Weird or What?


In 2012, Trish and I were invited to appear on William Shattner’s Weird or What to talk about the strange happenings in the life of physicist Wolfgang Pauli. Essentially, it seemed that psychokinetic events would happen whenever Pauli entered a lab. In other words, expensive equipment would crash, machinery would break down and odd things would happen to his companions…but never to Pauli.

The producer only wanted one of us on the air and we both simultaneously said, “You do it!” to each other. But my “You do it” had a bit more impact since Trish was better versed on Pauli than I was. So she sat in the hot seat under the lights.

We wrote about this experience here earlier because of the astonishing Pauli-related synchronicities that occurred in Toronto, especially related to the number 137, which was significant to Pauli. When we tried to post the video, we were blocked. But now it’s available so here it is (above).

There are three segments on the show, and Trish appears near the end of the third one that begins about minute 26:30. But the other two parts of that show are also very interesting. I just watched it again and had forgotten how fascinating they were. The first is about an alien abductee and the removal of his implant, and the second is the strange story of Pearl Curran, an uneducated woman who channeled novels about 18th century England, which she knew nothing about.  Enjoy!

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  1. Rita says:

    Interesting way that the show tried to prove it!