Out of the Fog

We recently received this story from a man in rural Ohio named John D who was reading Aliens in the Backyard. He said some of the stories resonated with his own experience. So he contacted us.

“Just reading the book, wow! So many people in the book I can identify with. I’m currently looking for answers, though I keep coming up short. Every time I think I find a hypnotherapist that can help, something happens, and they either lose interest, or some other strange happened to keep me from going.”

We’ve exchanged several e-mails with John and here is his story. It involves fog, missing time, blocked memories and finally some revelations.

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I, along with my brother, were taken some 23-24 years ago. We were driving in the middle of the night, going to a nearby city, just leaving some friends who lived in the country. It got insanely foggy out, so it took us much longer time to get to the city than normal. We started to see the city lights through the fog, as we reached the city limits.

However,  the next thing we knew, we were sitting at a stop sign out in the countryside again. We were both completely disoriented and confused. We started driving, but only once questioning what the hell had happened. We soon found that we were only minutes away from our friends’ house. There where hours missing. The real strange thing about that experience is, that it took 23 years for my brother and I to ever discuss it.

On September 20th, 2015, I woke from what I thought at the time to be a very lucid dream. I was on a ship, and there were three or four small grays with me. One of them was talking to me through some form of telepathy. What’s more, I knew him, and he was like an old friend.

He walked me into a room, all white or silver, and it was fairly large, maybe 30 feet x 20 feet. He walked me to a wall, and suddenly it became translucent and I could see another  room that looked like an operating room. To my surprise, my sister was laying on the bed unconscious. Two tall white and fairly thin beings were in the room with her, one on either side. Again, these beings were familiar. I remembered that when they communicate telepathically, that they woud send visual and emotional message packets. I would receive the whole message at once.

They were getting ready to remove one of my sister’s arms, at the shoulder, and oddly that didn’t bother me. Both of the whites acknowledged my presence with a look, and continued to work.

I asked my gray friend (telepathically) what procedure they would undertake with me this time.  Instead of telling me in a sentence, he showed me the procedure in my mind. It’s hard to explain what they were doing, but basically they were going to expand my molecules or atoms, or something at that level, throughout my whole body. Then they were going to put something in the space between.

The gray then told me that this is going to be the most painful thing I will ever experience in my life. I laid down on a metal table that had a slight incline to it. Then a light starts shining down on me. At first there was only a sensation of heat, the kind of sensation you have when you have an MRI. Quickly though, the heat started to intensify throughout my body. I felt a strange vibration start to take place, then intense searing heat and pain.

I could feel my body start to be pulled, no ripped apart. Then I heard a loud piercing sound in my head, that was deafening. Everything started to turn red, and I tried to scream, but I’m not sure if I was able to. Then just blackness.

I woke jumping out of bed. I went straight in and grabbed my phone and texted my sister, to see if she had any strange dreams. Later that day she responded, telling me about a dream of her teeth falling out.

September 20th, 2016
My wife and I had a patio poured out back of our home in the country.  We had been enjoying the weather and the birds every night. On this night, exactly one year after my lucid dream, something happened. It was around 7:30 PM and the sun still out with a nice cloudless blue sky. I was scanning the skies when I suddenly saw something.

At first I didn’t know what it was, but I told my wife to look. Whatever it was looked huge, and far off. I grabbed my binoculars and studied it. At first it looked like an enormous linear blob with no distinguishable shape, but then I watched it change its form. It suddenly looked like two biplanes flying sideways. I accepted that at first, but then said “wait a minute, they would have to be huge, and why are the flying sideways?

So I looked again, and still it was changing shape. It finally appeared as a  long cigar shape, either white or silver, with a sort of arrow on the top of one side. I stopped watching with the binoculars, and my wife and I just watched as it approached. Then it just disappeared. Gone!

However, before it vanished, I got a message. It said: Time to wake up. It was no dream, it is time to grow.” Right then and there, I knew. I knew religion was a lie, I knew history is a lie. There is this whole big world, a reality that exists out of the view of this surface illusion, the everyday world.

Since then, I call upon the crafts, and see plenty of strangeness. I’ve learned to do oobe’s, and I am set to attend the Monroe Institute this summer. I crave answers badly. How are you finding your resources of people so easily? Are there any resources out there to help the average Joe like me?


If anyone would like to communicate with John, please let us know and we’ll put you in contact.



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9 Responses to Out of the Fog

  1. C.J. says:

    After Budd Hopkins received my VERY long, snailmailed letter (via USPS, not email), he sent me a lovely response on his personal email site, asking me to please not share his email site with anyone. He was extremely gracious in his praise and gratitude for my letter; told me he had questions and could we speak on the phone if I would be comfortable sending him my phone number? He also told me he had been very sick and was still on medications whose side effects were worse than the ailment, so it would be a few days before we could have our conversation. I immediately sent him, this time via email, my phone number and confirmed I would be pleased and RELIEVED to answer any questions he might have. Unfortunately, his ailment turned out to be cancer, and he transitioned before we were able to talk. He was a great
    researcher, balanced in his evaluations of experiences, and did leave us some well-documented material in the UFO/abduction genre. Like John Mack, his loss was felt around the world by those of us who are desperate for answers. I am no longer desperate for the answers, but continue my spiritual seeking and learning journey that, as John says, is “some kind of ride”! In my current situation, I have time to
    view the past years of my life and many of the high-weirdness experiences. Again like John, I have occasionally asked myself “who am I really”? But then, I DO know THAT answer, because it was given to me by my Dad prior to his illness and death. However, having this information has given rise to a litany of OTHER questions, the central question being, “OK. I know who and what I am. I know the site of my origin. What am I supposed to do with this awareness?” And so it goes…..and I wait…..

