A Synchronicity with Biggest Book

A book about astrological predictions is tricky. Since you don’t know the birth time of every person reading the book, which sets up the natal chart, you have to put the sun sign as the ascendant or rising sign. Then the subsequent signs follow from there around the horoscope and you look at the angles or aspects that the various planets make to each other and interpret them.

When Rob and I wrote the Sydney Omarr daily prediction books for a decade, we used Omarr’s technique, where the daily predictions were based on what the moon was doing. Since this is the fastest moving point in the heavens, it has a great impact on us as individuals. We also brought in retrogrades, eclipses, and any challenging or sweet angles that planets were making to respective sun signs.

After NAL discontinued the 13 annual books in the Omarr series, we wrote Genie in the Stars, a daily predictive book for each sign, and published it through Crossroad. But considering the work and time involved, it wasn’t financially viable, so when a publisher suggested a three-year book of monthly predictions for each of the 12 signs, I bit.

The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever doesn’t suggest what you should eat or attempt on any given day between 2017-2019. Instead, it provides the larger picture of each month for those three years and offers advice on how to navigate and take advantage of the aspects. The reviews on this book have been interesting.

One guy who bought it was ticked off that on a radio show, I didn’t predict the correct outcome of the 2016 presidential election and was going to return the book to B&N. But no astrologer correctly predicted the correct outcome. One astrologer was so mortified by his prediction that he’s no longer writing an astrology column. And that’s sad.

The fact is that at every moment, in every day, we are gifted with the free will to make our own choices and when this is applied to the collective, it’s the wild west. Trump’s natal chart showed that he would be entering a Jupiter return year around the time of the election, typically a fortunate, lucky time. Obama won the 2008 election under this same aspect. But I discounted it, my bad.

Then today, a friend of Megan’s, Ashley, dropped by. She’s a Scorpio to whom I’d given a copy of Biggest Books. On March 6, a woman rear-ended her car on a busy intersection here in town. Traffic was bumper to bumper. In her rear view mirror, she saw as it was happening that that woman wasn’t going to top because she was distracted. There was not room for Ashley to get out of the line of traffic, so she took her foot off the brake and turned her steering wheel so that when the woman hit her, she didn’t hit the car in front of her.

Her car was totaled, she sustained some injuries for which she’s receiving physical therapy, a requirement by the insurance company before they will pay her the full value of her car – $8,000. But her car was nearly paid off, so this means she has to buy another car.

“So I got out that horoscope book you gave me, Trish, and it blew me away.” For March 2017, called “changeable,” the entry begins with: “This month promises to be somewhat wild and unpredictable with several planets changing signs and one planet turning retrograde. Buckle up!”

Fortunately, she was buckled up and knew to take evasive action before the woman hit her.



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