The Great American Solar Eclipse

It’s being called the Great American Eclipse because for the first time in 99 years – the path of a total solar eclipse traverses the U.S., 14 states in all.  The areas of totality are indicated on the map.

Here in South Florida, we’ll have 81 percent totality, enough so that the afternoon will turn to twilight. I just received our eclipse glasses on Friday. After a frantic hunt locally – sorry, sold out; sorry, sold out – I ordered them online, through a NASA approved site. They were sold in packets of 5 and because I ordered them so late, I paid an additional $15 for expedited shipping. So, 30 bucks for five pairs of glasses. Not too bad. We gave three pairs away, and tomorrow afternoon around 1:25, Rob and I will be in our backyard to watch it unfold.

The time of greatest darkness here will be shortly before 3 p.m. We’re considering going to our dog park to watch some of this because the area is wide open and we’re curious about how animals may behave. Not the dogs, but the wild critters – birds, squirrels, insects.

Here is NASA’s site on the eclipse. For the astrological perspective, check out Susan Miller’s site. And then get out there at some popint and if you don’t have glasses, do the old grade school science thing – pinhole in a piece of paper, place another piece of paper under it, and watch the progressive shading as the moon eclipses the sun. Better yet, borrow someone’s glasses!

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6 Responses to The Great American Solar Eclipse

  1. Darren says:

    Yeah, you guys are lucky to see that Rob and Trish, as it won’t be until 2028 and that is if I travel to Sydney that I’ll be able to see one in my part of the world.
    That seems a long way down the line in 2017.
    I also see Trump looked right at the eclipse with his naked eyes prompting one famous Tweet about how he was already deaf and dumb, now he’ll be blind, as well. 🙂
    All I could think when I saw him looking into the eclipse was what a role model he is for young children…in many ways. 😉

  2. Shadow says:

    You are so so lucky to have witnessed that *sigh*

  3. C.J. says:

    What I have found most wonderful about this rare astronomical event is that it has brought thousands upon thousands of Americans together…….people of all colors, creeds, religions, political preferences, etc etc etc., together for a few hours of a complete break from the day by day news of nightmare events. Watching folks gather from north, south, east, and west, all in attitudes of fun and enjoyment, has been incredibly uplifting. And all it took was something as simple, yet as miraculous, as a celestial event. I LOVED IT!!!!!

  4. DJan says:

    We will have 88% totality here. I’ve got some friends who went down to Oregon to see the total eclipse. I’ll be fine just watching from here, but I wasn’t able to find any glasses, so I’ll do the old pinhole thing. 🙂

  5. Darren says:

    I read a news story about Bonnie Tyler singing her 1983 hit song ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ on a cruise ship during the up coming eclipse and I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about it at this link –
    We certainly are living in interesting and bizarre times as we sail through 2017 and into the Chinese ‘Year of the Dog’ 2018.
    Can next year get any weirder?