Trump: the Ultimate Trickster, Con Man

If nothing else, trump is the perfect trickster. On November 8, 2016, I had a complete meltdown when I realized he had won. I was no Clinton fan, but voted for her when Bernie lost the primary. Now, thanks to Donna Brazille’s book, we know that the DNC was rigged for Clinton and against Bernie.

Here’s the thing, though. If the democrats hope to make gains in the 2018 midterms and to win the White House in 2020, they need to get their act together and move farther to the left. The status quo is no longer relevant. Forget Pelosi. Forget Biden. Forget the old guard. The paradigm is changing and if the dems don’t change with it, they are doomed to implode.


The trickster archetype that sneaks up on us in the dark is  a deceiver, liar, cheat, and thief who figures he can get away with something while we’re distracted. He flips the status quo on its head and sometimes does so with a wry twist of irony. When he reveals some dark undercurrent about ourselves and the culture in which we live that we would rather ignore, synchronicity is often involved.

The trickster appears in mythology, literature, movies and television, and ultimately manifests in real life. Without a doubt, Donald Trump may be its ultimate trickster among us. He’s admired by some, despised by many. He’s reckless and ruthless. One moment he’s savvy and cunning. The next he’s dumb and dumber rolled into one. He’s the president of the United States and without a doubt he’s Trickster #1.

The word synchronicity was coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who defined it as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer and can’t be explained by cause and effect. The simplest example of a synchronicity associated with Trump is his name. It means to “outrank or defeat someone of something, often in a highly public way.” Like in a presidential election.   “In the card game bridge, the trump card is the most powerful card in a particular round and defeats all the others — sort of like when your needs or wishes trump someone else’s. Originally trump implied a deceptive form of victory involving cheating, but that sense has been largely lost, though it’s still around in the term trumped up, meaning something that’s been falsely made up.”

As an archetype, the trickster is found in dreams, fantasies, folklore, legends, hallucinations, movies, novels, and mythology. Loki in Norwegian mythology was the son of giants and enjoyed stirring up trouble among the gods. He could shape shift, change his gender, and was often a boisterous bully. Likewise, in Native American lore, coyote is often depicted as a trickster. His more familiar counterpart is Wile E Coyote, a cartoon character who always came up with bizarre and ridiculous ways to pursue his prey.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell considered the trickster one of the most significant figures in Native American folklore. It “represents this power of the dynamic of the total psyche to overthrow programs. In the forest lands of the Northeast and the Southeast, it’s the Great Hare, the rabbit. When you go west of the Mississippi, in the plains, it’s coyote. You get up to the northwest coasts, and it’s raven. These are smart and clever birds and animals.” The trickster is “an upsetting factor,” Campbell says, “he breaks through….”

Trump has been called a bully for his angry Twitter tweets, usually sent out when he feels slighted—which is often. He uses Twitter to humiliate and berate women, figures in the media, people of color, members of his own party, and anyone who criticizes him.

He does so seemingly to stir up trouble, which in turn drives the day’s news as the media attempts to keep up with his varying and often contradictory opinions on people and issues. His tweets attempt top distract from the Russia investigation into the hacking of our 2016 election. His tweets also ensure that he’ll be at the center of all the news. Like Darth Vader, one of the darkest tricksters, Trump engages in a war of words and threats with the likes of Kim Jong Un, the despicable despot of North Korea, and with leaders of countries that are considered our allies.

The dark trickster serves what Jung called the Shadow, those unexpressed parts of our personalities. In fact, the dark trickster is a favorite figure in American movies – Joker in the Batman franchise, particularly as played by Heath Ledger in Dark Knight Rising– and may be the paragon of this archetype.

Jung saw this kind of trickster as an expression of an “earlier, rudimentary type of consciousness.” In The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, he wrote: “He is both subhuman and superhuman, a bestial and divine being, whose chief and most alarming characteristics is his unconsciousness…”

His unconsciousness is an intriguing term when applied to Trump. He tweets in the early morning hours when his handlers – like chief of staff General Kelly – are asleep. These freewheeling tweets often unravel the very things he attempts to implement, like the travel ban on some Muslim-majority countries. On October 18, 2017 the ban on travelers from six countries was supposed to go into effect. But two federal district courts – in Hawaii and Maryland – shot down the ban. Judge Theodore Chuang judge in the district of Maryland included a detailed history of Trump’s tweets to back up his opinion on the ban. In fact, his tweets have been used twice before by federal judges to block the ban.

