Unusual Name Synchro

Name synchros are fun and usually grab our attention, particularly when the name is unusual. A little background on this one.

Megan’s friend, Chelsea, is getting married in April. This weekend, she and her bridal party got together for a bridal shower on Friday night and on Saturday, boarded a cruise ship for the Bahamas. The theme of Friday night’s shower was a British tea party (Chelsea’s mom is British), and Megan decided to have an alter ego, a British woman.

She asked Chelsea’s mom what would be a good British name for her. They decided on the name Gemma. Ever heard it? I hadn’t.

They drove to the port of Palm Beach Saturday morning. The cruise didn’t leave until evening, but passengers were allowed to board by 11 a.m. Saturday afternoon, we got a text from her with the above photo and a note:


My alter ego name last night was Gemma

We ended at a wine tasting here on the ship. The name of the woman serving us Gemma! She let me wear her name tag and pour the wine!

 So, what are the odds on that one? And was there an element of precognition in the choice of names for her alter ego?



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4 Responses to Unusual Name Synchro

  1. Laurence Zankowski says:


    You just got to watch more Brit tv on Netflix! Gemma is around a lot! Ha! Btw, the movie “ A Good Year” the assistant to russell Crowe’s character was named Gemma.


  2. Darren B says:

    Talking about name synchros this Megan MacGregor
    doesn’t sound that impressed with Britain –
    “The United Kingdom says “thanks, but no thanks” to Americans with my visa type.
    It was fun while it lasted… read more about that here –
    Megan even did an Internship with Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for 6 months in 2007.
    Maybe Megan should trademark her name like Meryl Streep wants to do –