A Cluster Synchronicity

You can listen here to our lively discussion with Bernard Beitman, MD, on his radio show Connecting with Coincidence.

We recently experienced a cluster synchronicity involving Bernard Beitman, a visiting psychiatrist at the University of Virginia and author of Connecting with Coincidence. He’s the first psychiatrist since Jung to undertake a serious study of coincidence/synchronicity. We got to know Bernard when he was writing his book and looking for an agent. Once the book found a home, Bernard landed his own radio show on synchronicity and we’ve been guests several times. His knowledge on the topic is vast and profound.

Here’s the cluster. On February 5, Trish emailed Bernard about a reference to him she had run across on an Australian friend’s blog – Brizzdaz – who also writes about synchronicity.

Hi Bernard,

Happy new year! Hope all is well with you!

Your name came up twice today – an Aussie friend mentioned a listening binge to all 48 of your broadcasts and loved them. Then I was looking at our stat counter and found that the DOD information network went to a post about you. Info listed below. The post they went to is here.

The DOD has come to our blog before, but usually related to posts on UFOs, aliens etc. Anyway, you’re now on their radar!



 This email led to an invitation to appear on Bernard’s radio show. I should have known then that something more would develop from this. When we correspond with others who research synchronicity, there’s often a cluster involved.

On February 22, Rob wrote a post on a New York Times piece entitled The ‘Simpson’s’ Have Predicted a Lot. Most of It Can Be Explained. The title alone gives you an idea about the perspective they took on the subject.

As Rob notes in his post, “To balance the brilliant minds and large numbers explainations the article quoted our friend and author Bernard Beitman, who said: ‘Under the right conditions, we can know things that we don’t know we know, and we can sometimes predict events or attract what we are thinking.’”

The night before, Trish started teaching an astrology workshop in a closed Facebook group and on February 26, one of the women in the workshop, Stephanie, left the following comment on the post:

I have a synchro that just happened with this post! I just received an email from the Rhine Research Center telling me about Dr. Bernard Beitman (who I’d never heard of until now) about an upcoming event he’s holding on coincidence. This made me think of you guys, so I popped over to your website and you mentioned the same Dr. Bernard Beitman. I can’t make this stuff up…

The next day, February 27, Rob suddenly called out from his office, “Hey, a Facebook things just came up. Today is Bernard’s birthday.”

We’ll be on his show tomorrow, March 8. So far, I think the cluster has 7 synchros involved  since February 5. Will they continue?





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6 Responses to A Cluster Synchronicity

  1. Darren B says:

    It’s actually way more synchier than that Trish because I ended UP meeting a lady named Sarah Sentilles at a book talk in an old house at #42 Mollison Street in West End (the suburb my Nan had a house in and also died in and my father grew up in, which was not far from this old house the talk was held in).
    I only went to the talk because I wanted to see what the inside of this house looked like, as it was quite a famous landmark in Brisbane, because the owners had refused to sell the house to a shopping centre development, so the developers built around the house like in the movie ‘UP’.
    I’m actually writing up a post now about Sarah’s book, the number 42 and owls, which all play into the synch cluster that led me to going to this talk.
    To give you some idea what the post I’m writing about at the moment is about, clink the link to this last post which was about the talk in that house and follow all the back links to other posts –
    Because if it wasn’t for Bernie mentioning a guest he had from my home town of Brisbane named Laurence Brown (who I had never heard of before) I would not have gone to the two talks at the Avid Reader bookstore (are you beginning to see how synchronicity is more like a long chain of events, kind of like a falling domino effect, which leads to the next?) which proved quite rewarding for me.
    I wrote about Laurence Brown in this post –
    But it was you Trish who told me about Chris Mackey and his book about synchronicity, which led me to writing an email to Dr. Beitman about Chris Mackey’s radio show after I saw an owl video that Mike Clelland had posted at his ‘Hidden Experience’ blog.
    I wrote about that in this post –
    So the clusters keep on coming into the future, it seems.
    You will see (hopefully) when I write my next post about meeting Sarah and reading a page of her book, that owls and the #42 will come full circle in this massive cluster of seemingly unrelated events.