Mexico City Quake and Planetary Empaths


On the morning of September 19, 1985, an 8.0 earthquake hit Mexico City and at least 5,000 people died. Ever since, on the anniversary of the quake, drills are held in Mexico City to commemorate the event and to keep the residents up to speed on what to do when a quake hits.

On September 19, 2017, 32 years after that 8.0 quake, the people of the city held their drill and several hours later, the city was struck by a 7.1 quake.

That’s a global synchronicity.

At the same time, Maria, a category 5 hurricane with a central pressure of 909 MB, lower than that of Irma two weeks ago, was headed for the northern Caribbean islands – many of them still recovering from devastation that Irma delivered on September 10.

Several days ago, we received an email from a woman who was experiencing planetary empath symptoms. We posted about it, put it up on facebook, and received additional information from other empaths.

So what’s going on? It certainly appears that these empaths pick up information in advance on these various disasters, through various physical symptoms that they’re learning – slowly – to decipher. Four years ago, we started a static page on our blog where empaths can post whatever they’re feeling. It’s a running record of this strange phenomenon.

And in most instances, there’s usually a disaster – natural or man-made – within several days.

So, my question to you planetary empaths – have your symptoms abated? I wish there was some way you all could come together and try to figure out: 1) the nature of the disaster – volcanic, quake, fire, wind, terrorist attack 2) the location 3) a time frame 4) the extent of the devastation.

Most of the comments from empaths included some common symptoms – a clicking sound in the ears, persistence anxiety, weeping and grieving for no specific reason. Several people commented about possible conflict with North Korea.

So, please let us know if your symptoms have abated or continue.

PS Our friend Alexis Brooks who has a radio show called Higher Journeys, did a recent show on 11:11 and has some info on planetary empaths as well. Take a listen here.

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22 Responses to Mexico City Quake and Planetary Empaths

  1. C.J. says:

    I goofed. Power to Puerto Rico is expected to be out for at least six or more months, not six years. Sorry for the OOPS! Still, living with no power for such a long time is beyond imagination. Simply awful. They will have to go back to the basics…whatever basics they may be able to find in the devastated rubble. There will be so much death. Precious little shelter from the brutal elements. And the children…oh my God. They were in their schools, as they were also in their schools in Mexico when the quake hit.No hospitals, no acting physicians, rampant diseases, no medications, starvation, dehydration. It just goes on and on. there MUST be things we can do to help these lost souls. Heartbreaking.

  2. C.J. says:

    One final comment I feel inclined to make on this subject: Not only are we experiencing natural phenomena, but we are rapidly sliding down the slippery slope to an unprecedented war, because THIS time, we have weapons not yet in existence in the previous Korean War. Chemical warfare and such. Worst of all, NUCLEAR weapons. We are no longer limited to atomic bombs. Our current weapons of war are extinction-level
    weapons. And THAT will be that.

  3. C.J. says:

    Those absurd people who are denying the changing of our climate are apparently living in some kind of Utopian world.The Atlantic Ocean at the tip of FL is 92 degrees. Unheard of. The most “telling” symptom of climate change is the melting and breaking off of gigantic iceberg shelves in the Arctic and Antarctic, due to the rising temperatures of the oceans. Those icebergs have been there for thousands of years. That melted water is creating rising ocean levels, and their heavy breaking and falling in and of itself is creating chaotic events…too many to mention. When these deniers have no tree for shade, no fresh water for drinking, no foods because the crops cannot grow in the changing environments….who and what will they blame?

  4. C.J. says:

    It is now Thursday, 9-21-17, in the Eastern U.S. My PE symptoms have not abated. As mentioned previously, they seem to be coming in “swarms”….and this is new. I agree 100% with Darren. It is far from over, and the ramifications are going to be unprecedented, even more than the 250,000+ lives lost in the earthquake/tidal wave not too long ago that caused the planet to actually shift on its axis. We are in the midst of a planetary CHAOS….one event feeding off another and then another and then another.

    Every fault line around the globe is connected by ‘tributary’ fault lines, some huge, some tiny, but all connected, creating a kind of ‘web’ beneath the surface. There will be volcanic eruptions unlike any in the past. I am feeling the symptoms for that and recognize them. We are familiar with the physics law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This is what is happening. Earth has an over-abundance of human inhabitants and we are raping her, stripping her natural resources to build build build, to such a degree that she can no longer sustain life as we know it and these events are her defense mechanisms. WE are only beginning to pay the price for our foolishness.

    A dire prognosis, yes. But this is what I sense; this is what I am ‘hearing’ in messages from entities in other dimensions. Every gamut of destruction is being used to restore BALANCE….wildfires going amok; mudslides; historic flooding; the tall structures standing where once beautiful forests stood in grandeur are toppling; islands and entire cities are being totally wiped out; the power grids are failing….. according to the latest news, the islands in the southeastern Atlantic are COMPLETELY without any electricity and it will not be restored for six to nine YEARS. Not months. Years. Can we even begin to imagine living….or attempting to live….in such devastation without power and water? The communication towers worldwide are falling.

