Our Trump Prediction – Flopped!

We’ve posted a number of things about trump on this blog and several of them concerned when he would be GONE. Rob predicted June 23. A tarot reading in May seemed to back up that it would be SOON. We were wrong. But I’m hopeful about the prediction from astrologer  Alex Miller.

It’s now July 4, and trump is  still in power, doing his usual twitter storms about CNN as fake news, that an MSNBC host was bleeding from a facelift, that everyone is against him, etc etc. And that’s the whole thing with trump. A huge etc. to be continued in tomorrow’s tweet and the tweet the day after and after and on into who knows when the congress wakes up and even the radical right republicans realize this man is flat-out nuts.

Trump isn’t a president. He’s a joke. A travesty. He’s the ultimate trickster archetype that could turn this country into a dictatorship if he manages to usurp the other branches of government that are supposed to provide checks and balances. But one thing trump does well is to change the narrative by doing or saying something outrageous. I don’t think this happens because he’s particularly intelligent. I think it happens because he has an instinct for media hype.

During the campaign, he didn’t have to spend a dime to get coverage; television obliged him because they didn’t think he could win and hey, he was good for ratings. The Trumpster, doing his silly thing night after night, igniting the pissed off masses. Ha. So silly. But the ratings went up.

And then, gasp, he won, probably because of Russian hacking, but who knows if we’ll ever get the full, true story on any of that. The democrats are not blameless in all this. Once upon a time, they really did represent the people, the conscience of a country. They passed terrific social legislation that actually helped people. But somewhere along the way, they became beholden to their donors, their base, and lost sight of the fact that the 21st century demands a new paradigm.

 For years, I was a registered independent. When Obama ran in 2008, I changed to the Democratic party so I could vote in the primary. Rob and I waited hours to hear him and Biden speak that year. I had watched his speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 and knew he was it, the candidate for 2008. Obama wasn’t perfect. But he was presidential, smart, savvy, and an incredible orator whose words moved me. He governed well for eight years. Our country prospered. Sure, he made mistakes – his health care stuff, for instance,  set the bar too low. He should have gone for Medicare for all. But he was up against an intractable republican congress.

By contrast, when I hear trump speak, I nearly puke.  I can’t stand looking at this orange man with his bulk, his crassness, his corrupt cabinet. This guy belongs in prison. And yet, if he goes and we get Pense, then we may be headed for The Handmaid’s Tale,  based on Margaret Atwood’s brilliant Dystopian novel where a handful of white men in back rooms (SOUND FAMILIAR?) decide the fate of an entire society.

And so, on this 4th of July, symbolic of our country’s independence, I’m left with a weighted heaviness in my heart, that we’re pretty much screwed as a country unless something changes and fast. Where are Will Smith and Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum from Independence Day? This invasion of trump and his idiots are as alien as it gets to the concept of democracy and freedom.

Trump’s presidency tests our constitution. Will we survive as a democracy?

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10 Responses to Our Trump Prediction – Flopped!

  1. Laurence Zankowski says:


    Jason also got weighlayed by the election, but for human reasons not astrological.
    He has said it is these summer months when the fires burn hot. Here is his link


    The republicans have had 2 generations to bring home this ruin. Complacency has been their modus operendi . We have to go thru this to awaken the sleeping dragon.


  2. C.J. says:

    I goofed. It was the Washington Post, not the New York Post. I think you can pull it up by googling their article of 7-2 on “Trump Impeachment”. It won’t be easy. He’ll go out kicking and screaming, and boy, are we in for a massive political mess, worse than this country has ever seen or even imagined.

  3. C.J. says:

    TPTH….The Powers That Be…..usually referring to the Shadow or Secret Government, but in this case, referencing Congress and House, etc. I tried to email you guys a copy but it didn’t go thru. Will try again.

  4. C.J. says:

    There was a lengthy article in yesterday’s New York Post that TPTB have set an Impeachment Act in motion. In that Act, no president can fail or refuse to follow its demands. including a thorough medical and mental evaluation by an independent group of professionals. There are NO loopholes he can use to avoid the evaluations. This is by its very nature going to include brain scans, and what they find there is going to be quite a surprise to everyone. I’ll be watching this unfold with bated breath.

    On this subject of DJT, he meets all the criteria that were put forth ages ago by several respected clairvoyants regarding the arrival of a president who is the Anti-Christ. This Anti-Christ is predicted to be replaced by a Christed individual. Altho I’m not a Christian, I absolutely have a conviction that there is an Anti-Christ FREQUENCY and a Christ FREQUENCY. This planet has seen both. Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, among others, on the Anti-Christ frequency. Jesus, Mother Therese, among others, on the Christ frequency. It’s going to be quite a ride for all of us.

  5. Sheila Joshi says:

    That’s funny, I was thinking of writing you yesterday, Trish, about DT as dark Trickster. I was listening to a Rune Soup podcast with George Hansen and re-read your blog post about the range of the Trickster archetype. Last August 2016, I found a torn Joker playing card in my suburban driveway. No idea how it got there. Didn’t know what it referred to. When DT got elected, I thought it might have been about that.

    If we take as given that there is a *range* of Trickster — from quite friendly to quite dark, and use Hansen’s darker characteristics — Loss of status, Disruption, Boundary crossing, Deception, Violation of sexual mores, Supernatural manifestations — DT has them all, except we don’t know about the last one, do we? And this reminds me to look at this gruesome period we’re going through as serving a cosmic purpose that…..ends better than it started, right???

  6. DJan says:

    I agree with you in full, with hope that I’ll live long enough to see him gone and a Democrat in office. I too am afraid for my country. 🙂