On the morning of June 8, we left Arenal Lodge and set out in our rented 4×4 for Monteverde, Costa Rica’s cloud forest, one of the country’s protected regions. More than a third of Costa Rica is protected by either the government or private ownership, usually families who have owned property for several generations and maintain its pristine conditions.

We had our trusty GPS set for Arcoiris Hotel in Santa Elena, a small town in the region. We knew the distance was less than 70 miles and that the trip would take about four hours because most of the road was unpaved. Well, unpaved isn’t really the adjective I would use. Horrid fits the bill. Pitted with craters, the roads twists and turns upward from about 1,500 feet to around 5,000, the altitude of Denver, Colorado. But it takes you through such exquisite and dramatic landscapes that after the first, oh, 15 miles, you forget about how your kidneys are about to drop through your feet.

We stayed at a place called Arcoiris – rainbow – another spot I’d selected from the Internet . I wasn’t sure if it was a pit or what, but once again, we were shocked and delighted. It’s right in Santa Elena, a town favored by backpackers from all over the world who come here for the adrenaline – ziplining, Tarzan swings, the Superman fly. Our cabin was set off in a corner of the property and every afternoon, like clockwork, the fog rolled in, creating an eerie strangeness to the place.

One morning, Megan and I were in the lobby, making a reservation for ziplining, and I noticed a poster on the bulletin board for yoga classes. I just scanned it, didn’t think anymore about it, and we made our reservation for the ziplining tour. Rob and I walked over to the Mercado a while later to buy some stuff for our drive back to San Jose the next day. While waiting in line, we noticed a woman wearing a namaste t-shirt and Rob said, “My wife has that same t-shirt.”

Turns out the woman and her husband were American expats who own a yoga studio a few miles outside of town. When she asked Rob what sort of yoga he taught, I mentioned that we were writers and he had created his own system of yoga, a vinyasa flow connected to the zodiac.

“Oh, I was  a writer.,” she gushed. “Past life.”

I thought she meant she had been a writer in a past life and asked if she was familiar with Carol Bowman’s work. She wasn’t. Later, Rob pointed out that she was referring to her life before Costa Rica, when she and her husband were journalists. Well, hey. I equate yoga with an awareness of past lives, and laughed afterward at my tunnel vision. At any rate, she invited us to  drop by the yoga studio that afternoon and work out.  So, after we ziplined (another post!), we did.  The studio was spacious with a gorgeous view and while Rob did his yoga, Megan and I went shopping.

This area boasts a number of artists and we found some fantastic shops that featured local art, jewelry, sculpture, even tailored yoga clothing. In a place called Luna Azul, we  did some serious shopping, took our purchases up to the counter, and the young woman who spoke perfect English began adding it all up.  All these businesses have computer software that do the math, but also have backup hand calculators.

“Uh-oh,” the young woman said. “I made a mistake,” and she turned her calculator toward us so we could see what she was taking about. “I punched in too many ones.”

Megan and I just stared at the five ones. $111.11. Then we burst out laughing.

“Wow,” I breathed.

“Awesome,” Megan remarked.

“I’m so sorry,” the woman said.

“Don’t be,” I told her. ” This is a powerful number.”

She glanced up, frowning. “Really?”

“Absolutely.” I handed her a credit card.

“The actual price is $111.00. I’ll give you the difference in colones.”

“May I get a receipt?” I was thinking I could scan it and post it here.

“That’s the problem.,” she replied. “Since I messed up on the ones, I’ll have to put  the card through again.”

“Just leave it,” I told her. “ I’d like to take a photo of it.” So I brought out my BlackBerry and snapped a pic.

Then Megan and I left the shop, giggling about all those ones.

And that’s how Costa Rica was for us from Sunday to Sunday, a stream of  small, silly synchros that were, nonetheless, powerful indicators that we were in some kind of beautiful synchro groove. I mean, really, $111.11?




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  1. mathaddict3322 says:

    Absolutely no terrorists in CR! And remember, your 111.11 was 32/5, which is the CHRIST frequency, and certainly CR is an Eden on this planet….to use the biblical vernacular! In my work I[ve discovered that the terrorists’ 5 is generally a combination of frequencies that culminates in 23/5, the lower, more negative end of the pole, depending of course on its application.

