Synchronicity in Clewiston

I’m re-posting this synchro from 5 years ago because there’s an undercurrent of optimism in it that seems to be badly needed in the world right, especially in the U.S.,where the trump chaos reigns supreme.


When we were on Open Minds radio in the spring of 2013the host, Alejandro Rojas, asked if aliens can control synchronicity. The question is a good one and came up again one day in November 2013, when we had lunch with a woman who has had encounters for the last twenty years.

Sandy and her second husband, George, live on Florida’s West coast, we live on the East coast, so today we met them for lunch halfway across the state in the town of Clewiston. We’ve been corresponding with Sandy ever since she got in touch with us in late September,  after having read Aliens in the Backyard. During the years of her encounters, she has kept meticulous notes and journals about what transpires and had sent us some of her journal entries.

We planned to meet at the Clewiston Inn but it turned out the inn doesn’t serve lunch until the tourist season begins in a few weeks. So we ended up at the Tiki Bar, an open air place on the shores of Lake Okeechobee. On Sundays, it’s  also a biker bar. Dozens of Harleys roared in just as we arrived, but we got a waterside table and talked for the next three hours.

Sandy is a retired veterinarian whose specialty was animal neuroscience. Her encounters have never involved the classical abduction scenario, medical experimentation, or being taken into a craft. Some of her experiences of these beings – whom she refers to as energies – sound utterly terrifying to me, but over the years she has learned to control her fear and now works consciously with these entities. She has names for them – Watcher, Marshal, John – which makes it easier for her to distinguish them in her journals.

During the course of our conversation, we also talked about synchronicity. She feels that ever since these encounters started, the entities “arrange” major events through synchronicities, that they actually generate the synchros. Her move from Maryland to Florida and her meeting George 17 years ago are two such events. This part of the conversation led into a discussion about free will. She says that even when these synchros were occurring, she had the free will to make different decisions, to go in another direction.

Interestingly, this is echoed by Bernard Beitman, a professor of psychiatry at University of Virginia, who just finished a book on meaningful coincidence. “A synchronicity presents you with an option but it doesn’t mean you should make the choice that seems to be suggested.”

But Sandy chose to heed the synchronicities and not only moved to Florida, but ended her first marriage to Jay, a physician. Jay’s encounters included abductions that were sometimes so horrible  she had to throw herself over him to calm him down.   The entities “scolded” him for being coldly objective and subsequently taught him to meditate and to open his mind and heart. He and Sandy remain friends and although he no longer has encounters, his life has completely changed – for the better.

We asked her what she thought the beings’ agenda is. “Maybe it’s about helping humanity evolve.”

Sandy says that her intent is to work with these beings and record the experiences. She tries not to judge or dissect what happens, but because she’s such a left-brain person it can be challenging to simply remain open, without fear. “The beings are teaching me to manage the powerful energy that comes in when they’re present. I’m learning to work with matter and to move in and out of dimensions, even to strange worlds and different times. The space/time jumps are my favorites.”

Whitley Strieber has also written about these space/time jumps. I think he calls them time slips. For Sandy, they seem to happen suddenly, without warning, and she finds herself in some sort of parallel world/dimension with people whom she knows. In one experience, she found herself as a convention of scientists and asked the woman next to her what year it was. The woman whispered, “We’re not supposed to talk about dates.” But Sandy kept pressing her for the year and the woman finally said, “19…” And that was it.

Judith Orloff, an M.D. and author, wrote about something similar in Second Sight. In between lives, she visits and lives with her soul family, people she knows only from the between state.

Sandy, like Strieber, believes there may be some connection between the entities and the dead. She also is convinced that since her encounters started in 1994, her intuitive abilities have deepened.

“I think paradigm shifts start as localized ripples like this that eventually spread and grow large enough to change how we think and function as a society,” she says.

If so, then perhaps one day synchronicity will be understood as the unifying force that it certainly appears to be.


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6 Responses to Synchronicity in Clewiston

  1. C.J. says:

    Compelling post and stories of experiences! I definitely have “time slips” in my sleeping dream space, and often find myself in different dimensions and times. In my most recent such incident, in my dream space I apparently was on the sideline, couldn’t see myself THERE but knew I was, and I was gazing at “another me” simply standing in a place where nothing else appeared. I saw myself dressed in the type of “mourning attire” that was common around the mid to late 1800s…..a straight, plain yet elegant black dress that reached below my knees, black stockings, black shoes, long black gloves, black hat with a black semi-transparent lace veil over my face. As I looked at myself, I viewed me reaching with both hands and lifting the front of the veil up and almost off my face. Another significant “give” was that the “me” I was seeing was tall and quite slender. That isn’t my current appearance. Nevertheless, I knew it was me. I came awake a bit woozy, realizing I had visited and seen me in a different time/space. I also realized it was telling me something about my current circumstances but don’t yet know what. I’ve had other time/slips during which I’m with people I know in THIS current life who are no longer in physical bodies, and am able to recognize that I’m in a completely different space/time continuum. Fascinating, but puzzling. Am in complete agreement with Whitley that the ETs are involved with human post-corporeal entities.

  2. Carol McElheney says:

    I had a time slip/parallel universe experience back in 2006. I drove from Sacramento CA to Riverside CA for a sheepdog trial. It was pouring heavy rain. As I crested the hill into the Riverside area, I thought I’d visit my grandparents’ graves and see the town during my down time (I used to live there after college, and my Dad’s family lived there since the 1800’s). I used to visit my Grandma every month growing up. When I went to find the cemetery, it had disappeared. I had been there many times, but now it was a weedy lot with a chain link fence around it. Next I tried to find my Grandma’s hose. I was on the correct street, but the old tudor house was gone; replaced with one story ranch style houses. Next I went looking for my old house, on a shor cul de sac. The numbers were similar but my address was not among them. The houses were of the same vintage but my house wasn’t there. Surrounding buildings (school, City College) were familiar. I next drove down University Ave, a former vibrant avenue frequented by students; bookstores, pubs, apartments. Now everything was boarded up and spraypainted. It was a Saturday and pouring rain but you’d think a car or person would be out and about but I saw no one and not a single car. I felt like if I got out of my car I’d be lost forever. When my Dad passed away in 2010 we buried him in that cemetery and it was back to normal.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Fascinating story! I remember your relating this before. It’s as if you drove into an alternate reality.

  3. Nancy says:

    Very interesting post. Sandy sounds fascinating.

  4. Carl says:

    Times slips, abductions, telepathy… intriguing post!