At the Moment of Death

We recently posted a story called Time Traveling in the Florida Keys about an experience that Priscilla D’Agostina had. This story is also from Priscilla, and is one of the most unusual near death incidents we’ve heard.

Priscilla’s mom was in a nursing home in Sunrise, Florida, in a coma and dying. “She had been ill for awhile so this was almost a blessing. Prior to her passing, I came into her room and she was sleeping so I went over to the other side near the windows to sit in a chair. I saw a weird glowing ball in the corner near the ceiling that I thought was light reflection. No matter where I moved, I could see the roundness of it. I realized the window faced east and the sun was setting at the time which would be in the west.

“Then the hospice nurse came in to the room and distracted me and when I looked back it was gone. I laughingly told her what I thought I saw. She was an elderly lady that had done hospice for a long time and she laughed and said ‘Oh Honey, we see them all the time. They are the couriers that come to get the souls.’ Then she proceeded to tell my sister and I many great stories of encounters with these couriers.

“When I realized that my mother’s last breath had come…it was hard because she was having long bouts of apnea, so she would stop breathing for long periods of time… I went to her head and held it in my arms and she coughed.  At the same time something hit me in the chest hard and suddenly I had this glob of ‘something’ all attached to me. It was like a million little shimmering lights and definitely had substance. It urged me to go outside. I told my sister that I needed to go outside immediately. She looked at me and said she saw this glow around my head and shoulders.

“We went outside and I told her what had happened and she said she could see it. It was amazing, so peaceful. I could hear my mother laughing at what she had found on the other side. She was surprised and tickled by whatever it was. As we sat there. the ‘something’ on my chest started to rise up from me, slowly going up into the air. It took all fear of dying out of my life because now I know we go somewhere. I don’t know where, but I’m sure there is more and there is humor, so that’s good.”

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3 Responses to At the Moment of Death

  1. Shadow says:

    I haven’t seen white orbs, but I have seen a dark shadow pass over a person… I’d prefer to see a white orb…

  2. Wesley Meeks says:

    That is an amazing account. I have heard of orbs being seen around people who have just died, but never about an orb interacting with persons not dying. And the hospice worker’s explanation of the orb is one I have never heard before.