  2. mathaddict3322 says:

    P.S. Meant to add that the 111.11 on your receipt is 3+2 = 5. That 32/5 or 23/5 is another archetype which even appears with extreme significance in the Old Testament Book Of Numbers! Very important numerical combination as well as the sum of 5 itself…..the number of C H R I S T is 32/5. Of critical importance, the number 5 is the ONLY number that does not appear as the sum of any of the Number of The Names of the Tribes of Israel. All the numbers of the tribes, when added together, reduce to the number factor 100/1. (Whole and Complete) But among the separate numbers of the names of the tribes, none becomes a 5. 5 appears in The New Testament as the Christ Frequency. 9-11-2001 is also 5. It is the opposing pole of 5, being 23 rather than 32. For anyone who may be interested, research demonstrates that “5” is the guiding frequency for the Islamic/Muslim terrorists and they plan their events using that frequency.

  3. mathaddict3322 says:

    Hey Guys! Am back only sporadically for a few days, as the eyes are still coming and coming in terms of clarity and of course the constant application of four different types of prescription drops 4X daily doesn’t help with clarity! Can use old reading glases for very brief periods then eyes hurt so must remove. Will get new glasses ASAP then everything will be crystal clear! I’ve missed a lot on the blog. Especially the Egyptian post, which is Home for me, as you know! That was a fantastic post and comments. Lots of news lately about the Pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx that is just spectacular. BTW, am sure everyone is missing Gyps. She’s having massive computer issues and the gypsy caravan is on the road again! “SEE” ya later! 🙂

    • R and T says:

      Jane’s egypt trip was filled with synchros. We’ve been getting updates from the caravan.

  4. mathaddict3322 says:

    Loved the post, guys. Am a party-pooper about the 111. Because….although 11, 11-11, etc, have become specific numerical archetypes. it is the sum of 3 that the 111 becomes when added that is significant. Whether the 3 is the sum of 2+1 or 1+2 or 1+1+1, is not particularly numerically important. Any combination of number factors becomes synchronistic when they appear as they did in the MacGregor experiences. But regarding the 111, it is the sum of the 3 that is significant, as 3 is one of the major keys, (as in music, the key of C), cornerstone frequencies of the universe and appears in countless positions of extreme importance, particularly in sacred geometry. (triad, trinity, triangle, etc) Be that as it may, the 111 is compelling and the CR experience with the numbers is compelling!! And fun! And meaningful in its synchronicity…..indicating “pay attention”!!

  5. Darren B says:

    My locker number at work is 111 (I’ll have to take a photo of it and show you).
    And Sharlie is right 64+47= 111.
    Something I’ll ponder now every-time I open my locker.
    Great story,Trish.

  6. Victoria DeLaurentis says:

    this is so cool!

  7. Love reading travel posts like this, especially when there are such synchros. 111.11 and June 11:11 – great!

    • R and T says:

      This is the 111 year. Take a look:

      1/1/11, 11/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/11/11

      • R and T says:

        Here’s another 111 conundrum related to 2011. Take the last two digits of the year of your birth and the age you will have or have this year, add them, and the sum for everyone is 111.

        Ex: 63 + 48 = 111

        Thanks Sharlie for forwarding the above.

  8. I LOVED this story, the 111.11 and everything else!

  9. Natalie says:

    awesome numbers!

  10. Nancy says:

    So now Monteverde and Santa Elena is on my list! The Universe is speaking with all of those ones. This could be exciting!

    • R and T says:

      I just realized the date on that receipt is June 11, 11!

      • D Page says:

        Cool synchros. I’m glad you had fun…. You were very much “in flow” during this trip. I love that feeling, when it happens. Like you said, very good numbers.

        • R and T says:

          I think Costa Rica is one of those rare countries that is IN the flow, most of the time. It’s infectious. During our ziplining excursion, Rob was talking to an American woman who has lived there 35 years. She said that within 5 years, CR will not be leaving any carbon footprint on the planet. No nuke plants. It’s all hydro, solar, wind, and steam. I think it’s the partially the environment that creates such a sense of peace.