Houston & Harvey & Planetary Empaths

What’s happening in Houston is unprecedented. Worse than Katrina, worse than Andrew. The National Hurricane Center was predicting tons of rain for the area long before the storm made landfall, but the city was not under an evacuation order. And now emergency responders are stretched to the max and FEMA’s director has announced that they will be in the area for years – not days, not weeks, not months, but for years. The fourth largest city in the U.S, isn’t just dying, but may become history.

As in, once upon a time there a city called Houston…

Several days prior to the solar eclipse on August 21, we received an email from a man in northern California who was stumbled across our posts on planetary empaths and was experiencing some pretty severe symptoms. He felt it was pointing to some event that was upcoming in the U.S. I contacted some of the other empaths and asked if they had been experiencing any symptoms. And yes, they were.

Here’s the link for our planetary empath page. You’ll see the posts from Brandon as the top comments after the introductory material. At first, Rob and I thought these symptoms might be related to the solar eclipse – some sort of terrorist event in the path of the eclipse. But that wasn’t the case. The symptoms seemed to be related to Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath in Houston.

These empaths are tuned into something. They feel it in their bodies, their emotions, in their guts. It often leaves then helpless and depressed because they can’t pinpoint what it is, where it is.

From Debra:

I asked: Have your symptoms subsided?

CJ says hers have, but debra’s haven’t. She just posted this comment on the post that’s up today:

My symptoms haven’t subsided.
I have met 3 other people with similar symptoms. They did not know about planetary empths. Lots of vertigo/dizziness among them all.

From Brandon, on August 25, the day before the hurricane hit:

On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 3:30 PM, Brandon Timm <timmbr@gmail.com> wrote:
Been watching the storm develop and intensify today. Also watching the computer weather models. Yes I am a weather geek and can read them. lol. This may very well be what I was feeling. I have often thought that I may not just pick up on just the earth itself but the people it affects. For example I may have felt the japan quake because of the large number of people affected by it. One of the weather models, hopefully wrong, is showing rainfall between 40-50 inches in a 5 day period. If that was to hold true this would be the largest rainfall total ever observed in North America. The fact that this storm is so close to one of Americas largest cities may be a good reason why me and many others have been feeling off. This looks to be on par with Katrina.

Other empaths have reported that their symptoms persist. So who are these empaths? How can we help them develop their abilities so they can pinpoint where and when??

Is that even possible??

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18 Responses to Houston & Harvey & Planetary Empaths

  1. C.J. says:

    Laurrence, just need to say that I do not EVER use my computer for ANY social media. I don’t have facebook, don’t twitter, don’t do any gaming, only read two blogs: Synchrosecrets and UnknownCountry, and don’t have a blog of my own. I’m pretty computer illiterate, unfortunately. The following remark is not a bid for sympathy, only an explanation…I’m housebound in a wheelchair, coping with the challenges of advanced stage four Parkinson’s Disease, so I also use my computer for shopping because I’m no longer able to go to stores. My use of the computer is limited to emails and research and reading the news. Vetting political comments based on current news is not necessarily correct news, as we are seeing the media being constantly and persistently twisted, distorted, and often unforgivably untrue.

    We must sift through the various news sources with the awareness that what we are given may or may not be reality. If we take one particular news piece and put fifteen news media outlets on that same piece, we will get fifteen different slants on the same piece. Which is true? Which is false? It’s a toss-up. Sad, yet true.This being so, it has become difficult to trust mainstram media and allow its material to form personal opinions. If we must base our opinions only on vetted news, we lose one of the greatest things, to me, about this blog: a place where we are able to feel safe in expressing our individual thoughts, ideas, and opinions with others, have discussions and conversations on these, without fear of reprisal. I have been coming to the MacGregor blog for many years now because I find it to be, as you do, informative and instructive, but also often fun and uplifting and inspiring, and it keeps me in touch with the world outside in a way that I would not otherwise have. That is a ‘gift’ for me, one that I deeply appreciate.

    Additionally, it allows me to see the ideas of others and often to change my mind or perhaps shift it in one way or another, accordingly. I go to Whitley’s UnknownCountry for the very same reasons. These two sites are my “windows to the world”, and bring me, as said, into contact with folks of varying thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I learn a great deal here on this blog, and on Whitley’s, and have never found it contentious, nor have I felt the need to PROVE comments that are simply my personal viewpoints and perceptions of the happenings outside my limited little sphere. My thoughts may be right or wrong, and I am open to receiving comments from others here who don’t necessarily agree with same. The freedom to express myself and my ideas here is a special ‘gift’, at least for me, and I never, ever have the intention to insult or offend anyone. If I have done that, I once again, as earlier, asked to please be forgiven, because it isn’t intentional. I’d like to add that I find your contributions interesting and frequently very thought-provoking and informative. Borrowing your signature: BE WELL !!!!! c.j.

