You’re Fired – and what the trickster says about trump


I never watched The Apprentice. But like most people, I know that it was the show where trump ruled like a king and found enormous satisfaction in telling people, “You’re fired.”

Some days when I can actually bring myself to look at him on the news, it’s apparent he has brought that Apprentice persona with him. Or maybe it’s just who he actually is, the boss man/president/ dictator who has fired a number of people in his administration since he took office.

But as our friend Evan Cooke pointed out, it took the House Judiciary Committee more than 9 months later to charge Nixon with obstruction of justice. Less than 2 weeks after that, on August 8, 1974, Nixon resigned.

But perhaps trump should read up on the trickster. Joseph Campbell considered the trickster one of the most significant figures in Native American folklore. It “represents this power of the dynamic of the total psyche to overthrow programs… the trickster is an upsetting factor,” Campbell wrote, “…he breaks through….”

What trump has “broken through” is the decorum of civilized society, the way people talk to each other, treat each other, the empathy of being human. All of that has been shattered under trump. Bottom line: Putin and other dictators are my idols. I will get richer as prez. All you fools who voted for me, well, sorry, my promises were just reality TV.

The  trickster  enjoys bringing stuff full circle. So the “you’re fired” dude may himself face “you’re fired” if he crosses that line called firing Mueller. Then again, the trickster may have other more nefarious plans for trump. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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5 Responses to You’re Fired – and what the trickster says about trump

  1. C.J. says:

    Another compelling aspect about my hypothesis that DJT is not 100% humanoid, is a study of his chakra system. That orange hair, as mentioned, covers the Crown Chakra, which is a deep indigo or purple, and on occasion, white. It’s the most spiritual chakra through which our Higher Self, our highest Consciousness, flows. His is blocked by the orange. Most here are familiar with the colors of each chakra and the meaning or purpose each carries. No surprise in his regard. If he were to shed his human facade, I shudder to think what his true appearance would be. Long ago I was taught that if we place a photo of a person’s face in front of our vision and stare at it, squinting our eyes and blinking only when necessary, we will ultimately actually see other faces appear over the current one. I’ve used this method of scrying and found it to be extraordinary. It takes practice, and it functions like a vague yet definitive ‘slide show’ as faces come and go across the photograph. DJT doesn’t have a reptilian face. It’s much, much worse and indescribably terrifying. Unrecognizable yet very clear. That “man” ain’t human!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh, I hope so.

  3. C.J. says:

    Only one remark from me: DJT is sick. Physically. Last week he had his first physical exam since becoming president. His ailments will not be disclosed. In fact, he will present himself as perfectly healthy. He isn’t. He’s a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Matter of time. We wait. I never wish death on anyone, not even him. Be that as it may, his self-indulgent lifestyle will catch up with him….sooner or later, and I don’t think
    it will be ‘later’.

  4. Carl says:

    The ultimate trickster/clown.