simply removing yourself from the situation.

As I was writing this, I wondered how this full moon would impact trump’s chart.

Transiting Saturn is in his 5th house, the outer circle at 8 Capricorn, and is directly opposed to his natal Mercury (communication) in the 11th house, inner wheel, at 8 Cancer. Since Saturn represents discipline, something he lacks, he’s going to be fighting his inner demons on or around the time of the this full moon, anxious to tweet something that his advisors advise against. Because this is an opposition, the pressure within him will be cranked to the point where he may not be able to hold back.

However, I think the real shit show will begin around May 15, when Uranus – the planet of sudden, unforeseen surprises – enters Taurus. Right now, you can see Uranus at 27 Aries, moving through Trump’s 9th house along with Venus at 00 Taurus. Uranus is never subtle. In March 2011 when Uranus (rules earthquakes) entered Aries (the warrior), there was a 9.0 quake in Japan that resulted in a tsunami and the meltdown of Fukushima. The quake on May 15 may be of a different sort. The 9th house represents, among other things, the law and lawyers. Could this transit possibly result in legal action against trump in the Mueller investigation? Or from one of the lawsuits that Stormy Daniels has filed against him?

Uranus rules his natal 6th house of daily health and work. Another possible ramification of this transit is a sudden disruption in his daily life (which has become business as usual from the guy who says he likes chaos) or a sudden health event- heart attack, stroke. Because of a retrograde – where planets appear to be moving backward relative to the earth – Uranus moves back into Aries the day after the mid-term elections. It then enters Taurus again on March 10, 2019 and remains there for 7 years.

However all this shakes out for trump and the rest of us, one thing we can expect is the unexpected.

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10 Responses to Full Moon in Libra and Beyond…and trump

  1. C.J. says:

    It just isn’t in me to wish harm to anyone, probably because I’m immersed in the Wiccan tradition that what we send out comes back to us three-fold. So while I am unable to wish DJT harm, I AM able to hope that the divine design of his Soul’s journey through this incarnation will ultimately carry him out of the Oval Office. My ‘psychic’ self has visions of two possibilities, either of which will remove him as Commander in Chief. We just must wait and hope for the best and highest good of our once-wonderful country. Right now, America is very, very sick, and is desperate to be healed. I must have faith that the healing will somehow arrive, and trust that the healing will come in positive ways although it will be slow. There’s no doubt that SERIOUS CHANGES absolutely must be the medication that serves us toward wellness. Fingers crossed, candles burning.

  2. lauren raine says:

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of this country when reading this I’m hoping the president has a heart attack so he can permanently retire to his golf course. Or better yet, a jail for various acts of treason.

  3. Thanks for the revealing full moon analysis of our American soap opera. Stay tuned! A lack of twitters is like a commercial break between the cliff-hangers.

  4. C.J. says:

    HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either some undisclosed ailment in his body will suddenly take him down if not out, OR, a grand slamhit from another person.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Since I use whole houses, my prediction is that the shit show will be legal and may wrap together the women legal stuff with money laundering Mueller stuff too. Uranus, Sun, Merc in the Full Moon chart are all 9th house then, Uranus high noon, Venus newly in Taurus elevated in the 10th. The Law–the Capricorn planets, land in his 6th, the Full Moon in the 3rd. Bad news coming to the Oval Office, and maybe health ramifications, too. Look at transit Jupiter, by whole house hits the 4th, opposing Full Moon chart Ascendant in the 10th. Here come the judge, Jupiter exhuming any secrets buried in the past, or in the Tower, or in Moscow (Russia ruled by Scorpio). My two cents on the fly.