  2. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    When you contacted me about my PE symptoms I was “recovering” from my daughter’s wedding which was a blast but kicked up my Fibromyalgia big time.

    I had been feeling something “big” like Sandy (which I was directly affected by, 11 days without power etc.), was coming, since early spring. I didn’t know where but I warned friends to pay attention to signs.

    I get a very annoying clicking sound in my ears when approaching Big storms, earthquakes etc. are coming and the clicking was at an all time high the week before.
    It has now, just today finally stopped. So I’d say that the STORM aspect is over but the tragedy for those people will linger on for years to come.

    Be aware of where you donate money. People who should have gotten aid from Sandy still have not, and monies that went to The Red Cross…well we were informed that those monies go into a large “pot” and get doled out and saved for future storms etc. so again Sandy sufferers only got a portion of those funds. Try to find the local agencies and give to them directly.

    Lastly, even though the ear clicking is quiet now (unfortunately I still cannot pin point where an event will happen even though I try), my other senses are telling me something else is coming. It won’t be as bad as Houston but we are not out of the clear ,at least not on the east coast, yet.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for the information, Vicki! We gave to 4paws. 100 percent of the donations for to the animals. It’s staffed by volunteers.

  3. C.J. says:

    Many years ago, Dr. Jeffery Goodman wrote a book entitled WE ARE THE EARTHQUAKE GENERATION. He is a geophysicist. While his TIMING of the events was way off, his information is spot on, happening NOW. Same with seer Edgar Cayce. Perhaps these are the manifestations of their prophesies. Goodman is a scientist. Cayce was a psychic prophet. Each of us chose to be here during these times as our planet shifts in virtually all paradigms. Similar to a woman delivering a baby in agony, maybe this is our purpose and mission…..to promote peace whenever and wherever we are able as the world crumbles around us. Such a heavy burden in the midst of both human-related tragedies and Mother Nature-related tragedies!

  4. C.J. says:

    And if the government is shut down NOW, it would again be Congress and not the President who pulls the plug. But Guys….can we put politics totally on the back burner
    at least for a little while and focus on our American brothers and sisters of ALL colors, creeds, philosophies, religions….everything….everyone…..in Texas who have lost their entire lives as they have known it prior to this catastrophe? I’ve been watching the National Weather Channel, which isn’t guided by Dems, Repugs, Left, Right, Conservatives….it remains one of the few neutral media and reports our existing and coming weather patterns throughout the country, as well as past events. Harvey went back into the ocean….the HOT ocean, and has made another turn and is now aiming its fury at Louisiana, they are saying “a SECOND MAJOR HIT”, while the rain continues to fall in Houston and surrounding areas. It is presently at the fifty inches in the center of Houston that was predicted, and still rising as rain still falls, and a major “reservoir” there has been breached that has never before breached and is dumping unthinkable amounts more.

    Please, please know I’m not trying to sound like a ‘goody two shoes’. I just look at these scenes that remind me of a few movies such as THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, etc., and see reality coming into fruition. In these moments and hours, I just can’t be ‘politically’minded, but I’m by no means making a judgment against folks who are. Each of us has our own individual thoughts on such matters, and I absolutely respect and honor that, and that is my Truth. My husband and I lived briefly in Houston before we got married. I worked at Herman Hospital, in the huge Houston Medical Center, so for me, for us, this is deeply, deeply personal. Before meeting my husband, I was engaged to a young man who owned a lovely funeral home in Houston, and he and his family live there. I ask anyone whom I’ve offended to please forgive me. It wasn’t intentional.

    I’m simply shaken to my soul in two ways; one, the epic disaster that the weather folks call almost ‘biblical in proportions’ as I see this tragedy unfold….and secondly, as not just the organizations that are assisting with its thousands of feet on the ground, (in the water), so to speak….but essentially in water-craft of one kind or another, are the ordinary folks like us who are taking their personal water crafts, etc. to help the rescue efforts. It causes me to pause and wonder how the people of this planet might unite as they did in the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY if our Earth was invaded by evil entities of destruction and death. I won’t say more….have said enough….except again to ask to be forgiven by anyone my comments have offended.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      No one was offended. What’s happening in Houston may well be an example of how climate change begins to reshape the continental US.

  5. C.J. says:

    From October 1 through October 16, 2013, President Barack Obama shut down the government. Read details on numerous sites by googling “Obama Shuts Down Government”. As much as I don’t like Trump, in this aftermath of the Harvey catastrophe which is still on-going, I can’t imagine that he’ll shut it down. Of course I may be very wrong. But…..he wouldn’t be the first president to do it. Obama did it because his ObamaCare health bill wasn’t passed in The House. Compared to this current situation in Texas, shutting down the gov’t over insurance as Obama did seems …..I don’t know….just stupid. I’m observing that for many Trump haters, no matter what he does is wrong. If he sneezes, he’s wrong. I simply cannot lay such a negative blanket on ANYONE, no matter how much I dislike a person. Be that as it may, my heart aches for the thousands and thousands of folks in Texas. They have a really long, impossibly difficult road ahead of them. So tragic.