    Many more humans will die, certainly. Is the planet returning us to the Cave Man era? To dwelling without all these electronic gadgets that are ruling us now? Is she cleansing herself so that she, herself, can ultimately become the gorgeous and plentiful orb she once was? We have no choice but to face these catastrophes; this epidemic of disasters that are her only means of becoming whole and well again. Yes, this is untenable situations facing us, but face them we must. We have no other choice, The planet is proving who is in charge. In the practice of medicine, treating a deadly disease, we refer to this as “The Crisis”, which, if the patient survives, The Crisis is then followed by gradual healing. Let us hope, let us pray in whatever kinds of prayers we choose to pray, that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      And meanwhile, Scott Pruitt – a climate change denier – says now is not the time to talk about climate change.

  5. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    My anxiety has lessened but am still getting some clicking in the ear.
    The Mexico earthquake stopped some of my symptoms but others continued so I was sure another was coming and then a friend told me of the other earthquakes, all in the Ring Of Fire.
    I still do NOT feel all is over especially in the USA. Another Earthquake in the States.
    More Water damage.
    I’m exhausted and have headaches from so much happening.

  6. Debra Page says:

    I also agree with CJ.
    There has been another quake in the ring of fire. A 6.1 off the coast of Japan.

  7. Ray Getzinger says:

    I’m not an empath, but I sometimes read of disasters before they happen. I was almost finished reading a book about a volcano when I heard about Mount Saint Helens on the radio. While Maria was still threatening I saw a volcano in my mind when I heard about the earthquake. I hope nothing comes of that visualization.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I think many of us get hunches and feelings about these things, and experience these odd synchros, Ray, like you reading the volcano book right before Mount St. Helen.

  8. C.J. says:

    I just clicked over to the news. I have no words. The quake, so far, has a death toll approaching 400 from the various locations in Mexico all inclusive, and including many children. Hurricane Maria made landfall as a CAT 5, is now a powerful CAT 4, and is tearing the Islands apart. I just can’t even speak.

  9. C.J. says:

    There is a definite synchro here. Over the weekend. I watched a movie on TV with my son. It isn’t a really new movie, but isn’t old. The title: SAN ANDREAS. The effects in the movie were unthinkable, that such catastrophe could actually occur. It was non-stop horror. I was already having the powerful earthquake symptoms, which is why I wanted to see the movie, so it wasn’t the movie that created the PE symptoms. I just recognized that some of my worst symptoms were relative to an imminent quake, and surely enough, they were and are. Although the physical symptoms are disabling, the EMOTIONAL symptoms are much, much worse. I haven’t checked out the news yet this morning. Am dreading it.

    • Darren says:

      Most of that movie was filmed in Australia, just up and down the road from where I live, in and around Brisbane, Queensland, even though it is meant to be happening in California in the movie.
      The Mexican earthquake was very bad (and there’s probably more to come), but my gut feeling is that what’s coming on the global news-front is going to be way worse in terms of life lost.
      It won’t be anything like the end of the world (although to some it will be the end of their world), but it’s going to be the worst thing the world has seen since WWII, I feel.
      I think what’s around the corner will leave the world reeling for decades to come.
      I hope I’m wrong, but I feel I’m not going to be unfortunately.

  10. lauren raine says:

    I have not felt well in a long time, to be honest, and it is hard to decide what or where it is coming from. I so often feel a kind of grief, tears behind my eyes, along with fuzziness, headache, and being anxious. I have felt that way since mid-August.

    But I don’t feel that this is unrelated to a much greater concern, namely, climate change and a civilization that is unsustainable and in desperate need of immediate action, as Al Gore has pointed out in “An Inconvenient Sequal”. I feel like nature is speaking to us, loud and clear. Tragically, instead of any kind of forward leadership, in this country at least we have ……well, you know what we have.

  11. natalie says:

    I think Connie’s description is very apt. My ears are still ringing, still have slight dizziness, though not as bad.
    In terms of the emotional stuff, I often do feel that stunned, slammed feeling and I also often feel the anxiety and grieving for no reason. I am feeling that atm, but I believe it is genuine grief this time.

  12. C.J. says:

    In and of itself, Trish and Rob, this post is beyond amazing. It is now 10:00 pm EDT on 9-19-17, and all day I have watched these two massive, indescribable events….the devastating earthquake in Mexico in the West and the monster hurricane Maria ripping and shredding the islands in the East, and I keep thinking, these events are back to back, and hundreds of thousands of humans are having their lives forever changed….the ones who survive. It occurs to me constantly as I’ve watched the unspeakable wrath of Mother Earth on her most deadly rampages in history, each worse than the previous one, that it’s no wonder our planetary empath symptoms are swarming around and within us like gigantic hordes of stinging hornets. That is what I am feeling.

    No, the symptoms haven’t ceased. Instead, they have kept me in a state of immobility; of a kind of stunned paralysis, for lack of a more apt description. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, my entire mind and body feel as if they’ve been slammed against a wall and left me unable to function. I believe living so close to the ocean as we do, just a few hundred yards to its waters, these horrific events are magnified to a tremendous extent. You remember I mentioned I kept seeing THE TOWER tarot card….buildings toppling, people falling from high windows as it fell on them….smelling noxious odors, seeing smoke, hearing screams…..this is the Mexican quake. Feeling as if I’m under water and can’t get my breath, with watering eyes and choking sensations….these are from Maria. And damn….the worst is yet to come. I believe the year 2017 will be recalled as one of the most destructive years on this planet….and on it goes.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I thought of you, CJ, when I first head about the Mexico quake – those buildings coming down,just like on 911, choking on the dust…