New Moon Alert


I love new moons. They make me feel like that image above. It happens when the moon and the sun are in the same sign and degree. They are times of opportunity, when new chapters begin in our lives and new energy is ushered in. The new moon today (May 25) occurs at 3:44 PM EDT and falls in Gemini, at 4 degrees. Jupiter in Libra forms a wide trine to this new moon, a beneficial aspect that denotes ease.

So if you‘re a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarian, this is the ideal day to pitch ideas, schedule interviews, submit manuscripts, make travel plans, or start a project of any kind, particularly one that involves any form of communication. But regardless of your sun sign, we all have Gemini somewhere in our natal charts.

If you don’t have a copy of your natal chart, go here  to obtain a copy. If you don’t know the time you were born, enter noon. If you know your rising sign, then read the forecast for both your rising and your sun sign below.

For the next two weeks, until the full moon in Sagittarius on June 8, you’ll have this new moon energy at your disposal. You may find that synchronicities proliferate, that possibilities abound. Here’s the broad picture of this new moon for each sign, taken from my book, The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever, 2017-2019:

Aries : New communication possibilities and increased contact with siblings, neighbors . If you’ve been on the outs with any of these individuals, now is the time to heal the rift.

Taurus: This new moon falls your financial area, where Mars also is right now. The combination indicates new opportunities concerning money and your earning power, perhaps with social media, networking, and communication.

Gemini: With the new moon in your sign, you’re filled with optimism, enthusiasm, and are pleased with the direction in which your life is headed. This new moon happens just once a year in your sign. Back your desires with strong emotion, vivid mental images, and act as if things on your desire list are already a part of your life. Then let the universe get busy creating what you want.

Cancer: This new moon may bring you an opportunity to work behind the scenes in some capacity on a project that involves some form of communication and/or travel or both. There may be an element of surprise about this opportunity – a positive surprise!

Leo: Opportunities surface with friends – perhaps a new friend – and for a chance to set a dream into motion. Dream big, Leo! Now is the time when manifestations happen.

Virgo: This new moon brings a new opportunity in your career – or several – or in the way you communicate and network. You might get promoted, land a raise, or be offered a new job with better pay and benefits. Mars is in your career area, too, so there’s a lot of forward momentum and energy being poured into professional matters now.

Libra: Oh, lucky you! With expansive Jupiter in your sign and Mars also in the same sign as this new moon, new opportunities surface in communication, higher education, foreign travel, and in the exploration of your spirituality.

Scorpio: New opportunities surface in joint finances. You get break on your mortgage, insurance, or a loan. Your partner or someone else with whom you share financial resources could get a raise. An unexpected royalty check or reimbursement may arrive. New friends and connections are possible.

Sagittarius: A new business partner, Sadge, is a distinct possibility. Or, you and a romantic partner take your relationship to the next level. If you’re married or already in a committed relationship, this new moon brings renewed commitment.

Capricorn: Your daily work routine is the focus and this new moon could usher in new opportunities in that area. You may hire new employees, be tapped to head up a research or brainstorming team, or land a terrific freelance project. New opportunities crop up in networking.

Aquarius: New opportunities surface in romance, creativity, with your kids, or in what you do for pleasure and fun. Ever had a hankering to write a novel or book? Get started. You may be socializing more today and for the next two weeks.

Pisces: Expect these new opportunities in your domestic life. You and your family may find the ideal home or neighborhood or, if your place is on the market, you could get an offer. Or, a new opportunity surfaces that involves your entire family.

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4 Responses to New Moon Alert

  1. c.j. says:

    This is just TOO remarkable! Yesterday when Trish and Rob remarked “Thought you’d like this one, C.J.”, that is because I have such amazing connections to birds! My comments yesterday didn’t go thru, so here is a repeat, and maybe this time it will get through, altho lengthy:
    Oh my gosh, YES! The solitary Robin that always flew into the yard (in GA) to announce the imminent OBE arrival of my Teacher. Mesmere lived in a different state but was an adept at OBEs, and occasionally would visit me in the daytime. His Robin was a chubby little thing that never came with a flock, and came in all seasons, even in the coldest of winters. Even if it had come with a flock, I would have recognized it because it was so chubby! That’s the name I gave it….Chubby. Mesmere was my Teacher’s professional name, and he was my teacher and mentor for almost two decades. He was a direct descendant of Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, who discovered hypnosis, which he initially called ‘animal magnetism’. In the final years of his
    life, Dr. Mesmer had been exiled and lived on a small island near the German/Austrian border. He had a pet canary that was never caged. On the day Dr. Mesmer died, his canary also died within the hour. Heartbroken, no doubt. Another synchro with the “bird messenger’ post is that on the Sunday of my Dad’s transition, a tiny Bluebird sat on the outside windowsill of his hospital room at Emory, singing and singing. One month later, my Mom wrote a tragically beautiful, heart-wrenching “letter” to the little Bluebird, (I have the original), in which she wrote to it that its presence saved her sanity. She wrote that as it sang its songs all that day, she talked to it, telling it all kinds of thoughts, and she was so grateful that it spent that day sharing her bedside vigil. When Dad departed at 9:50pm, the little Bluebird departed as well. My Mom wrote, “you came to get him, didn’t you? You took him with you when he left. Maybe one day I’ll see you again, My Fine Feathered Friend”. If that wasn’t enough of a synchro with yesterdy’s post, May 24th, my Dad transitioned on May 24th. Yesterday was the anniversary of his Perfect Healing….his release from that tortured physical body. Again, the date of his death was yesterday’s date, May 24th. A striking synchro.
    Now for today’s synchro, and I’ll make it brief. I dream songs, and the songs are ‘messages’. I have a system for deciphering the messages, and will only say that the songs are NEVER current. They are always, always songs from very long ago, some of which I never heard. I research them and will ultimately decode their message. I come to the computer first thing, to do that, then I go to the Synchro blog. This morning I had to chuckle because the song that was in last night’s dream was “IT’S A GOOD DAY” sung decades ago by Perry Como. When I read the Astro material for the New Moon for my sign, (I’m Capricorn with Cancer Rising and Cancer Moon), it was pretty
    astonishing because the ‘dream song’ aligned perfectly with my prediction ! Yet another synchro, two days in a row!! Can’t wait for the “Good” to knock on my door! Thanks, MacGregors!!

  2. DJan says:

    Thanks for this, Trish. I will pay attention to synchros happening during the next weeks. I am Sag with Gemini Rising, Virgo moon. Sounds good to me! 🙂

  3. Shadow says:

    I like aaaaaall that is happening this new moon *grin*