Something’s happening here…

…but you’re not supposed to believe it. It’s what MSNBC’s Chuck Todd recently called ‘the real fake news.’ What is it? It’s astrology, and we might as well add the paranormal, UFOs and alien encounters. In other words, the stuff we write about here.

Unfortunately, talking heads like Todd are so wrapped up in the Trump world, that the ‘big picture’ beyond politics eludes them. Specifically, Todd dismissed the idea that dramatic events occur around the time of complete solar eclipses. He listed the years of other complete solar eclipses, but didn’t bother to analyze what happened on those years. He took the easy route saying that big events happen all the time. So if Donald Trump abruptly resigns before the end of the year, don’t expect Chuck Todd to see any link to the eclipse, other than a mere coincidence.

We addressed how the mainstream media and mainstream science dismiss the paranormal and UFOs in BEYOND STRANGE.

Here’s a snapshot from the book on the very issue.


Seers among us have said that in the future, today’s scientific community—despite all of our technical wonders—will be seen as ignorant. Ignorant of a pervasive reality, of the overwhelming evidence of the presence of intelligent beings from elsewhere. And also largely ignorant of the reality of so-called paranormal abilities. Our mainstream scientists will be seen as men and women with their heads literally buried in the sand. Not only are they in denial of what is, but they are avidly fighting against the consensus among an expanding sub-culture that accepts the reality of an alien presence, of extraterrestrial and interdimensional travel, and of our own abilities that transcend the six senses.

Fortunately, there are some bold scientists exploring the frontiers of our knowledge in these realms. But they do so at great risk of being ostracized by their colleagues.
Colm Kelleher, a biochemist and cancer researcher, is one scientist who has explored UFOs and the paranormal when he became involved with the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a so-called ‘fringe’ research group initiated and funded by billionaire Robert Bigelow. Kelleher is well aware of the fringe designation and the stigma attached to this type of research.

In an interview that appeared in an article in Business Insider, “Kelleher is quoted as saying: “The vast majority of scientists dismiss this type of research as being absolutely worthless…There’s a real aura of ridicule and trivializations surrounding the UFO field which makes scientists run a mile the other way. To many scientists, studying UFOs is really a career killer, and that hasn’t changed in 50 years.”

Scientists exploring unusual matters, such as UFOs and the paranormal, risk their academic standing among peers, and endure ridicule, scorn and mockery. It’s not just scientists, though. Pilots and military personnel who report UFOs or take an interest in the subject can lose their careers. Journalists can’t cover the subject without attracting suspicion that they are mentally deranged or have lost their abilities to separate facts from fantasy.

The mainstream media plays a major role in ignoring and dissing the reality of an other-worldly presence. As Ben Mezrich wrote in The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway, “The lack of acceptance of outer-worldly phenomena, in the face of a staggering number of witness accounts and radar evidence—page after page of radar data clearly showing unidentified blips, from Roswell to radar tracking Foo Fighters during World War II to the numerous UFO sightings near nuclear bases all over the world—was akin to primitive beliefs that the world was flat. When history was written in the future, it would consider UFOlogy the greatest ball the fourth estate has ever dropped.”

The government and military play a cagier role, denying interest, yet continuing to secretly explore these realms. While the reality of UFOs were largely dismissed in the Blue Book and Condon reports from the 1960s, investigations have secretly continued to this day. When we reported a case in Quebec in nine parts on our blog in 2012, an array of military and intelligence agencies took an interest. In fact, an investigator with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police—Canada’s equivalent to the FBI—spent eight hours on the blog examining those posts. (It must’ve been a slow day!)


Here’s Chuck Todd’s take on astrology and the August 21 eclipse.



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4 Responses to Something’s happening here…

  1. Laurence L. Zankowski says:


    All I can say is that you should read Ingo Swann’s ” The Nostradamus Factor” or at least his section on astrology. Most of it was over my head but I know Trish you will get it. He goes into this area with much data. We are guided by forces unseen but felt.

    Be well

  2. lauren raine says:

    Good post. The narrowness of many people who demand “scientific proof” seems sometimes as narrow as their counterparts, religious fanatics who base everything on the ir “belief”. I have had a great deal dismay, in particular, with the crass way the academic archeological community is dismissing the Bosnian Pyramid discovery, or for that matter, a vast body of evidence regarding earth mysteries. I think the “science” of the future will be integral in ways that we presently can’t imagine.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Earlier today I was reading THE CLOSE ENCOUNTERS MAN, a biography of astronomer J. Allen Hynek, who is best known for his work as the government’s top UFO investigator in the 1960s, and as a skeptic who became a believer. In a lecture given at the Perkins Observatory in 1936, Hynek addressed the topic “Fact and Fantasy in Astronomy.” Interestingly, he was well aware of the limitations of the scientific perspective. He cautioned his audience that “science can be considered as a game and a game played by very strict rules.”