The Nightmare

I feel sorry for Donald Trump Jr. I think he’s getting thrown under the bus to take the fall for his brother-in-law, Jared, for his dad, The Donald, and for everyone else in the administration who has met with the Russians during the campaign and after. He’s collateral damage.

Donald Jr. isn’t part of the administration, but is connected to it by blood. You know he has issues with trump as his dad. He’s supposedly holding the family business interests together while his dad alienates every ally we have on the planet, his sister Ivanka sits in on high security meetings, and his brother-in-law Jared smirks all the way to the bank. Now he, too, has hired his own attorneys. It seems to me that the only people profiting from this administration are the trumps and attorneys. We, the people, certainly aren’t getting much out of this administration.

Congress is fixated on repealing Obamacare – which they’ve tried to repeal how many times now? Are we pushing 70 attempts yet? – but still don’t have a replacement for it that can pass the Senate. These republicans have a lot of legislation on their wish lists, but can’t seem to get to any of it because every day there’s a new scandal, new revelations, new twitter storms from the boss.

One thing the boss did do – make travel to Cuba more difficult again for Americans. Once more, the only way you can get there is through Mexico or by traveling with “an educational group,” that is approved and sanction by the U.S. government, of course. That means the trip will cost you plenty. After all, we can’t have Americans just sipping mojitos on Cuban beaches.

Yet, we Americans can fly to China, North Korea, even Russia without being questioned or placed under suspicion. So why can’t we travel as freely to Cuba? Did Florida senator Marco Rubio make some nefarious deal with trump about this? Seems to me that trump and Rubio are playing to a small bunch of viejecitos – old bitter refugees playing dominoes in Little Havana’s parks – who are living in the past and are part of trump’s alleged base.

Who constitutes this base of trump’s? Who can actually still support this schizoid two-year-old? In West Virginia, a state that went for trump by a huge percentage, there are no new coal jobs. If Medicaid is vastly diminished under the repug’s proposed health care bill, that will toss a whole bunch of West Virginians into the street, with no coverage at all. But West Virginia is just one state out of 50. Google the rest of the 49 states. The picture isn’t pretty.

Bottom line? In a country that considers itself morally superior to most others in the world, we have a repug majority that doesn’t give a crap about the poor, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, or even about kids who depend on school lunches as their only meal of the day. We have a president who pulls out of the G-20 in terms of the Paris accord about climate change, an administration that hopes to rob 24 million or more of their health care, that would love to cut Medicare and privatize Social Security, so that the very wealthy- that one or two percent that Bernie Sanders talks about – can get a tax cut.

For the repugs, you are valuable only as long as you are a fetus; once you’re born, you’re on your own, sorry. For the repugs, if you are poor, elderly, sick, disabled, hungry, or a kid who depends on your school breakfast or lunches, well, sorry, you’re outta luck. For the repugs, the Russian hacking of the 2016 election is “fake news.” For nearly three years now, since the presidential campaign started, the media has given trump so much coverage that I’m tired of seeing his orange hair, tired of listening to his stupidity, tired of his 140 character Twitter feed that instantly becomes news.

Please. May this nightmare end.


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6 Responses to The Nightmare

  1. C.J. says:

    I do agree with you 100%. It does puzzle me how many millions of Americans could be
    so fooled by such a person as Donald John Trump, sufficiently to put him in the highest position in the world. I’m just alarmed by the increasing violence we see each and every day resulting from his election, and I am doing everything within my personal power, considering that my spouse is a huge fan of DJT, to avoid responding to my husband’s glorification of a buffoon. I’m just so sensitive to energies, and right now, the negative energies here in our country are frightening in their “war”…..those who support DJT against those, including myself, who see the man behind the mask. I sense something awful evolving from such vitriolic emotions, and it frightens me. So, I fall back on the Teachings that come from the Bible, although I am not a Christian: TO EVERY THING THERE IS A SEASON, AND A PURPOSE TO EVERYTHING UNDER THE HEAVENS. Remembering that, I try to comprehend that there MUST be some reason this evil soul has ascended to unleashed power, especially when I see all the violence in the protests. It leaves me with a feeling of helplessness.

  2. C.J. says:

    There is an old and very wise adage which states, ‘WHAT WE SEND OUT COMES BACK TO US THREEFOLD’. We are currently existing in an energy that is being increasingly fueled by hate against this president, his administration, and his party. Hate is a malignant monster that spreads like cancer, and like cancer, it metastasizes until it devours everything in its path. The protests, (not terrorists), all over our country, fueled by the most vicious hate I’ve ever witnessed, is killing us. Brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, hate is resulting already in the deaths of many and in the critical injuries of many. It is only accomplishing more hate. It isn’t solving the problem; instead, it is feeding it. I fear that if we don’t find another manner with which to create the CHANGE we desire and need, our country is going to experience unimaginably terrible repercussions. If it continues in the current direction, the War Between The States, The “Civil” War, is going to look like a child’s game in comparison. Please, everyone, we are Spiritual Beings. Surely our Souls are imprinted with an alternative that doesn’t involve hate. A rose by any other name is still a rose, and hate by any other name is still hate. I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, during the Martin Luther King, Jr era; in a city immersed in literally deadly rampant racism, and although I was a teenager, I recognized that I was living in a city that was inundated by toxic venom that ultimately resulted in the assassination of one of the highest Souls, (Dr. King), who has been on our planet. Can’t we find another way???

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I don’t hat hate man, CJ. I just think he’s an utter fool and totally clueless about how government and diplomacy work.

  3. DJan says:

    I am so with you. It’s hard not to look away from this train wreck, although I must for my own sanity. It’s absolutely scary. Nightmare is right. 🙁