The Bat that Visited Jane

Our friend, Jane Clifford , a psychic healer who lives in Wales, has had several experiences with bats.

In her first experience, she’d been talking by phone with a fellow psychic who told her a bat would be visiting her and that it portended something important. While they were talking, a bat flew into her home. Several days later, her close friend – a soul sister – passed away.

Most recently, she had another bat experience. Her dog had noticed something in her closet and although Jane looked inside she didn’t see anything, and turned out the lights to go to sleep. But suddenly, something was tangled in her hair and she got it out and turned on the light. It was a bat.

In the UK, these creatures are protected, so she called the bat rescue number. Busy. She tried to give it water and some food, then moved the little critter to a box and set it outside, hoping it would fly away. It didn’t. It died.

Esoterically, bats are symbols of many things and their meaning depends on who you read. Ted Andrews, the guru of this stuff, says that according to the Native American tribes in the northwestern U.S., bats are symbols of diligence. In the Great Plains, they imparted wisdom on their people.  In the southwest and Mexico, they are representative of death and rebirth, because they go underground in the early morning, and then appear again each night in a noisy hoard.  So they are reborn every night, flooding out from their caves.

Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old, and bringing in the new.  They are symbols of transition, of initiation, and the start of a new beginning.

 So what’s the message here for Jane? What does its appearance portend? The death of a loved one? Some sort of profound personal transformation? I’ve never experienced a bat as a messenger, so I don’t know. But this little guy sure was cute. And the fact that he got entangled in her hair indicates that he tried hard to communicate something.


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5 Responses to The Bat that Visited Jane

  1. Jane Clifford says:

    Well i have to move out of a home I love because of mould making me ill and major work has to be done to the property, so big change ahead!
    I first thought of my mother who is elderly frail in a nursing home with dementia & so I called her and miraculously she was lucid and we had a meaningful conversation, so bat brought that as a gift to me. My mother had been too confused to connect on two previous calls.
    I also thought of the recent death of a friends 3 year old from cancer and it turned out the bat was a youngster.
    And I am really going through a shamanistic spiritual death/ rebirth here and it was fluttering at ny crown chakra.
    Multiple mutidimensional healings here

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Wow, Jane. So this little bat messenger was addressing a number of things. That’s sad about the three-year-old, but great news about your mom. And the move? Where to?

  2. Sheila Joshi says:

    For some reason, I thought of Jane’s phenomenal trip to the Sinai in 2011 —

    And noticed that Hathor is always represented with big hair. I went to the Wiki and found she was also known as the goddess “Bat.”

  3. Sheila Joshi says:

    Jane really lives in the Flow, so this definitely portends something. Can she think of how her *hair* might connect her with someone in particular, or might stand for something that has been on her mind lately? For example, someone who particularly liked her hair or a memory linked with wearing her hair a certain way.