Tripping on 3s

We drove five hours recently from here in Palm Beach County to Sugarloaf Key, located 17 miles from Key West. We had lunch with Trish’s literary agent and his wife, and two hours later we turned around and drove back. It’s pleasant driving through the Florida keys and seeing all that clear aqua blue water on either side of the road. However, we’re glad we don’t take that double trip very often. The drive was also accompanied with rain, buckets of it in the lower keys. That was unusual for us since back home we are in drought conditions. Very little rain for weeks and weeks.

Of course, we were watchful as ever for synchronicities on the journey and we found them through numbers. The #3 to be precise. As we drove toward our destination, I happened to look at the odometer and saw that it read: 3111. Okay, that’s 33 in numerology. I mentioned it to Trish. Then, on our return trip I looked again at the odometer and this time it read: 3333. I pointed it out and we were talking about it when we looked up to see a street sign hanging above the road, which was sort of odd in itself. Just before we passed under it, Trish said: “Look, it’s 33rd Street.”

So that was a bunch of threes – 8 in all. Since 33 is a master number, we took it as a good omen for things to come.


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13 Responses to Tripping on 3s

  1. C.J. says:

    Need to add a tidbit: There were 3 Wise men visiting Baby Jesus, and they brought Him 3 gifts!

  2. C.J. says:

    Correction: my personal FIRST name frequency resonates to 33, not my entire name.

  3. C.J. says:

    John, our landline telephone number here in FL is ***-***-3333. Of course we didn’t choose it. It was assigned to us many years ago when our landline was installed. On the same subject, my personal name frequency is 33, and my Soul frequency is 33. I had to laugh when we got our phone number, considering my name and Soul numbers are 3333. Every individual has an “operative frequency” in his or her life, and this frequency occurs virtually everywhere in that life. Apparently “3” is your operative
    frequency. Possibly 3333. The physician with whom I had the awesome, inexplicable experience had a first name resonating to 22, and a last name resonating to 11. 22 and 11 = 33. It seems our Soul creates the blueprint for our upcoming incarnation with certain experiences and with certain other folks , and the frequency number is the foundation designed into that plan due to the influences it represents, much akin to our natal astrological charts.

  4. John says:

    Three has always had some significance in my life. I’m always waking up around three am. When I was a child, I used to dream the future in threes ( nothing important, just silly things that would happen the next day), always three days in a row as a set, for three sets of three. I’ve been struck by lightning three times in my life, (indirectly, but I assure you, I still knew I was hit). I was in three bad car wrecks in my life. Now all of those seem bad, but the #3 has been there for good and bad. I’m particularly drawn to the #3333. I see it often, which you wouldn’t think that number is out there in a great quantity, but alas, there it is all the time, usually on a building in a city or town I’m not familiar with.

  5. C.J. says:

    P.S. I think it bears mentioning that Jesus was found by Joseph and Mary in the temple, TEACHING there. He was 12 years old at that time. (12=3.) Jesus disappeared from the Bible at that time, until he reappeared eighteen years later, at the age of 30 (=3) when he was baptized by John the Baptist. No one, none of the Biblical scholars, seem to know where or how Jesus spent those missing 18 years. There are various suppositions and theories, but no one really knows as a certainty where He was or what He was doing. Then at 30 and while being baptized, the Christ Frequency entered the man Jesus of Nazareth and he became Jesus the Christ, and thus began his 3 years of travels with his 12(=3) Disciples, TEACHING. At the age of 33, according to Biblical history, Jesus the Christ suffered and perished on the Cross. SAVIOR = 30 =3. I would be tarred and feathered and burned at the stake if I shared MY personal thoughts and opinions about the origins of Jesus, but feel safe sharing them here. I have a hypothesis that Jesus came to Earth from a distant Star, or Planet, or Universe, or other Dimension, and that during those missing 18 years, He was at his Home of origin, LEARNING everything He needed to being back to this planet to instruct us toward lives of Love. How many times during his Teachings did He say “MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS EARTH”? Something to think about…..

  6. C.J. says:

    At the time of his early death from cancer, my Dad had become a 33rd-degree Master Mason. It’s one of my most sincere wishes that folks do not believe the “evil” and “negative” conspiracies that are all over the internet about the Fraternal Order of Masons. It is quite beautiful, and its symbols and rituals represent the very highest of ideals and potentials that can and should be achieved. The Masonic funeral, which of course Dad had, is breath-takingly spiritual and uplifting. The 33rd-degree is the Master Mason frequency toward which all Masons desire to rise. The large “G” in the center of the Masonic symbol is for “GOD”. The Order, while not Christian, accepts ALL religions with the exceptions of atheism and satanism. It’s members MUST believe in a Supreme Power. And, that 33? It represents the age at which, as Adele commented, Christ ascended.

    When 33 appears in a person’s life, as it has in the MacGregor’s, it is a Gift from the Gods and if recognized and accepted as such, oh, what blessings accompany it! I’ve been asked more than once if 33 is such a positive Master frequency, why did my Dad sustain the most horrific illness and death. 33 brings with it heavy-duty responsibilities if one is to attain its greatest potential, and those responsibilities can’t be ignored or they can become burdensome. They must be embraced in every aspect of their influences. Over the years, as time passed and as I became a medical practitioner, I understood that my Dad’s illness and death delivered to the scientific community ways and means for patients with his type of malignancy to live much longer and much better lives.

    I do not say this easily or with prejudice, but with awareness….my Dad’s illness and death were sacrificial, TEACHING as they did how other patients in the future (since his brief life here) could be offered better care. So his 33 was fulfilled, and he did not suffer and die in vain, but instead he bequeathed to mankind a legacy of less pain and more comfort for others. The MacGregors, in a very different genre, have received the Gift of the 33 because they are also Teachers….giving to us, through their writings and messages, a much broader view of this world in which we live and have our Being, and even occasionally glimpses into the Life AFTER this Life. That is THEIR 33 responsibility, and they are fulfilling it, I would say. (Please forgive my ‘wordiness’. I just feel compelled to share this, and you know how I am with Numbers. Mention them and I’m on a roll!) 🙂

  7. C.J. says:

    Ascension. TO RISE ABOVE. Yes! And don’t forget that 3 is the frequency of communication, teacher, counselor, creativity, the arts….and 33 as the Master Frequency, never reduced…..brings these influences into the COSMIC realms as opposed
    to the mundane! Also, your eight 3s = 24/6, which is the frequency of all things relative to “family and children, etc.”, so it bodes well for the THREE of you. Wonderful synchro, Trish and Rob and Megan! Something lovely this way comes for you!

  8. Just a thought on 33 – Christ died (or ascended) when he was 33. In I ching 33 is the hexagram for Retreat – “not angrily but with reserve.”