  6. C.J. says:

    Lauren, I did some pretty extensive research after reading your comments. While I am anything but a Trump supporter, the administration’s fiscal cuts to FEMA are still in the ‘proposal’ stage and have not been approved by Congress, alongside several other such fiscal cuts among various organizations, and each must be approved by Congress prior to taking effect. FEMA fundings will remain in effect as they are until some point in 2018., at which time the proposal will be confirmed or vetoed by Congress. So, right now Texas does have the full benefits of FEMA at its former and current funding. Thank heavens. I pray Congress will veto the potential 2018 FEMA cut, because the experts say that this Harvey catastrophic devastation will be YEARS in reconstruction. And, according to weather experts, we are in a severely vulnerable situation due to more than one climate change effects. The ocean has never been as hot as it is now, and tropical systems require hot water in which to breed. Living on an Island on the beach, my family and our neighbors are especially vulnerable. One thing is certain: When the authorities say the word “EVACUATE” , we are out of here. We’ve evacuated in the past, and folks need to heed those orders. It isn’t the first time the people who choose to stay have been told to use a permanent marker to write their name and social security number on their arm, because when the winds reach just 39 mph, our bridges to and from the Mainland are closed and rescuers will not come until the dangers are past.

  7. lauren raine says:

    I’ve been having a difficult time for a while now, and can’t seem to shake the feelings of fearfulness, sadness, anxiety I’ve been feeling. The truth of our being is that we are all connected to each other, and to the body of the planet, Mother Earth. There is going to be more trouble in the aftermath of this disaster, as Trump has defunded FEMA from its Obama budget, so when people need help, it’s not going to be easy to get.

  8. C.J. says:

    Although most of my PE symptoms diminished when Harvey escalated, I had noted in earlier comments that I had a sense that the event, whatever it was, was “birthing”. I didn’t know how to explain the term ‘birthing’ until I saw Harvey more or less rapidly increasing from a low pressure system to a tropical storm to, eventually, a catastrophic Cat 4 hurricane. Then I understood my sense of ‘birthing’. Regarding my PE symptoms, they had become so debilitating, alongside the Parkinson’s symptoms which are extremely challenging in a moment to moment basis every day of my life, it reached a point that I simply could no longer endure or tolerate the double set of awful symptoms. There is a “Group” of five discarnate physicians with whom I have worked closely at various times during the decades. I rarely seek their assistance, but this time, I had no choice, as the combination of Parkinson’s symptoms and Planetary Symptoms began to make me feel as if I was in the process of transitioning. On one of these off and on occasions, I actually suddenly realized I wasn’t breathing. I gasp air and forced my body to move. I knew something had to change or I was really on my way out. So, I called for my Group of Physicians in other dimensions, and asked them to please saturate every atom and molecule of this physical body with healing energy, and to please BLOCK the planetary symptoms. They did. I was so grateful!!!! I continue to be tightly ‘connected’ to the on-going situation, to the impact it is having on the people of Texas, but thank the Gods….my wonderful Physicians have apparently erected some kind of energy field around me that is not allowing the PE symptoms to express. I cannot possibly describe the depth of my gratitude! And, more importantly I think, is that since I’m almost free of the PE symptoms, I’m now able to psychically send a tremendous amount of healing thoughts to Texas.

  9. Laurence L. Zankowski says:


    I think that if you follow Rupert Sheldrake’s theory / research, there could be a correlation to morphogenetic and people / animals that are in contact with either future casting events and or information that is even beyond what we call the sixth sense.

    Recent research in brain activities points to our ability to work in 11 dimensions:


    Easier to read version:


    What I am getting at is that maybe we don’t just think of esp as just a dimension above our 3D ( 4D if you include our time construct ). We are probably looking at a perception capability that has some time of DNA/RNA genetic switch that some can or have turned on.

    This might also have links to Stephan A. Schwartz’ work on “what is information” where does symbology get its access to information to bring forth a data set that common minds can interpret and use.

    Sorry but we are more than just electrons or that could be the answer that maybe electrons them selves actually carry data

    Oh well it is all perception at this point.

    Be well

    laurence Zankowski

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for the links, Laurence! I love Sheldrake’s work. Not families with Schwartz’s work on what information is, but will do some research.

  10. nancy says:

    I have always felt my physical feelings were also related to people’s anguish. I first noticed I had these symptoms during the massacre in Rwanda.