The Joel Osteen Trickster

When Michael Klimkowski heard that Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen was going to preach at the Los Angeles Forum October 28, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Klimkowski is a comedian and part of the Dan Dabs Sketch Group. He also happens to look a lot like Osteen and he longed for a chance to emulate the folksy charmer with the ageless plasticine features and $50 million bankroll.

Klimkowski and his film crew arrived  for “Night of Hope” without tickets, but the security people at the gate waved them through when they were greeted by the fake Osteen, who asked if he had to pay to park at his own event.

Once out of the vehicle, fake Osteen made his way toward the huge arena waving and calling out, “God bless you,” over and over. He stopped several times to pose for selfies with fan as his own crew filmed it all. Being a comedian, Klimkowski couldn’t help throwing in a zinger here and there. He asked where he could get a beer and said he didn’t want a soda. Then the fake multi-millionaire asked where he could buy a Loteria ticket.
Once inside, he made his way down toward the stage as more fans approached. He even accommodated one woman by holding her camera. “I’ve long arms. I’m six-three. Jesus was five-five.”

If anyone was concerned that Osteen’s megachurch had not initially opened its doors to Hurricane Harvey flood victims in Houston, no one mentioned it to the fake Osteen, even though the hurricane had hit just weeks earlier.

As he neared the stage, more fans left their seats and approached him. His crew urged him to take the stage, but Klimkowski didn’t think that was a good idea.That was when Osteen’s security chief moved in and ejected Klimkowski, who kept asking, “What did I do? Can you tell me what I did?” The security chief is heard turning vulgar as he tells Klimkowski he’s going to be arrested.

Even as he was being detained in the parking lot and the police arrived, more fans approached still thinking that they were seeing Osteen up close. The police thought it was funny and no arrests were made.

You can find the original video here, and an edited version here from a Houston TV station, which includes an interview with Klimkowski.

Klimkowski had hoped he would hear from Osteen after the You Tube video appeared and that the pastor would tell him that he thought it was hilarious. Maybe he would even invite the fake Osteen on stage with him at the beginning of one of his sermons for a few light-hearted minutes. Apparently, that was a fantasy that was not going to come true. It seems that the feel-good prosperity gospel Osteen preaches doesn’t have room for a second trickster on stage.

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10 Responses to The Joel Osteen Trickster

  1. C.J. says:

    When I saw last nite that Charles Manson had died, I remarked to my husband that the dimension in which his soul will find itself will NOT be pleasant! He wasn’t a preacher, no. Just a demonic inhuman cult leader. Worst of the worst. There was a brief clip on our local news that showed him telling a news journalist that he is “the Devil”, meaning himself. How black can black be, I wonder. Most folks have at least a few redeeming qualities. Manson? In my opinion, he is a genuine dijin straight from the very bowels of Hell….Hell being a specific dimension.

  2. Jane Clifford says:

    Recently hear this real Roman Catholic sermon on the radio

    “We have all the money we need for the church roof restoration, it’s in your bank accounts” says it all.

  3. C.J. says:

    Hoping to not offend anyone, the worst of the worst of these multi-millionare pulpit-pounding Bible thumping evangelicals is and has always been Billy Graham. I can’t bear to even look at his image. What I fail to understand is how many hundreds of thousands of humans are taken in and fooled by these incredibly talented and charismatic fakes and support them with tons of donations. I remember the ones in the past, such as Jim Baker and Swaggert, (sp?), who were de-throned due to their prolific and illicit sexual lifestyles, and the females who were so easily fooled. Or not…….

  4. Prissy says:

    Loved it..There is a special place in hell for those people that use religion to get rich.