One of the most egregious tweets he made was on August 17, 2017:

Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!”

 The reference to Pershing is false, but the reference suggests that Muslims should be shot with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

In 1938, Carl Jung told an American reporter that Hitler was “the loudspeaker which magnified the inaudible whispers of the German soul.”

It may be that Trump is the loudspeaker for the inaudible whispers of that faction of the American soul that feels disenfranchised and marginalized by a rapidly changing world.

Is he also the personification of the ultimate American Trickster, the ultimate con artist of the 21st century?

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10 Responses to Trump: the Ultimate Trickster, Con Man

  1. C.J. says:

    There’s a specific anomaly about Trump that contributes to my possibly implausible theory that he MAY be from Elsewhere. He doesn’t sleep. From many sources who report on him…both pros and cons reports…I don’t think anyone has paid any attention to this particular pattern relative to him although it is often mentioned. He simply doesn’t appear to require sleep. He admits it himself. Even the most busy and super-hyper-active human must sleep at least minimally in order to function. This aspect is quite disturbing and telling, especially considering that he doesn’t use drugs of any kind. It IS reported that he drinks more than a dozen Coca-Cola sodas daily, sometimes as many as twenty. Even if they are Diet Cokes, which hasn’t been noted, that’s a huge amount of caffeine, but not sufficient to prevent an individual from sleeping at least two or three hours in a twenty-four hour period of time. This has really bothered me. Regarding the massive amount of caffeine he consumes could account for some of his most peculiar actions. Strange strange strange…..

  2. C.J. says:

    The powers harnessed by these foreign off-planet entities seem to be beyond our current abilities to overcome and we are vulnerable to them. However, just as I believe THEY walk among us unrecognized, wreaking dangerous havoc, (including DJT), I FIRMLY hold the conviction that there are also many, many entities walking among us whose purpose is our best and highest good, who protect us, and whose presence is to preserve our survival as a species intact. It seems to be an invisible war of the worlds, and my experience at Warner Robins AFB in 1981 supports this. Our own military was a horrifying threat, but I have a sense that my son and I were ‘rescued’ by the Guardians, whoever they are. I don’t accept or embrace the New Age theory of loving Space Brothers. I simply know there are Helpers who are Here.

  3. C.J. says:

    Forgive me for momentarily going off-topic: Did you receive my email response to your email re “conduit”, etc? My email site reports it as sent, but my system remains unreliable.

    The content of this post…..I’ve long held an intuitive opinion, based on years of accessing numerous apparently reliable researchers and authors on the subject of aliens whose origins are different planets, stars, dimensions, that this commander-in-chief MAY be a well-disguised non-human whose mission is to bring about the downfall of not only America but ALL the countries on this planet. Sounds like a fantastical, illogical, impossible theory. but I also must consider my own interaction over a period of several years with JI, who initially expressed a “Clarke Kent” type of innocent and somewhat shy, nerd personality that ultimately revealed itself as a very well-disguised alien when his (its) facade began to fade and diminish and disintegrate and the entity hidden inside appeared. I don’t doubt for a nano-second that this makes ME sound nuts, but the MacGregors came into this before it was done and know it is valid.

    I was eventually utterly terrified by the extreme powers it held and used, and the net of control it wrapped around me, to the point that I contacted Budd Hopkins. Budd was already ill, yet he nevertheless communicated with me personally. Seems the entity was one of those described by Budd as a ‘transgenic”, part human, part robot,
    programmed for a wide range and methods of destruction. It is my theory that the POTUS is perhaps the same; that the creation of those entities has escalated and become more perfected, and in and of themselves walk among us, unrecognized, as highly evolved weapons of destruction. Yes, I may be lacking a few brain cells, but my experiences with that one was up close and Real and cannot be adequately explained
    or defined. He was NOT of this planet, and I don’t think DJT is of this planet.

  4. blah says:

    So MAJORILY disappointing Bub….

  5. Priscilla says:

    What a great analogy. Can The Resistance load the deck against him? I sure hope so.

  6. Hip hip hooray for this article. Terrific! About the word meaning of Trump, I have noticed that so many people live out the meanings of their names. Trump has been trumping for a long time. We need to get in the mix a lot of Aces, Kings and Queens to out trump trump.

    Happy new year to all the MacGregors.