I’ve hesitated writing a post entitled Harvey, just that name alone unattached to anything else. I’ve resisted because it seems to empower the name, the event. But when I think about it, I realize this hurricane/tropical storm/rainmaker is like Trump himself. It won’t go away. And that, I think, is the global synchro here.

Regardless of how many records Harvey breaks – or how many laws Trump breaks or how many stories seem to piece together the Russian hacking of our 2016 election,  both of them stick around. They won’t fade away, move on, allow us to live in any sort of semblance of peace.

If you Google Harvey, you’ll find all the records it has broken – the 50 inches of rain, the horrific flooding, scenes worse than Katrina. If you Google Trump and climate change, you’ll find he’s a denier. His pick for the EPA, Scott Pruitt, is proof enough of that. The man is a climate change denier, who says that “science shouldn’t dictate American policy.”


And suppose science hadn’t dictated NASA’s explorations?

Or medical discoveries?

Or geographical discoveries?

If Trump is the human face of America’s collective shadow, then Harvey is the physical manifestation of that shadow’s destruction.

The message here is clear.

Democracy is an experiment. Right now, it’s hobbling along with a powerful free press that Trump despises, a dysfunctional congress where one party owns all three branches of government but can’t accomplish anything, and a few outspoken Repub critics. Few Dems support the progressive vision Bernie Sanders stands for, so who  are they now other than the minority?

C’mon, Democrats. Step up! You guys are the ones who established Social Security, Medicare, the safety nets that keep the country compassionate. Where are you now??

Harvey, Trump, the two are inseparable. Everything else? We’re collateral damage.

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7 Responses to HARVEY

  1. DJan says:

    I saw Gore’s new documentary. It’s really good. I have been watching what’s happening in Texas and Louisiana and grieving for all the devastation and lives lost. It’s hard to bear, but I try to keep myself in an upbeat mood because it doesn’t help anything or anybody when I get depressed. Your posts always help me put things in perspective.

  2. lauren raine says:

    Well said as always. “science shouldn’t dictate American policy”……….just a year ago for an official to say such a thing would have been absolutely shocking, just as the idea of anyone taking the Nazis would be. What should – corporate profit (as it clearly does), or fundamentalist christianity that takes the bible literally?

    I was very moved by Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequal”, which, in a sane America, would have everyone talking about the environmental crisis. To have officials let alone a president that “denies climate change” and wants to mostly dismantle environmental protections of any kind, in the face of 99.9% of the worlds scientists pointing out that we are in crisis……I associate this disaster with the current release of his documentary, and it is my hope that, except for the evangelicals who are waiting to be beamed up for the rapture, this will wake up even the most blind and uneducated. But then, no one thought Trump could be elected either.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I need to see Gore’s sequel. It seems that shock and awe is the mantras for these times.

  3. Sheila Joshi says:

    Good observation about the won’t-go-away-ness of DT and Harvey. My personal life has a lot of won’t-go-away-ness too, healthwise. Metaphorically flooded with symptoms.
    We’re coming up on the last of those Jupiter – Uranus oppositions — revolution of some sort?

    Trish — Do you see a link between “The Great American Eclipse” and Hurricane Harvey — the worst rainfall in the Continental US ever? I can’t find any writing about it.