Talking with Tarot about Trump

It’s time to check in with the tarot again about trump. My question: will trump be ousted soon?

The card positions, from the left across the top:

1- the question, ace of cups

2- what’s developing, 5 pentacles

3- what’s hidden, king of wands and the magician

4- what more will be uncovered, the tower

5- the outcome, knight of pentacles and the emperor

Now THIS is very interesting. At first, I was puzzled about why I drew the ace of cups as a question card. My question, after all, wasn’t about love or romance. Then it struck me that I would LOVE to see this man gone.

For what’s developing, I drew the 5 of pentacles, a card about poverty, lack of resources, a sense that financial problems are closing in on you. That sure fits as this Russia investigation widens and deepens. The investigative committees in congress are looking into all the financial dealings.

For what’s hidden, I drew the king of wands, typically a card that denotes a fire sign man – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Both trump and pence are Geminis, air signs. For more information, I drew a second card for this – the magician. I showed the spread to Rob and he suddenly remarked that perhaps the kind of wands is Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor. Sure enough, I looked up his birth date. August 1, 1944. A Leo! I also looked up James Comey’s birth date – December 14, 1960. A Sagittarius! So these two fire sign men may provide  the magic that turns things around.

For the 4th position, what more will be uncovered, I drew the tower. More disasters, more sudden, shocking revelations.  OR, and I shudder to even suggest this, a terror event is created. That would immediately change the political narrative.

The 5th position, the outcome. I drew the knight of pentacles (movement) but it didn’t provide enough info, so I drew a second card, the emperor. Two interps, depending on which scenario the tower represents. In the first, preferred outcome, the emperor is seen as having no clothes on and is driven out. In the second possibility, in the wake of a terrorist attack, trump declares himself an emperor (dictator, autocrat) and rides into a second term.

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9 Responses to Talking with Tarot about Trump

  1. DJan says:

    I too stayed up late last night listening to the fallout from the Kuchner story. I am hopeful that we will see everything that has happened in the light, and that our country will be saved from the evil that has taken over for now. I am scared, though, and have been for months now.

  2. c.j. says:

    I want to do a spread on DJT but for some reason am holding back. Could be because my own energy level is quite low at this time and rituals, which include Tarot readings, require strong energy. I will do the spread on him when I have more strength. In any event, intuitively, I’ve sensed from the beginning that the current circumstances will be short-lived. However, we don’t want him to become a “martyr”……….

  3. c.j. says:

    P.S. Obviously, in my spreads, The HIEROPHANT was Al Quaida and its leader.

  4. c.j. says:

    In my Rider Waite Tarot, The Tower appeared several time BEFORE 9-11. The reason I was reading my cards: our middle son was preparing for a huge outdoor wedding to take place on Saturday, 9-8-2001, 72 hours prior to the Towers tumbling down. I did several spreads, asking several questions, but kept getting The Tower as The Outcome. I intuitively KNEW it didn’t have anything to do with the wedding or our son’s relationship. It was an exciting, joyful time for our family. However, after the fact, it was crystal clear, including the reasons for the other cards in the spreads. Our son and his bride were on their honeymoon in the mountains on 9-11. Of course they cut it short and came home……her son was a Marine who had walked her down the park sidewalk to her waiting husband, and his Marine troop had been called to NY. Also, two of the bridesmaids WORKED in the Towers. Both of them were too exhausted from the trip and wedding festivities, (they had flown back to NY on Monday, the 10th), that they both decided to not go to work. If they had gone, we would have lost them. Just as an aside, whenever I do a spread, I write the question on a small piece of paper and place it under the Significator just before I lay out the cards. The Significator is the card that represents the person relative to the spread. No matter how many times I shuffled the cards on several days, the Significator always came up THE HEIROPHANT in the Major Arcana….a tyrant…and the Final Outcome card was The Tower. I knew that wasn’t our son, who is an Aquarian and far from being a “tyrant”. Nevertheless, the cards left me uneasy. I couldn’t make sense of the readings until 9-11. Then, I knew.

  5. Sheila Joshi says:

    I was literally smiling and laughing last night as one breaking story after another tumbled out — our new tradition of Friday night surprises — revealing Kushner in all his malfeasance!

    Your first card might be referring to the conquest of the disgusting inhumanity in the White House by the forces of love emanating from the citizenry of the world. “Love trumps hate!”

    The Tower might represent the White House. Biddy Tarot — “The Tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises….It represents a sudden, momentary glimpse of truth, a flash of inspiration that breaks down structures of ignorance and false reasoning .” That sure applies! Everyone in the White House right now falls out of it, taking their lies and fake news with them!

    Biddy says the Knight of Pentacles is about mundane toil, responsibility, careful thought, building foundation to support dreams. Not a bad outcome. We have all had to work hard during this crisis in our democracy, but our work is paying off. Especially the Press, who have risen to the occasion and deserve a collective medal.

  6. lauren raine says:

    I sure hope you’re wrong about the 2nd outcome for the Emporor……….