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The above notes and sketch were made Aug. 31 by Wesley Meeks, a former police officer from Midland, Texas. Wes’s stories of UFO/alien encounters as well as out-of-body experiences is featured in chapter one of our latest book, BEYOND STRANGE: True Stories of Alien Encounters and Paranormal Mysteries.

Here is his full description of his latest sighting.

“I  just saw a strange craft of some sort. It was about 8:00 PM here, the son was down but it was still very light, no stars visible, but the moon and a couple of planets were visible. I had the baby (our granddaughter) out for a stroll. I looked into the western sky at about 60 degrees at what I thought was a planet. It was a silver or very bright white light but at first I thought it was a planet.

“As we walked I then noticed that the “planet” started moving to the east, and also climbing slightly. The sphere next seemed to grow in diameter, but it could have been that the object was moving closer to me, like an airplane that is at first a dot then gradually gets larger and the shape becomes visible. Then the object seemed to get even brighter, and that is when I saw the strange structure that was attached to the top of the sphere. I have never seen anything like this in any of the UFO books I have read.

“In #4 the object vanished, instantly. No noise, but if the object was really twenty or more miles away, of course there would not have been a noise. This was a very “Star Trek” style of vehicle. I searched the sky for several minutes but did not see the object again. This craft was moving in a very “normal” pattern and I would have conceded that it may have been a jet flying over Midland International Airport, except that it had the strange shape. But then it vanished. It did not race away or shoot up out of sight….it just vanished. This is a usual type of UFO sighting for me. What is NOT usual is the shape. Again, I have never seen this shape that I can recall. I am still excited about this!”

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Wes’s sighting and report in itself makes an interesting blog post, but there’s also a synchronicity involved. Note that Wes wrote that he had never seen anything like this in any of the UFO books he’s read. I (Rob) agreed that it was an unusual shape and couldn’t recall reading about any such UFOs, either.

At the time, I was reading a book called THE CLOSE ENCOUNTERS MAN, by Mark O’Connell. It’s a biography of Allen J. Hynek, the astronomer who became the government’s lead man on UFOs in the ’60s and a debunker, then later changed to a believer. It’s a fascinating story. Very detailed.

I opened the book the morning after responding to Wes’s e-mail and surprisingly, on the very first page from where I left off, I read a description of a UFO sighting in 1947 in Kentucky that sounds similar to what he had seen.

Here it is from pages 40-41:
“The military police at Fort Knox first described it as ‘a small white object in the Southwest sky. It appeared stationary. Could not determine if object radiated or reflected light. Through binocs it appeared partially as parachute with bright sun reflecting from top of the silk, however, there seemed to be some red light around the lower part of it.’

“Of the tower crew at Goodman Airfield, one witness thought it ‘resembled an ice cream cone topped with red,’ while another said “It would seem that it was at least several hundred feet in diameter.’

“The commanding officer, Colonel Guy Hix, reported, ‘It was very white and looked like an umbrella. I thought it was a celestial body but I can’t account for the fact that it didn’t move. I just don’t know what it was.'”


After all these decades, UFOs continue to appear in our skies and continue to amaze.

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3 Responses to Strange UFO

  1. Wes Meeks says:

    It seems that I saw recently the same type or similar type craft the soldiers observed several decades ago. Like them, I could not identify this craft, other than that it was not a conventional aircraft. And, these decades later, I feel like we are no closer to identifying them. Just as curious and intriguing to me was the synchronicity Rob experienced after I wrote about this sighting. Synchronicity and UFO’s seem to go hand in hand.

  2. Chad says:

    Intriguing experience.