Going out of body from a dream…

OOBEs are not dreams

We get e-mails occasionally that are literally out of this world. In other words, they concern matters that are outside the realm of the everyday world. Such was the case recently when Wes Meeks from Texas wrote about a dream he had that led into an out-of-body experience. Here it is:

“During a dream, I realized I was dreaming, so I decided to fly. I felt the vibrations and instantly I was out.  I was so happy to just fly freely that I forgot about any real destination.  This is one of the hazards of OOBEs.  The ultimate joy and freedom of simply flying in the air or through space is so exhilarating that it causes one to forget about any other plans.”

I found something puzzling about Wes’ experience. How did he know that he was actually out of body and not having a lucid dream in which he directed his dreaming self to fly. So I asked him.

“I believe that this was an OOBE because I felt and saw the transition from the sort of grayish dream colors to blackness, then the feeling of air rushing by and then seeing an amazing number of stars.  I also felt the vibrations come on when I tried to move from the lucid dream to an OOBE.  And finally, when I had flown long enough, which this time was a few minutes, I felt the familiar vacuum and then I was back in my body, lying on my bed trembling and wide awake.  I have flown in dreams before, but did not get the vibrations nor was I able to fly for long, but settled down to the ground and the dream continued.  That is how I know this was a true OOBE.”

After reading the explanation, I was curious about the sensation of feeling the wind while out of body. If you don’t have a physical body, how do you feel the wind? Again, Wes responded.

“During an oobe, a person can still somehow feel the wind when flying in the atmosphere.  This is strange, yes, because if one is out of body, how would the person feel anything?  How does a body made of “energy” meet with resistance or friction of any kind?  Equally amazing is my own experience as well as other persons’ experiences of being able to touch things or people or move things while out of body.  My opinion is that the astral body, being totally an energy form, can somehow meld into the object to move it.

“But I also many times have traveled through walls or ceilings and actually seen the various materials that make up a house on a nearly molecular level.  When passing through a wall or ceiling there is somehow a feeling, I mean that I feel the plywood, the wires, the sheet rock, the wood and I pass through these on the way out of my house.”

Finally, since Wes has had experiences where he flies off into space, I had to ask if he felt anything in space—a vacuum.

“I did not feel the movement of air in outer space, only when I was flying in the atmosphere. When I would fly in the stars, it was similar to the beginning of the old Star Trek shows. I would fly infinitely fast and the stars would sometimes blur into nearly solid lines.  I am not sure how I am able to transition from star travel to being on some other plane.  I think I would just suddenly think of somewhere else and be there.”

Wes Meeks is featured in chapter one of our upcoming book, STRANGE THINGS: True Stories about Alien Encounters & Paranormal Mysteries. – Rob



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8 Responses to Going out of body from a dream…

  1. John says:

    First of all, I have to say, that I love my flying dreams. I can spend hours and hours doing it, when they come. For me, the main draw, is feeling the g-forces at work while turning and twisting in the air. One of my favorite things to do, once I realize I’m having a lucid dream, is to immediately use all of my focus to rocket up to the upper atmosphere, and then just free fall back to the earth. From there I zoom around and enjoy seeing the sun rises and setting from that high altitude, or flying as fast as I can near the ground, avoiding hitting obstacles. So much fun!

    As far as feeling the wind while in an oobe, that makes absolute sense. While I’ve had oobe’s that were accidental, or initiated from a lucid dream, or even the ones that I’ve initiated on my own through meditation, I still feel quite the novice. Just recently, after talking with Rob, and receiving some incredible insight from Rob’s friend Connie, I’ve come to realize that a lot of my explorations have been through remote viewing. The reason I bring all of this up is, that during many remote viewings, I have experienced physical touch and sensations in the local’s that I were in at that moment. For me, it made sense, as it was “vibrating at the same frequency as the local that I was in, which is what allows interaction with the energies, to feel as if it were matter. I’m not certain, but it is my opinion that just like here in this reality, our consciousness interacts and views all matter around us as a solid, viable interact-able construct. Our consciousness is here, hence forth we feel the here. Same as when our consciousness is somewhere else, as we travel abroad, we become intertwined with that reality, and begin to experience the solidity of the energies that are there.

