A hug or a hump?’

The relationship that has developed between Noah and Nigel is interesting. There’s something very human in this hug, Nigel’s legs holding and surrounding Noah’s upper body like this, the human equivalent of, Oh wow, you’re my dude, forevermore!

But Nigel hasn’t been fixed yet. Several vets have cautioned against it until Nigel is a year old. New research suggests that Golden Retrievers fixed before a year are more prone to cancer. So we’ve been waiting. But Nigel is now 9 months old and if this is a hump rather than a hug, then it’s time, dude, I’m sorry, but it’s time.

Still… there’s something in this photo that suggests, well, You’re my bro, dude. You’ve been showing me the ropes.  You’re my mentor. I love ya.

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4 Responses to DOGS

  1. Darren B says:

    He’s probably just excited that it’s the ‘Year of the Dog’.
    May as well have a ball, while he still can 😉

  2. DJan says:

    Those dogs do love each other, but I also suspect this might be a hump rather than a hug. It’s bred into them, just like it is into us. Love the picture in any event. 🙂