Tracy’s Awesome Travel Synchro


When we travel, synchronicities seem to find us, perhaps because we’re out of our normal routines and open to the currents of the road. This was certainly the case for Tracy Wilhelm.

Several years ago, she experienced a cluster of synchronicities while traveling through California with a family for whom she provided child care. She had been contemplating a move back to her hometown of Hazelton, in northern British Colombia and had brought along 7 Secrets of Synchronicity to read on the trip.

From Tracy:

In my quiet moments I was reading the book and my question was Should I move back to Hazelton?’ Throughout our vacation we went to Lego Land, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World. When we were at Sea World we crossed paths with a woman who had a skier’s tan…you know what I mean? Super tanned face but around the eyes weren’t as tanned. We had been walking across her path and stopped to let her pass.

So no big deal….we go on with our day. Two days later we were traveling up the coast to head to L.A to catch our flight home. We stopped in a McDonald’s for lunch and there in the restaurant was this woman with the skier’s tan. This was in Huntington Beach. So we travel along and get to L.A and the next day was our flight back to Canada. As we were boarding our flight, I again noticed the same woman.

We had a layover in Vancouver and had to collect our luggage and take it through customs. This same woman was standing at my luggage claim and the mom of the family I am with recognized her from McDonald’s the day before and commented on that. Then I piped up that I had seen her two days before – at Sea World or Legoland, I forget which- and she said yes, she had been there. She asked where we were headed and we said Edmonton. I asked where she was she was headed and she said Prince Rupert, which is near the area where I grew up.

“Cool!” I remarked. “I’m from Hazelton””

“I’m originally from Hazelton!” she replied.

We thought it was cool and crazy and bizarre and then went along our way….right?!

I get home and am unpacking my suitcase and retelling the story to my kids and then I stopped in my tracks. “Ahhhhhh wait a second….I got my answer”. And then I just started to laugh.


And Tracy moved back to her home town for two years.

Shortly after 7 Secrets and the Synchronicity Journal were published, we invited readers to send us their synchro stories and we would pick the best stories and send copies of the books to the winners. Tracy was one of the winners! I’d forgotten all about that until we reconnected on Facebook.

She now lives in Edmonton and works as a library manager. She has also created a workshop series using vision boards and journaling exercises and is currently creating an oracle deck. And she still pays close attention to the synchros she experiences.



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  1. Carlos says:

    This really is an awesome travel synchro!