Becoming Supernatural

I was first introduced to Joe Dispenza with his book You Are the Placebo, where he, a former chiropractor, talks about the triathlon accident that broke his spine. He was just 23 years old. Rather than opting for surgery, which was strongly recommended by his doctors – you’ll be paralyzed without the surgery, you must have this surgery, you’re crazy not to have the surgery- Dispenza spent 10 weeks on a friend’s couch, meditating his way back to health.

This kind of claim is similar to that of Louise Hay. In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, she recounts her diagnosis of vaginal cancer, and because she didn’t have insurance at the time, she set out to heal herself. With the royalties she earned from the sale of millions of books, Hay went on to establish Hay House in 1984, when she was 58 years old. The publishing house is now the largest publisher of alternative thought books on the planet. Not surprisingly, Hay House publishes Dispenza’s books, and his newest, Becoming Supernatural, is a gem.

Up front, right away, before I get into the good stuff, I’m annoyed that he continually calls himself Dr. Joe Dispenza. He’s not a doctor, not a physician. But as a chiropractor, he knew the spine, could see it in his head, and healed himself of an injury that would leave most of us paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Since that experience, Dispenza has done his homework, his studies, conducts group workshops and seminars, retreats, and has used science to back up his findings.

Becoming Supernatural has stories of healings, of tragedies pivoting into successes that are astounding. He provides a variety of techniques and meditations and one of them is mind movies, an interactive vision board. It involves meditation and visual depictions of the future you desire. I recently recommended it to a friend diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m using it, Megan’s using it.

My former problem with vision boards and affirmations was that it was two-dimensional. Without emotion and that popping out feeling, these images were just a wish board. Mind movies changes all that.

Started by Australians Natalie and Glenn Ledwell, mind movies is a digital vision board that you create from your own photos, affirmations, and your own choice of music. You can use the websites library of images or stuff from their music library, but the more personal the image is, the more powerful it becomes. The idea here is that mid movies, along with the meditations Dispenza provides, are a way to rewire the neurology of the brain. As Dispenza says, the purpose of a mind movie is to remind us that we can “accomplish our dreams, create the uncommon, and become supernatural.”

The four goals of this personalized movie are to:

Get clear on the intention you want to create in your future

Program your conscious mind, as well as your unconscious mind, into that new future

Change the brain and body to biologically look like the future has already happened

Repeatedly associate the pictures, images, and music to create “new neural networks in the brain and to emotionally recondition the body to a new mind.” It’s a way for us to remember the future.

In his workshops and retreats, Dispenza uses the mind movies and various types of meditations to help participants create the futures they desire.

For anyone familiar with the law of attraction, Becoming Supernatural is something you won’t want to miss!

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  1. Cindy says:

    I’m a fan already of Dispenza’s work, but this book sounds like it may surpass the others. Thanks for the recommendation.