No Coincidence, says Trump

I don’t like to write about politics on the blog as much as Trish does, but when the president tweets the word ‘coincidence,’ well, I can’t help but take a closer look.

President Trump on Sunday, Oct. 29, suggested that it is no coincidence that news surrounding the special counsel’s investigation into Russian election interference has emerged at the same time that Republicans are pushing tax reform on Capitol Hill.
“All of this ‘Russia’ talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Is this coincidental? NOT!”

Actually, from our perspective, he is possibly both right and wrong. What he is saying is that somehow Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor – who happens to be a Republican – has colluded with the Dems to stop tax reform by indicting Paul Manafort and his ally Rick Gates now rather than later in the Russian investigation. That’s a stretch, but not for Trump. History shows he will say virtually anything to defend himself.

So he is wrong about it NOT being coincidence. It is a coincidence, but is it a synchronicity? Not in the traditional sense of similar inner and outer experiences coming together outside of cause and effect. Yet,Trump could be right about it not being a coincidence – a random collision of events. It was a synchronicity.

The message is that we should take a closer look at this tax plan, which supposedly will cut taxes for the middle class. If there are some criminal dealings with the Russian on one hand, there might be some disinformation being spewed about the tax plan. The two coming together at the same time might be seen as a wake up call for those who have eyes to see. In other words, blinders off or the rich might benefit from tax reform far, far more than the 99%.

PS, from Trish: I write about it more, but Rob is the avid consumer of TV news, morning, midday, evening. Ha!

And by the way, Happy Halloween!

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5 Responses to No Coincidence, says Trump

  1. Jane Clifford says:

    Bread and circuses, smoke and mirrors , it is ever thus !

  2. lauren raine says:

    everything i’ve read is disastrous for the people, particularly lower income and middle class. Watch John Oliver……..funny!

  3. In response to Trish’s wishes for a Happy Halloween, I have a confession to make. I do not like Halloween and never did even as a child. It was my son’t favorite day of the year – the candy, of course!

    I think I will only confess this HERE.
    We are all always dressed in costume.