Mercury Turns Direct!

On April 9, I posted something about the Mercury retrograde that began that day and lasts until today, May 3, at 12:33 p.m. EDT.  One of the comments was from Lauren Raine, an artist who lives in Tucson. It really characterizes the nature of these retrogrades, whose effects can be felt several days before the retro begins, when Mercury slows down to turn. I told Lauren that it sounded as if she had gotten Merc retro all in one day!

“ I don’t normally notice these things, but yesterday:

I found out I have to pay 3 times what I thought in taxes and had to redo my taxes

I found out I have to spend lots of money on an air conditioner

The modem went out

My monthly arts list was discontinued because the creator is ill

And then a loud buzzing brought me to my newly renovated guest cottage, with its lovely new wooden floor. It seems a hive of bees have made a home for themselves under that floor, and the only way to get them out, according to beekeepers, is to cut a hole in the floor.

Oh, and in Arizona most of our bees are Africanized bees. Mean bees.”

Here are some other Mercury retrograde incidents:

Our daughter, Megan, teaches art for Paint Nite several night a week. During the retro, one of her classes was relocated outside the restaurant where she was supposed to teach because the manager had mistakenly booked a party in the room where she teaches the class. The class was good-natured about it – even after it started to rain!

Snafus for us included things like important emails going straight to trash and not being discovered for days; missed appointments; a clock in the car that hadn’t been changed to reflect daylight savings time, which resulted in being late for several events. We also had to re-schedule several radio interviews for Sensing the Future, our book on precognition – and no, we didn’t sense the future on those changes!

These Mercury retro periods happen three times a year. The next one won’t be until August 13, when Mercury turns retrograde in the early degrees of Virgo, slides back into Leo, and turns direct in that sign on September 5.


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8 Responses to Mercury Turns Direct!

  1. C.J. says:

    Quick comment: my email page isn’t working. Am trying to get it up and running. Maybe a last ditch effort by Merc retro to say adios! GGggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. blah says:

    Snafus Hmmmm! sounds a bit like “Back to the Future”

  3. C.J. says:

    Oh, how glad I am to see pesky Mercury turn direct! This retro time frame has been particularly problematic for us, with all three of our vehicles going kerplunk in one way or another and needing parts; to finally buying a new king-sized mattress, (an enormous expense, mattresses!), and then having to return and exchange it because it was too soft; my computer has had constant and unusual kinds of glitches requiring technical assistance; I sustained a third fall, this time injuring my left sciatic nerve; a small kitchen fire due to something spilled on the burner, but was easily extinguished by throwing salt on it (it’s an electric stove); a hard gust of wind off the ocean blew the top off out backyard gazebo…have had to order a new one; just a lot of messes in virtually every aspect of our everyday life that do not generally occur, especially in “bunches”. There were days with this retro that I wanted to hide under the bed instead of facing the day! YAY for it behaving and turning direct! Whew!!

  4. For once my Mercury retrograde wasn’t full of frustrating breakdowns. But it isn’t really over quite yet so holding my breath. I had enough happening when I totaled my car on March 7th which you wrote about here. I was sort of forced to lay low a bit.

    However, while I had been thinking about, talking about and remembering a family I loved from the deep past, I heard from one of the members of that family. I saw Donald 16 years ago at his father’s memorial service. Out of the blue he send me an email. A few days after that I heard from another friend for the first time in 9 years. Incidentally I had introduced those two people to each other. Proof we are all connected in Indra’s net. I was so blown away by hearing from these two who knew each other because of me I asked each separately if they had been in connection with each other. I guess I was researching if they had “heard” me thinking or if they had been talking to each other and mentioned me. They had not been in touch with each other – yet both reached out to me almost simultaneously.

    Then while I was thinking of Katya Walter, author of “The Tao of Chaos” – book about DNA and I Ching, and wondering why I had not heard from her in so long I mentioned to the other friend who called, saying I better call Katya. Before I could call her, the next day she called me! When I picked up the phone I brazenly said to her, “Katya, I conjured you up.” Result of our talks is I am now creating a cover for one of her new books. So while I am no longer have my heap of a car, all kinds of stuff from my past bubbled up. Not bad for a Mercury retrograde.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Interesting, Adele! Merc retros do sometimes bring in people from our past. I think your car was your merc retro!

  5. DJan says:

    I just had a major trip to Costco yesterday and had forgotten about Mercury retro. So far I don’t see any problems, but I’m sure glad that transit is finished! 🙂