A Crushing Synchronicity

<> on March 15, 2018 in Miami, Florida.

We’ve often noted that when shocking tragic events occur, there are related synchronicities and premonitions. That was again the case with the collapse on March 15 of a pedestrian bridge on the campus of Florida International University in Miami. One hundred and fifty tons of steel and concrete crashed down on several vehicles killing six people. Two of the vehicles were so badly crushed that the cars had to be towed away with the bodies still inside.

In this instance, the collapse triggered memories of premonitions related to another bridge tragedy that was oddly related to this new construction disaster.

Within hours of the collapse, I (Rob) received two emails from friends in Minneapolis who both noted that the bridge designer was the same one that had designed the new 35W bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis that replaced the bridge that collapsed in 2007 killing thirteen. One of my correspondents, Barbara, an architect, said that from watching the video of the collapse, it appeared to be a construction problem, not a design issue.

Then, she went on to tell me about premonitions relating to the earlier collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis. “A few days before the incident, my boss told me his wife told him she had a strong premonition there was a problem with the (35W) bridge, and oddly I’d had a jarring dream of the collapse myself,” she wrote.

“In the dream I am looking toward the bridge but I’m captivated by a large building close up. Later I understood it was there to block my view.

“This dream building is clad in black glass and behind that I can very faintly see its skeleton structure. I recognized the structural system—it is used often in bridges. (But it is upside down….if it were a bridge.)

“As I wrote this into my dream journal, this famous line pops into my mind, ‘Now you see as through a glass darkly, but then you shall understand.’

“That dream internally hung around me and dogged me ….. until the bridge collapsed. Then all it’s metaphorical elements revealed themselves. That mysterious dream, sadly, made perfect sense.”

Barbara has since wondered why she had that dream, and why was the insight into it blocked until shortly after the collapse?

She also noted something significant that might provide an answer to her questions about the dream. “About 6 weeks prior to its collapse, I experienced something very weird on that bridge. As I drove onto it (and I rarely drive in that area), I almost immediately began feeling a lot of abnormal movement. I told myself, call MnDOT and report this. Then I began ruminating about calculations used in design—they’re always way past minimum. I talked myself out of calling.”

To this day, she regrets not having acted on her hunch after driving over the bridge, and she even feels guilty about it. And maybe with good reason. She added: “A later news report said that the bolts at the south end of the bridge (where I drove onto it) were subsequently found to have failed. They were not caught in inspections.”

Barbara’s dreaming self might’ve been warning her about what was to come. Considering her unwillingness to report her troubling thoughts, the black-clad building symbolically blocked her view of what was to come. In essence, the dream was telling her she was unwilling to look closely at her concerns about the bridge.

Emergency personnel respond to a collapsed pedestrian bridge at Florida International University on Thursday, March 15, 2018, in the Miami area. The brand-new pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a highway crushing several vehicles. (Pedro Portal/Miami Herald via AP)

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4 Responses to A Crushing Synchronicity

  1. C.J. says:

    I’ll send you the full story via email. It’s quite lengthy and totally amazing!

  2. C.J. says:

    I never accept past life references on faith, and being the research ferret that I am, I eventually learned that the bridge collapse in my past life that I witnessed at age five, happened in November of 1855. The trestle had been built in Jefferson City, MO, to connect to the other city across the river, and the event was its inaugural one, a huge celebration, the train carrying 29 men of prestige. All 29 died in the accident. My father was age 50.

    There is a provocative series of synchros that I can’t deny, evolving from that lifetime. Another one is that I have NEVER enjoyed fairs, circuses, etc. At the age of 54 in that life, I attended the St. Louis World Fair and went home with a horrible headache. Within hours, I died from a cerebral hemorrhage. That triggered my intense dislike of fairs, etc. I have no doubt. Of interest, my Father’s first name was Thomas, and my Dad’s surname in THIS lifetime was Thomas, obviously my maiden name. And, even though my Dad was in perfect health, receiving athletic awards in school in track and field, etc., he mentioned on occasion that he would not live past the age of 50. There was nothing to base his comment on, and altho he was an extremely good-natured, happy man, he nevertheless made financial arrangements that would take care of my Mom and my sister and me when he was gone.

    Surely enough, he died at age 42 from cancer. My theory is that HE had been my father in the past life and had that subconscious memory, OR, his soul knew when he would leave this life. There are many uncanny potentials between that life and this one. One other of these seems rather silly until we keep connecting dots: From the time I was a really little girl, every stuffed animal and/or real animal I had, I named “Oscar”. My husband’s name in that life, I learned, was “Oscar”, and he died just twelve years after we married. How far, I wonder, can we stretch coincidence?

  3. C.J. says:

    I think this is relevant to the subject of the post. I have such a terror, a major phobia, of being on bridges, especially the renowned, nationally famous Bridge of Lions that crosses the waterway from the beach to the Mainland, that I refuse to be driven over it. I’ve had on-going ‘visions’of the bridge crumbling into the water. It’s a drawbridge that opens every thirty minutes to allow boats to pass through. The old bridge had become compromised; several of the concrete pilings holding it in place had actually risen out of the water. I refused to go on it, to the frustration of my husband. Eventually the ancient bridge was taken down and replaced by a new one. I continue to see the bridge falling into the water, taking many cars with it.We have only three bridges off the Island, and I WILL go, albeit uncomfortably, across the 206 bridge south of town, because it is very high, solid concrete, not a drawbridge, and the water beneath it is not the “boat channel”. It’s shallow. Still, I close my eyes whenever I must go over it. From the time I was a little girl, I had a recurring dream that I was a passenger in a car that fell forward, crashing into deep water with the bridge it was on. I had the dream until I was in my early twenties, then it ceased, but my fear remains. I HAVE been able to learn that I have a relatively recent past life in which I watched a new train trestle crossing a big river near St. Louis collapse into the river,killing everyone on board the train. I was five years old in that past life experience, and my father at that time was a political figure, one of several, who were on the first voyage crossing the trestle. I know this is true. And I suspect may be the source of my fear of bridges. However, I continue to have the vision of The Bridge of Lions, in spite of it being new, collapsing. Is this a ‘memory’ of St.Louis, or is it a premonition of a future event of our famous bridge to historic downtown? I don’t know, but I will NEVER willingly or otherwise, get on that bridge!