Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago today, on February 4, 2009, Rob and I started this blog, synchrosecrets. I’m not sure why we started the blog except that one day in late January 2009, I thought it might be a cool way explore synchronicity. I suggested it to Rob and he said, “What’s a blog?”

A few days earlier, our friend Nancy Pickard had told me about a blog she’d started and I asked her what a blog was and she explained. That was the start of it. Ever since, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who coined the phrase, has been dancing around the sideline of our lives – and sometimes right in the center of stuff!

What’s sort of comical about all this is that way back in 1981, on my first date with Rob, I asked him if he knew what synchronicity was.

Jung, right?” he replied. “Meaningful coincidence?”

And I thought, Okay, he’s a keeper.

Less than a year later, we were living together and about a year after that, we got married.

Synchronicity isn’t a religion, a creed, or even a belief system. It’s what occurs when you’re in the flow, open to impulses, unusual ideas, stuff that seems to fly at you from out of the blue. As Jung defined it, synchronicity is the coming together of the inner and outer worlds in a way that is meaningful to the observer (you) and can’t be explained by cause and effect. The simplest example? You’re thinking of someone you haven’t seen for years and the next minute, hour,   day, you receive a friend request on Facebook from that person.

The interesting thing about synchronicity is that it encompasses so much, so many areas of life. It’s a kind of quantum truth, one of the things that Jung uncovered in his therapies that can occur with your family, kids, romance, creativity, pivotal experiences, life after death, spirit communication, divination systems. King of breathtaking.

In 1975, during my first and only trip to Europe, I visited Bollingen, Jung’s stone castle on the shores of Lake Zurich. It was my goal for Switzerland. My traveling companion and I missed our train to Bollingen and got there later than we expected.

A young man and his dog were outside in the back yard of this magnificent structure and I struck up a conversation with him. He was Jung’s grandson. I said I was from the US and had read Jung’s autobiography and was, like, well, blown away by the fact that I was here, staring at the place Jung had built and talking to his descendant.

His grandson was gracious, pleasant, and infinitely patient, explaining how his parents had installed electricity in the place, and how, in doing so, he felt it had lost some of its magic. I don’t think that’s the word he used, but that was what he conveyed. We talked about synchronicity and the spirit contact Jung had experienced in his castle, and about dogs and souls. It is one of my most cherished and vivid memories.

Thanks to all of you who have joined us on this odd journey for the last nine years. I hope we someday figure it all out.



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10 Responses to Happy Anniversary

  1. Dale Dassel says:

    Happy anniversary, synchrosecrets! Here’s hoping for another 10 years of wonder, mystery and enlighenment! Keep up the great work!

  2. C.J. says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MACGREGORS ! You just can’t begin to imagine how much this blog has contributed to my life, especially during these last few years as my challenges with Parkinson’s increase. I’ve met new friends here, watched flash dancers,
    gained fresh insights into old subjects, watched Megan grow up and become a unique, amazing artist, smiled with delight at the antics of Noah, Nika, and baby Nigel, (SQUIRRELS!!),traveled with you on your journeys to beautiful places, mourned with our country over terrible tragedies and haven’t felt alone….the list just goes on and on! THANK YOU, Trish and Rob, Megan, Noah, Nika, Nigel, et al, for the great ride!! 🙂

  3. lauren raine says:

    Thank you for the great generosity of sharing your thoughts, research, and lives with us through this much valued Blog! It has contributed a great deal to my own life.

  4. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    I love this blog and boy have there been some really great discussions here in this safe place!
    Happy Anniversary !

  5. Darren B says:

    Happy Anniversary and I can’t wait until next year when the blog turns 10.
    I’m sure there will be some great posts to read between now and then.
    I just worked my way through all of Dr. Bernie Beitman’s podcast shows about synchronicity last week in a big listening binge and boy is he cranking out some great shows over there.
    Certainly worth a listen, especially with those guests he had on episode #4 way back at the beginning of his now 48 episodes. 😉


    I think 2018 will see the subject of synchronicity become more mainstream in the public arena as people start to question all of the coincidences happening around them and start searching for answers.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Hope you’re right, Daz! I haven’t listened to Bernard’s show in a while and will get over there today. 48 episodes! Good for him!

  6. YEA! Happy Blogaversary. Thanks so much for doing this blog.