Calling Planetary Empaths

(wave painting by Megan)

UPDATE: As tonight, September 18, Maria is a cat 5 with 160 mph winds. Could this be what empaths were tuning in on?

Maria will be hitting many of the same islands that Irma did. Puerto Rico is supposed to get a direct hit.


The last round of empath emails occurred several days before Hurricane Harvey struck Texas. This evening, I received this email from Angela Willhoft. Anyone else feeling symptoms? She feels something may be  coming up within 24-48 hours:

Hi, there, we were talking on messenger about global empathy a couple of months ago and I wanted to touch base again. I am experiencing an uptick in my symptoms, which mimick anxiety. I wanted to tell you I feel something is coming, something global, or a major event on the global stage. I usually feel this within 24-48 hours of the event. I have been trying to document this sort of thing and I guess I just enlisted you, also, haha. Please let me know if you would rather I keep this to myself. But I figured since you study it…. I pray this is nothing.

Thanks and best regards,

Angela Willhoft


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29 Responses to Calling Planetary Empaths

  1. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    Ear clicking and headaches have ramped up again, I keep feeling that another earthquake is coming.
    I feel that something will be happening over the weekend, I have that nervous feeling.

  2. Nancy says:

    The skin crawling is back with me after being gone for a couple of weeks.

  3. Ray Getzinger says:

    There was just a 7.1 earthquake in Mexico not far from Mexico City. Too much is happening at once.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      That’s for sure. Just saw that quake report. A friend in LA said they had a “jolt” last night.

  4. Ray Getzinger says:

    I worry about people in the path of Maria. The Caribbean can’t take much more.
    Trump almost assured war with Noth Korea with his UN rant. My sister lives in Seattle. I have friends in most West Coast cities. If we nuke North Korea, the South will receive casualties as well All nearby countries including the nuclear powers China and Russia. That would cause them to attack the United States. The genie can’t be put back in the bottle.

  5. C.J. says:

    Unfortunately, and heart-breaking, Hurricane Maria is now battering the Islands that Irma battered. Just awful. Hope she makes that turn soon.

  6. C.J. says:

    P.S. Are you watching the newest hurricane….CAT 3…….spinning in our direction?

  7. C.J. says:

    I agree with Darren, altho the Korean scenario may not be the cause of my PE symptoms, but it certainly may. Every time something comes on the TV showing the Korean situation, I have an immediate, intense sense of “WAR”. We’ve had one Korean war….two of my husband’s brothers served in combat there. Now, however, the weapons are so far advanced since then that Darren is spot on….such a war today would kill millions. God, I hope this doesn’t manifest!! Last nite our Secretary of Defense said the sanctions simply aren’t working, and our only option remaining is military action. That is just terrifying!

  8. Darren says:

    I’m no empath,but my gut feeling is that the next big disaster will be man made and it is already playing itself out right in front of us…a limited nuclear war in and around the Korean Peninsular which will kill millions.
    But then what?
    That’s the real million dollar question?
    How do you contain an incident like that without a few more dominoes falling?
    And that will be an horrific “little” war in and of itself.
    The only hope I can see here is Kim dying of natural causes before he kills millions of his own people and other by unnatural causes.

    • Darren says:

      That should read “and others” above.
      I must have mis-hit the s key and left it out.
      Let’s hope nobody else mis-hits any deadlier buttons that are available to them. 😉

  9. Sharon catley says:

    Don’t know if it means anything but I too am experiencing anxiety (which never happens to me). I literally feel like the earth is going to disappear from beneath my feet.

  10. C.J. says:

    I’m among the “weepers”. Unusual for me, or used to be. Now it overwhelms me out of nowhere for no discernible reason. Hubby asks, “Why are you crying, honey?” My response, “I don’t know!” And I DON’T know. Just inundated by a sense of terrible sadness and grief. It’s worse than most of the other PE symptoms.

  11. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    I’ve been feeling for months that “something big” was coming and was surprised but yet not surprised that this feeling did NOT go away after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
    I’ve continued to have the clicking noises but along with it a roaring sound and at other times a muffling of sound. It’s very annoying and I don’t usually get these all at the same time.
    My vertigo has kicked up to the point that while picking up something from the ground yesterday I fell over, ouch!
    I’ve also had a kick up of anxiety, I had this around 9/11 but as you know I’d had visions years earlier about that. My youngest daughter (who is quite psychic)has also had an uptick with anxiety.
    Recently she called me to ask what she should have stored at her house in Philadelphia in case of hurricane. She has been acting like I did before Hurricane Sandy hit here.
    I noticed that I talked more about having things in case of loss of power. Now loss of power could be for a lot of reasons not just hurricane, EMP attack?
    I still feel like something’s coming. I’ve been worried about Korea for YEARS and most people just shook their heads at me. As I told you that was the reaction I got about my vision of two towers in flames and crashing down in NYC for years.
    Something is coming Trish, I’ll try to meditate on it and see what I get but meanwhile I’m going to prepare. Gas for cars and generators, food, cash, batteries and pet food!

  12. C.J. says:

    In my first comment that went down with Comcast a few minutes ago, I mentioned the baby cricket clicking in my left ear that sounds like Morse Code. O’m beginning to think it IS Morse Code, and am going to try to find that Code and see if I can decipher the clicks. Yeah….crazy…..

  13. C.J. says:

    I started a response here a few minutes ago and my computer suddenly shut down, with all the other Comcast electronics in the house. Am going to be quick here, but also Trish and Rob, is your gmail up and running? Don’t know if you rec’d my message yesterday. Will attempt to re-send. Regarding PE symptoms, they are driving me slowly crazy coming one on top of another, non-stop. I am in agreement with the other empaths….whatever is imminent is BIG. My body seems to be under some kind of continuous attack of continuous symptoms that just won’t go away, and the event, whatever it is, involves many people. Natural or man-made….can’t tell. Just that it is life-altering, and THAT frightens me. I can’t push the images of 9-11-2001 out of my mind….the images are coming and going in rapid flashes as is the Tarot Major Arcana trump card THE TOWER. Noxious odor, smothering, burning eyes. Screaming voices. I feel schizophrenic from all of these images and sensings.

  14. Debra Page says:

    Yesterday I was posting on Natalie’s page about my symptoms not going away after the 2 storms, Mexico quake and solar storms.
    I have no idea what’s coming. I am worried about a friend in Seoul. Too close.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I posted this on facebook, too, and several other empaths are experiencing the clicking in the ears.

      • Jane Clifford says:

        Out of nowhere yesterday afternoon here in Uk I experienced high anxiety levels outta nowhere, not my usual empathy warning for earthquake or storm but no lead at all to what.
        I think many people have reported being overwhelmed with weeping and grieving even if they have not recently lost someone close and I think loss and terror are predominant emotions globally right now and since we are one heart and conciousness we all feel it and if we can feel and release and love ourselves & be fully present for ourselves thru it then we are basically helping to clear for the whole collective.