    I personally have felt the physical touch of another being while abroad, and it actually transferred to my physical body, while also maintaining a representation of touch of my point of consciousness body at the same time. I’m not sure if this is what they are calling bi-location or not, but I like the illustration of what that institutionalizes for what I experience.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Now you’ve brought in another factor, John. How to distinguish between lucid dreams of flying, OOBEs….and remote viewing. To some extent, they are all related.

  2. Wes says:

    CJ brings an interesting point. These experiences defy explanation, at least at this point in our collective knowledge, but that does not mean that these things do not happen. As she says, it is important to keep an open mind and to take another’s experience at face value even when the experience seems incredible. I wonder if I would be so open to accepting the experiences of others if I had not been a “traveler” myself, and honestly, other than a strong belief in “ghost stories,” I am sure I would not accept people’s accounts of these paranormal things. I have discussed this with Rob and Trish. Even with all of the experiences I have had over the years, I still sometimes did not accept other people’s experiences as authentic, even though the experiences were no “weirder” than my own, and the people were certainly just as credible as I was. As CJ says, we should keep an open mind in these areas. I have become much better at acceptance over the past couple of years. Can I prove my own experiences to anyone else? No, but it no longer matters. I know they are real, and therefore I know that other people have just as real and just as incredible paranormal and psychic experiences as mine.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      We used to have people coming here from debunker-skeptic groups telling us these experiences didn’t really happen the way they were presented, because that was impossible, that would break the rules of nature, etc. In other words, the experiences didn’t fit their world view so they weren’t real. I guess they gave up on us, because they don’t even try anymore! lol

  3. C.J. says:

    Decades of research by credible authorities have resulted in the conclusion that, when incarnate in a physical vehicle on this planet, Earth, the physical vehicle has additional bodies: astral, etheric, etc. Genuine clairvoyant Healers are able to perceive ailments that initially present as visible energy in the etheric or astral body sometimes years before the ailment manifests in tangible reality. This would be an ailment such as a “mass”….perhaps cancer….that appears as a “shadow” initially in the energy of the astral or etheric body prior to forming in the physical body. I’ve witnessed this peculiar phenomenon.

    RE OOBEs….Unless a person is sleeping with another person and that person awakens to find the ‘other’ gone, not in the bed, it’s difficult to “prove” that the physical body is indeed ‘gone’; not there. In the cases of alien abductions, it seems that the intruders choose either. Sometimes they carry the physical body, and as a means of performing that seemingly impossible task, the atoms and molecules of the physical body are disassembled as a means of being moved through solid walls, doors, windows, etc, then re-assembled when the person is returned. In these cases, the physical body almost always has evidence of tampering: a mark, scar, implant, whatever.

    And, there has been more than one occasion when my husband has awakened to find that I’m not in the bed, assumes I’ve gone to the bathroom or kitchen, and falls back to sleep, when actually my body has been removed . On other occasions, the abductors apparently take only the astral or etheric body, leaving the physical body where it lays. It has the sound of science fiction; of “beam me up, Scotty”, but it is reality. I know I’ve mentioned this previously on the blog, but the recent inexplicable “melding” of my tangible, three-dimensional body with the no-longer tangible three-dimensional body of BW that defies my previous concepts of Reality and the AfterLife of Earthlings, as well as my own experiences with NDEs and OOBEs, I have no choice but to conclude that there is much we do not and cannot comprehend in these matters.

    They simply “ARE”, and if we are sufficiently open-minded, we accept them on faith even though they seem preposterous. I agree with Adele….Wes’s experience is amazing, and I would add “fascinating”, to quote Mr. Spock! OH, one final comment….how many of us have experienced “crash landing”? The sudden and terrifying awakening as if our bodies have dropped from a high height and fallen short of our sleeping form?? Our astral self out roaming and coming back in for a rough landing? I tend to think so! 🙂

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I guess an abduction – when the body is missing from bed – could be called an IYBE: an In-Your-Body Experience!

  4. All I can say is – pretty amazing to have such an experience.