Stolen Bikes

In the 17 years we’ve lived in our house, the neighborhood had been remarkably safe. It’s just a single street that loops around, 30 or 35 homes, suburban, close to good schools etc,. But over the years, Rob and I have experienced a few thefts – loose change from Rob’s car when he hasn’t locked it, a generator in our garage for hurricane season, several bicycles. The most recent theft was the other night – two bikes.

Rob closed the garage door when we got back from the dog park, but our cat, Simba, was still outside so I opened the garage door halfway  in the event that it rained or he wanted to come in. About an hour later, I walked out into the garage to call him, and realized my bike and one of Rob’s was gone.

I’ve had my bike for 8 years – since my last one was stolen out of the garage – and this theft pissed me off. Most evenings, Rob and I ride our bikes down toward our neighborhood park with Nika and Noah racing along the sidewalk parallel to the road. I loved my bike. It was comfortable, perfectly suited for my body type, legs, feet. In the winter, when the air is much cooler and fit for human habitation, I enjoy riding it through the equestrian area near our house.

Rob called the cops this morning, so that we can eventually file an insurance claim, but I no longer had the paper work on the bike and couldn’t recall the make, model, etc. Our neighbor, Annette, who is on vacation, has bought the same model bike, so I texted her and told her what had happened and why I needed the bike model. Her response is an interesting synchronicity:

I just got back from a long bike ride and I’m sitting here trying to catch my breath and I checked my phone and then you ask me what kind of bike I have…What a synchronicity. Sorry to hear about your bike getting stolen.”

 I’m no fan of these kinds of synchronicities. There’s a victim mentality here, the law of attraction as our daughter is quick to point out. While I have never felt like a “victim” in this neighborhood, I do feel like a “victim” in the current political climate and wonder if this is how it manifests itself for me.

Trump policies getting you down? Trump chaos confusing you? Wondering if/when the dude will be impeached? Hey, no problem, let us show you the way the law of attraction works.

 Steal our bikes.

Try to steal our health insurance, our dignity, our democracy.

After awhile, this kind of thinking, of yourself as a victim of a larger system, whatever it is, starts manifesting itself in your personal life. I think it’s time to stop listening to and reading the news.

At any rate, we’re now looking for replacement bikes on offerup.


PS And found two good bikes!


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6 Responses to Stolen Bikes

  1. C.J. says:

    Thanks so much for your good wishes, Rob and Trish. You know my situation, and as an avid reader I spent almost every day and evening reading books. Some non-fiction texts, some fiction, depending on my mood. I can work on the compoter because I can elevate the font to read and write, then lower it to send messages. But, not being able to read books is having an enormous impact on me and my life. Am hoping to have surgery soon!

  2. Dennis says:

    It is too bad that good people get ripped off. What is important is to consider some compassion for them. The karma they earned will visit them one day. Awake and aware and willing to share! 87

  3. C.J. says:

    Glad you found good eeplacements of your stolen bikes. The thieves will ultimately pay for their crime. We know that.This is an unhappy world right now, and I have chosen to not watch ANY news from ANY network. My vision is poor and I can’rt read books or newspapers, so I more or less ‘listen’ to my favorite programs on TV. The only reality ones I tune in is America’s Got Talent, Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right,etc. Uplifting stuff. No Dr.Phil. No judge Judy, etc. Mindless stuff, and I enjoy the various Law and Order series. Until my vision made it impossible for me to read books and newspapers and magazines, I watched very little TV. These I’ve named are ones I can close my eyes and picture in my mind with less trouble. Golden Girls. House Hunters. Etc. I am trying to diminish as much negativity from my life as
    possible. In this day and time, it is difficult.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      HOpe you get your vision taken care of, CJ! NOt being able to read must be terrible for you.

  4. DJan says:

    So sorry to hear of the theft of your bikes. Makes me wonder if people are just wandering around neighborhoods waiting to see what they can steal. And I too am feeling the “theft” of my serenity because of current news. I feel that my country has been stolen from me. 🙁