Trump: the Ultimate Dystopian Novel

Forget The Hunger Games, 1984, and It Can’t Happen Here. Trump is the ultimate Dystopian novel.

In this Dystopian world,  if you’re a fetus, they love you and protect you until you’re born. Then, hey, you’re on your own. If you, like Jimmy Kimmel’s son, are born with heart disease and your parents don’t have the money to pay for multiple heart surgeries, then sorry, too bad. You die.

And as of May 4, when the repubs passed their alternative to the Affordable Care Act  by a narrow margin, you are screwed if you have a pre-existing condition, are on Medicaid, are old or on disability. The people who benefit from this bill are the rich, who are getting  billions in tax cuts while Medicaid is being gutted. The old, the sick, and the poor are the ones targeted in this bill. This is, as one health policy expert said, one of the largest redistributions of wealth ever.

If that fetus the republicans love and protect until it’s born grows up poor, oh well, too bad. No Medicaid or food stamps for you. If you manage to work your way through life so that you finally get to college, well, too bad. You’re going to incur a staggering debt that in many instances amounts to the cost of a home.

If you’re born black or Latino or into some other minority, the deck in the land of the free is already stacked against you. The repubs only see white male faces.

If you are gay or transgender, the republicans want you to disappear, vanish, to have zero rights ever.

If you’re a woman, they want to control your body by stacking their administration with anti-abortion white men who despise Roe v Wade. They want to deny you contraception and just to prove how serious they are about this, the current administration has nominated a woman to lead family services who believes that contraception doesn’t work and that abortion leads to breast cancer. Meet Teresa Manning, a former lobbyist for the National Right to Life Committee who is expected to be appointed to oversee the nation’s family planning program at HHS.

They would love to overturn public education and privatize Medicare and Social Security. They want corporations to rule the world, as though government is a business. Sounds a bit like Blade Runner, doesn’t it?

The head of this disaster, trumpie himself, thinks putin is a strong leader and that the little madman running North Korea is a guy he might like to sit down with for a friendly chat. Some in the media see trumpie’s bombing of a Syrian airstrip as a sign that he’s presidential. Really?

And oh, about that wall. Sorry, folks. Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. You taxpayers are – not you rich folks, not the corporations, but you poor and middle class folks. And yeah, he’s been trying to bar immigrants since his first 10 days in office and has been blocked by the federal courts.

The truth is ugly. The dude in charge of the U.S. has come through his first 100 days, is working on the second 100 days, and has already proven himself to be a clueless narcissist and egomaniac, who is constantly crying out, Notice me, see how great I am, just watch how I will make America great again. Uh-huh. By wrecking the country, destroying democracy, enriching his family, and installing extremists.

Welcome to Trump World, the ultimate Dystopian novel.

But in the sequel, my hope is that the people fight back and reclaim their country.

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13 Responses to Trump: the Ultimate Dystopian Novel

  1. DJan says:

    Yes, you nailed it. I have been watching “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu (which I had to sign up for) and feel it was incredibly prescient of Margaret Atwood to write the novel more than thirty years ago. The country I love is being torn to shreds by the Repugs and that man. Three months in and the damage he’s done. 🙁

  2. lauren raine says:

    Thanks so much for posting. I made a bit of rant, but for some reason it didn’t pick up. Oh well………thanks for your rant!

  3. lauren raine says:

    Thank you! Yes, welcome to Trumpistan, and the new elite monarchy, a strange mix of the very, very rich, corporate ownership of the so-called “representatives of the people”, and weird cultish religionists with a really, really creepy notion of a really mean god who are not at all concerned with climate change, because they’re waiting for that god to beam them up.

    All of this New Order headed up by a real man of the people – a billionaire (not just a millionaire, but a billionaire) who was a reality show star and runs gambling casinos – is the qualification to be president in America now. Der Trump has been busy doing what all good fascist tyrants do when they’re trying to consolidate – taking away women’s right, trying to discredit or eliminate the press, end the right to demonstrate, find numerous minorities to scapegoat, and control education so that a propaganda machine can be put into place. The only thing he hasn’t gotten around to yet is finding a good excuse to start a war, which is what they love best. But he hasn’t missed the fascist rule #10 – be sure to put your relatives and cronies in place. How about the daughter with the sweat shop in China who is now a national advisor, and his son in law, and of course, the first lady, a former porn model who boasts a great pair of knockers and doesn’t like to be in Washington, so we pay to keep her in the golden palace in NY.

    Trumpistan. When did we lose America?

    But just in case there is an inkling of hope, there’s a list of all the wonderful, compassionate politicians who voted to separate the American people from health care so presumably they could just die in the streets, kind of like it used to be in Calcutta……circulating on Facebook. Here’s what I wrote (and called) to one of our own, Martha McSally:

    “Hi, I’m an Arizona resident and thank you for being my Representative. Just wanted to let you know that I know you voted for Trumpcare, and I will be letting everyone I know via social media and other means that you did. I’ll be sure they know it now, and in the weeks to come, and especially when you come for re-election in 2018. Please enjoy your stay in Washington, because we will see to it that you won’t be back.

    Sincerely, “

  4. Carl says:

    I’m eager for the sequel…may be it be soon.

  5. Dale Dassel says:

    That photo comparison is perfect. If history repeats itself, Der Fuhrer will hide away in his bunker while the bombs fall and eventually blow his head off in the desperation of utter defeat and self-inflicted ruin.

  6. C.J. says:

    Please forgive me…this comment isn’t about Trump, but I need to let you guys know my email is still out…day 4 now. My email icon is showing me I have several incoming messages, but I cannot access them. Comcast technical supervisor tells me they are trying to correct the issue. Four days ago I was in process of writing an email when a large window popped on the screen, covering the full screen. telling me my “use” was “interrupted” due to the “presence of another server”, and my email went down. I clicked over to my site that shows who is here, the IPs, etc, and there was an “uninvited Visitor”. Capitalize the “V”. No email since. No other sites on system affected or compromised. Just email. So far, can still come to blog. Am furious. Regarding Trump…..nothing to add. You nailed it.

  7. blah says:

    down there for months… coincidences you’d be afraid to write about… and the politics…. Not much of fan… course don’t seem 2b much of a liberal these days either… Why not the nerve to even of said hi and spook on the subject… cyber has a poultry side 2it… you guys are so ‘knowledgable” and fervent about..