Another Springsteen Synchro

Bruce – reading from his autobiography

Trish and I heard a good synchronicity today that involves Bruce Springsteen. Those of you have read our blog over the years might remember our posts on Springsteen about encountering the world’s most famous Bruce in our gym. He lives here in Wellington in the winter. He actually  owned two houses here right next to each other. He can afford it!

So a friend, Neil, today told us of his encounter with Springsteen, and we immediately recognized it as a good synchro. He had mentioned that there would be a Springsteen Tribute band playing tonight at our local amphitheater. Trish said it would be really cool if Springsteen himself showed up…and hopefully took to the stage.

Neil grinned and said  that a couple of winters ago he was driving along with the top of is car down,  a Springsteen song blasting from  the radio. He stopped at a light, looked over and there was Bruce, smiling. He lowered his window, leaned out, and called to Neil:  “You like that music?”

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3 Responses to Another Springsteen Synchro

  1. Darren B says:

    I saw Bruce when he played in my hometown of Brisbane last year and I bought tickets right at the the last minute behind the stage, because most of the tickets were already sold and people weren’t buying them because of the “restricted views” message that came up as you bought the tickets,.
    But to me these were the best seats in the house pretty much.
    Checkout the pictures I took on the night in this post of mine –
    And tell me if those weren’t good seats.
    He was looking right at me at times.
    The thing is also that me and Bruce share the same birthday of September 23rd, even though he is about 15 years older than me.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Wow, the photos are great! And what an incredible seat you had!

      • Darren B says:

        Yeah, being behind the stage kinda felt like being on stage with the band, as I got to see the crowd reaction from the band’s perspective, which I thought was really cool.