New Moon in Pisces

New moons are that time of month when the universe usually brings something to celebrate.   New opportunities and relationships, new insights, emotions, and ideas. Doors open and, if we’re smart and adventurous, we walk through them.

Tomorrow’s new moon at 26 degrees Pisces (11th and 12th houses) should be a beauty. This water sign is all about imagination, emotions, intuition, the personal unconscious, the arts, the paranormal. Neptune, which rules the sign, is also in this configuration, at 14 degrees Pisces. That’s a bit wide for a conjunction, but Neptune is happy in the sign it rules and functions well here.

What I love most is that Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, the sugar daddy of the zodiac, is at 23 degrees Scorpio and trines the new moon. A trine is a beneficial angle of 120 degrees (or 4 houses away) that enhances the energy. Jupiter has the new moon’s back and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Those of you born between March 11-20 will feel the effects of this new moon strongly. But anyone with a sun, moon, or ascendant in Pisces or a natal planet between 20 and 28 degrees of a water sign – Scorpio and Cancer – will embrace this new moon. Earth signs Capricorn and Taurus will find plenty to celebrate as well. Virgos born in the latter days of that sign – September 14-21 – may initially experience some tension, but Jupiter sweeps in, puts things on course, then drops some delicious stuff at your doorstep.

Air and fire signs – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius – have Pisces somewhere in their charts. The areas that house represents will experience new opportunities, too. If you know your time of birth, go here to get a free copy of your natal chart.

On that chart, look at the degree of the cusp on the house that is home to Pisces. If the cusp is 26 degrees or more, than the new moon falls in that house. If it’s less, then it falls in the house before.

Regardless, you’ll experience something pleasant or surprising at or around the time of this new moon.

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4 Responses to New Moon in Pisces

  1. Shadow says:

    I have always loved the New Moon for its intensity and darkness, the power of nothing is freeing, releasing, fills me with hope and dreams and fantasies and the knowing what I think I can be.

  2. DJan says:

    Thank you for your educational post. I’ll have to go find my chart and see where Pisces is located. I could sure use something to make me feel better about the state of the world. You perform a valuable service here, Trish. 🙂