The Many Worlds Theory

If the Many Worlds Theory of quantum physics is correct, that all possibilities are possible, then there’s a world where Bernie Sanders won the Democratic candidacy and the election, Imagine it.

If Bernie stuck to his agenda, and he probably did because he’s a no bullshit kind of politician, then in his first six months in office, he managed to push through universal health care in the same way that Obama pushed through Obamacare, by bypassing a do-nothing repug congress. Medicare for all. A human right. And maybe he even got his free tuition thing passed and forgave all those kids who are facing a hundred grand or more of college/grad school debt. Radical, right? And maybe that upper one percent of uber wealthy individuals and corporations now face the biggest tax bill ever – called, this is what you owe!

 There are moments in my day when I actually envision this reality – and embrace it. Then I remember that the debates were stacked in Clinton’s favor, thanks in large part to Dennie Wasserman Schultz, and that at some point MSNBC got the call from higher ups that Clinton should be the candidate. That was sad and pathetic, really. I would love to see a female president – but give me an Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, an Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, not a tired Clinton with too much baggage. Yeah, Clinton had the experience, she’s smart, she’s savvy, she knows how politics works. But she lacked Bernie’s vision and his passion, that most of all.

I know others have said this, but it bears repeating. Bernie would have beat Trump, even with the Russian hacking, because he had the powerful youth vote, those twenty and thirty somethings who are drowning in college and grad school debt, and who, under this administration, won’t be able to afford basic health care if the repug health care bill passes.

Trump and his infantile administration is setting this country back by fifty years, maybe more. How is isolationism a plus? Why should we bond with Russia on cyber security? Putin is a despot like Hitler, Pinochet, Mussolini, Maduro, and, yes, like Trump.

Do we, collectively, as a country, a nation, need Trump for some esoteric reason that should be obvious – but isn’t? Isn’t the whole Russia connection so obvious now that we can proceed with impeachment? With unfit to serve? If he’s impeached or deposed, of course, then we have Pense, OMG and WTF, worse by far, but more subtle and we should all be watching The Handmaid‘s Tale to find out how that would be. The entire Trump administration should be thrown out. Give us a new election.

That’s the Many Worlds Theory I’m advocating for now.

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3 Responses to The Many Worlds Theory

  1. C.J. says:

    You could be right about the timing of Trump being ‘late’, if he represents karma. However, in this current lifetime of my own, I needed to know to learn why a particular destructive situation in my marriage was happening, and I had a very valid past life regression facilitated by our mutual friend…you know him. I learned that I had committed a heinous crime centuries ago in Japan. The act I committed in Japan was so terrible that I came crashing out of the hypnotic state absolutely sobbing in hysterics, recognizing that it was definitely true. Having had this experience brought me the understanding that there is no time limit for resolving karma; that it can occur whenever our Soul, on its highest level, determines is the right time. There MUST be some hidden reason(s) why so many million Americans put this man in the White House…..and whatever happens as a result….I hate to even think about the repercussions waiting to emerge during his reign of terror.

  2. C.J. says:

    OK. So, here’s my question of the century: WHO DO YOU WANT IN THE OVAL OFFICE? I’m genuinely curious and interested in how many different responses there might be to this extremely important question. My own hypothesis, whose core foundation of convictions includes a profound acceptance of the doctrine that Karma plays the most essential role in our lives….our individual lives as well as our ‘group’ life….which are separate entities… that Trump is the Commander-in-Chief because there is an underlying Truth, one that is overwhelmingly life-altering, that we as a country can only learn by having Trump at the helm. I have no clue what the lesson is….there is probably more than one lesson…..and until we manage to grasp whatever it is, he will be where he is. This country has a lot of negative history of abuse toward our fellow humans. We demonize Hitler. We demonize Castro. We demonize the leaders, past and present, who express on the satanic frequency. And rightly so. But, we took this land from Native Americans and treated them horrendously in the process. We went to Africa and brought shiploads of black Africans here and made them slaves. The list goes on and on.. There is great shame in our own ancestors’s behavior. Perhaps Trump is ‘payback’? Remember, what we send out to others comes back to us three-fold, sooner or later. Maybe this is our ‘later’? If it is, I think we better hunker down for a bumpy ride with a madman steering our boat……

    • Rob and Trish says:

      If Trump is karma, it’s a bit late in arriving. Trump embodies, I think the collective Jungian shadow of the this country. He has revealed the depth of hatred and racism. That, in itself, is a good thing, but nothing else about it is.