I love it when synchronicities happen that confirm something I sense or am in the process of doing. This one is simple but direct.

Several months ago, I woke from a dream about aliens and thought, Wow, this would make a cool novel. I didn’t remember much of anything about the dream, so I just started writing and called the folder HER. The title sucked, I knew that, and our daughter confirmed there was a movie called HER, so I knew the title would change at some point.

The premise is simple. After dozens of people on Tango Key sight a UFO plunging into the Gulf of Mexico,  the elderly custodian of the Tango Key lighthouse finds an alien body on the side of the cliff where the lighthouse sits. The alien appears to be dead and the custodian and his friend, who works for a private UFO research group, stow the body in a floor freezer. They hire a psychic who once worked for this organization to read the body and glean whatever information she can.

She picks up that the alien was amphibious and as she reads it, her feet and hands become webbed, just like the hands and feet of the alien. The story takes off from there.

There were things in this story – like the amphibious stuff – that bewildered me. But since it had appeared, I kept it. Intuitive storytelling or something. Two hundred pages in, I realized the amphibious elements were the story and started casting around for the right title. Water Dancers felt right. But because these aliens are NOT nice guys like Spielberg’s ET, I thought the title might be too poetic or something. So I texted my Colombian friend Leiny about the title,

What do you think about this title for a novel about aliens? A random question. Her response was my confirmation.

Leiny and her family are preparing to move to Minnesota, where her husband is from. Here’s what she said:

The place I am going to live is named Dancing waters. The community name is Dancing Waters, in Woodbury, Minnesota.

 “Hey, Rob,” I called out when I saw this message. “What do you think of this?”

“You got you confirmation,” he said. “That’s your title,” he said. “Water Dancers.”

Thanks, Leiny!!



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8 Responses to WATER DANCERS

  1. C.J. says:

    Still searching the archives to locate the newspaper story about these sightings. Haven’t given up. Sooner or later I’ll dig it out!

  2. lauren raine says:

    Great creative synchro flow! You are definately tuned in.

    I had a funny synchro lately, still trying to figure it out. I’ve been feeling lately that I need to withdraw from political issues for a while, it’s making me so distressed about Trump and company. I’ve also been thinking of visiting a friend in Sedona when I leave for my trip back east in early June, but visiting Sedona would put me a bit out of my way, so not sure if I should do it.

    So yesterday I noticed a couple of brightly colored boxes out on the street right in front of my house, presumably from someone’s trash, although they were virtually new boxes. They turned out to be two boxes of puzzles – one was titled “A White House Holiday” and the other, believe it or not, was titled “Sedona”! I think the powers that be definately have a sense of humor!

  3. Sheila Joshi says:

    It’s really neat that you actually followed through on a story idea from a dream, and that you trusted the material to come through intuitively even though you didn’t remember much of the dream consciously!

  4. C.J. says:

    I don’t remember the year, but I’ll access our local newspaper archives and find it and send it to you!

  5. C.J. says:

    There’s a little synchro here. Last nite I couldn’t sleep so turned on the TV for a bit. Channeled surfed, and landed on one that was about aliens in the ocean, and about descriptions of crafts having been seen going into and flying out of the sea at very high speeds. These sightings have been happening for a long period of time, and many of them by highly credible people. The hypothesis is that there are alien “bases” under the sea in places that are so deep humans have no means of accessing them. A few years ago, there was a “sighting” viewed by hordes of people on our beach here in St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach, and Daytona Beach. Considering the distance in mileage between these three beaches, this was an amazing phenomenon in and of itself, and the object(s) had to have been HUGE. It was front-page news in all of N. Florida the next day. Two of our sons witnessed it.

    Description in newspapers: It was pre-twilight. (Setting Sun was definitely ruled out because the Sun sets in the West and the beach is East, where the Sun RISES.) On the far horizon where the sea meets the sky, an enormous brilliant golden light appeared to be sitting like a blazing fire on the water, and the authorities feared a plane had crashed and was on fire or a really large ship was on fire. They sent planes out but before the planes could be readied, the single enormous golden light split into three separate brilliant lights….three colors, and zipped into the air above the water forming a triangle , then dropped at almost the speed of light into the water and disappeared.

    For several days, all authorities waited for some explanation of a boat, ship, plane, wreckage, etc. None was forthcoming. Divers were sent to check it out. Nothing. It remains a mystery to this day, and it was witnessed by several hundred people simultaneously. That is unimaginable….from Jax to here to Daytona….Perhaps raises the question that there may have been THREE identical unidentified whatevers off each of the beaches. In any event, it was gigantic.
    These unidentified objects are called USOs. Unidentified Sea Objects. Creepy yet real.
    Can’t wait for your book, Trish!!!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Wow, this is a great story! I never read about it. Do remember what year?