Oddball Synchros

It seems that nearly every day, we experience oddball synchros. They aren’t game changers, aren’t particularly powerful or memorable except that they seem to say, Okay, you’re in the flow, keep moving.

 For instance, tonight Rob and I and the dogs went to dinner at an Italian place we like because we can sit outside on the wide deck with Noah and Nika. Shortly after we’d sat down for a dinner for two, Rob dropped his phone and a Groupon popped up for a local restaurant that read: Dinner for two. I wanted to snap a photo of it, but Rob already had gone into the Groupon already, so I lost my proof!

Earlier today, Rob gave me a list of people whose stories we used in our spirit contact book that comes out this summer. The publisher wants permission slips from everyone whose stories we use, something we haven’t encountered until this year. I started emailing the individuals and the only person who answered was Dennie Gooding, a clairvoyant who lives in California, whom we haven’t spoken to in years.

In 2009, she was hired by a Palm Beach County cop to investigate a cold case that Rob and I had been involved with back in the mid 1980s. We wrote about the synchros concerning the Christie Luna case. Now, thanks to Dennie, there’s more info about that case that we’ll be posting soon.

Then the third oddball synchro. It involves cats. Since 2007, we’ve had an orange tabby cat, Simba. (picture at top of post). Our neighbors owned Copper, an orange tabby cat.

They were the same age. Same color. The difference between them was subtle: Simba has green eyes, Copper’s were amber. They often hung out together, getting high on the catnip I put out for them.  I can’t say that Copper and Simba were best buds, but they sure enjoyed getting high together.

In late December 2016, Copper was hit by a car in our neighborhood and we buried him between our two houses and had a beautiful dusk ceremony for him. This evening, when I whistled for Simba to come in, I found him rolling around on Copper’s grave. Something he has done before. Why there? The front yard offers other ample opportunities for rolling around in grass. Is he drawn to Copper’s spirit? My sense – anthropomorphism and all – is that he misses Copper, misses those evenings on the front sidewalk, the two of them rolling around in mounds of catnip, purring with contentment, sharing a moment of feline camaraderie.

Sometimes, these oddball synchros lead to larger synchros. And sometimes they don’t and are simply woven into daily life, their message simple, pure: Hello, I’m here. Your ally, friend, cheerleader. Now let’s get on with the work. It’s almost as if synchronicity is just checking in, confirming its existence.


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4 Responses to Oddball Synchros

  1. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    A funny thing happened last night.
    First I need to backtrack. My husband’s name is Vince but more often than not when people first meet him they call him “Steve”. This even happens over the phone. It’s gone on his entire adult life. We were once at a party and he was introduced as “Vince” by friends and the man said “It’s great to meet you Steve”, what amazed us was that no one else seemed to notice the mistake. It’s NEVER another name, just Steve.

    So, last night we were watching the end of Wheel Of Fortune, the winner was a woman named Vicki. As usual Pat Sajak asked her if she wanted to say hello to anyone in the audience and she replied “yes, my husband Steve”!

    My husband and I looked at each other and laughed! What were the odds! I said “I wonder if people call him Vince!”

  2. Darren says:

    I have a quote from the movie ‘The Crow’ on my sidebar at my blog –
    “Little things, used to mean so much to Shelly.
    I used to think they were kind of trivial…
    believe me, nothing is trivial.”
    Eric Draven
    (The Crow)
    And that quote is there to remind me that even the little synchronicities lead to and weave with the “bigger” synchronicites to make the tapestry we call life.
    It’s a cliché, I know..but everything is truly connected not just in a mundane way, but in a WTF kind of way.
    It’s just most of us miss all, or most of those WTF moments in our lives.
    But that’s the way it has to be for most of us, because we have to focus on the thread of our lives and not the overall rug that all of the synchronicities weave together in the world.
    For instance, over at the ‘Secret Sun’ blog Chris Knowles is doing great work on a series of posts about Tim Buckley’s ‘The Song of the Siren’ –
    It is truly a mindbogglingly series of posts about the tragic relationships, deaths and synchonicities surrounding that song.
    I would start at the first post though and work your way to that latest post, just to see how bizarre the events around that song are.
    Maybe you guys should get together with Chris and write a book about it? 😉
    I suggested something to Chris at the latest post of his and he said to me, “Yeah, you have to keep focus on a single thread or you can really get out there. ”
    Which is true, but I tend to focus on the synch rug the threads are weaving together, but most people can only focus on a thread and not a pattern in a part of the rug, but at least that’s a start for most people I guess.
    Maybe the smaller syncs are for individuals within the rug that is synchronicty to take a look at the individual thread that their lives are weaving into the overall rug that would look rather grand if we could see the overall result that those threads were weaving together.
    But then again maybe I’m just an oddball when it comes to synch?-)

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Great quote! ‘ll check out Chris’s series of posts. Oddballs everywhere, we are!