  2. C.J. says:

    Thank you, John, and Trish and Rob. I felt it appropriate to refrain from sharing my history with Dr. Bird while he was still alive, with the exception of very few people, including close friends the MacGregors, and Budd Hopkins. Of great interest regarding just him and his own life:

    He was married to a woman 38 years younger than he, and they were absolutely soulmates, deeply in love. In Daytona Beach there is the Embry Riddle University, (HUGE sprawling Aeronautical University, and that is her family.) Dr. P was a PhD, she wrote the book “INVENTIONS FOR DUMMIES” and other texts; she was an accomplished pilot in her own right; a stunt pilot. a flight instructor, etc, and a very beautiful and sweet woman.

    I feel obligated to add that in spite of his super-human genius, he was one of the most kind, compassionate, down-to-earth folks anyone could ever meet. He talked with all kinds of people, and he never, ever caused even the ‘least’ of people to feel LESS than he. He appeared on 60 Minutes several years ago, and the full hour with him is run in full on one of the pages on the internet about him. It demonstrates his genuinely sincere connection to ‘common folk’. In their nearby town, he was nicknamed “THE BIRDMAN OF IDAHO”.

    As mentioned in my earlier email, Dr. Bird transitioned on 8-3- 2015 from natural causes. (He died on my and my husband’s wedding anniversary.) A few days after his death, his widow was flying one of their small twin-engine planes from their ranch in Idaho to FL. The older couple with her…there was only the three of them on board…..were also long-time pilots. Not long after take-off, the plane crashed in the mountains, killing Dr. P. Bird and her passengers.

    Dr. B and his beloved soulmate wanted to be together, and they crossed over a few mere days apart. No doubt in my mind they continue their work ElseWhere. There is a ‘strangeness’ that existed in his relationship with me…..directly relevant to my lifetime of UFO encounters/contacts/abductions that is staggering; it is not my imagination; but it is lengthy and has left me with disquieting questions for which I have no answers. Maybe someday….

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I remember when you mailed Hopkins and he was so sick at the time. His death, like John Mack’s, really saddened me. When we were writing for OMNI back in the late 1980s, we were covering a UFO conference where Hopkins was a speaker. We drove him to a regression session and got to observe.

      All very weird. Hopkins was a nice guy.

  3. Nancy says:

    Very interesting. I have to wonder how many of us have these experiences. Or do all, and they just can’t remember. And why do some remember, some don’t? He was given the message “time to wake up.” That can be good or really bad. I guess time will tell.

    • John D. says:

      I agree, how many people are going through this with absolutely no idea it is taking place. Also, I get the sense that the message was with good intent.

    • Carl says:

      It does make you wonder how many places worldwide this stuff happens.

  4. C.J. says:

    Communicate. Yes. And do you recall a recent email in which I asked you a question….something along the lines of, “Is any of this REAL?” By “this” I meant Life and Death. What REALLY HAPPENS when our animating souls permanently leave these physical vehicles? With the most sincere humility and with dozens of remaining unanswered questions, I share this piece of my history: Many years ago I was “Girl Friday” to the world renowned Astrophysicist/MD/Bio-Physiologist/Aeronautical Engineer, who held an Above-Top Secret Classification at NASA, and who declared that NOTHING of us exists post death of our bodies. Just blackness. This man, who transitioned in 2015 at the age of 94, as mentally astute as when he was 20, was equal to or exceeded the combined brilliance of Stephen Hawking, Tesla, Einstein, etc. The medical devices he designed and invented have saved the lives of literally millions of humans around the globe. Yet, he declared there is no such thing as a “Soul”, and that when we die, “blackness”. Our relationship was very, very close, and I was able to discuss these issues with him in depth. He chuckled at my metaphysical philosophies but he could not explain my psi abilities…..or PRETENDED he could not. It was only much later that I recognized he was/is not of this planet; that in fact he was not/is not “human”; that he came to Earth from Wherever he originated, from whatever Star, Planet, Galaxy, Universe, or Dimension, to bring the massive Healing he brought. I also finally understood that his denial of Life After Death was a necessary part of his protective “Disguise”….for lack of a more apt description; that he KNEW the answers we seek but could not offer us those answers. WHY???? Just a few more relevant facts about this man: He was a licensed pilot when he was still a child and could fly ANYTHING that could fly; he invented the astronauts’ breathable space-suit apparatus; at the time of his death he owned 22 planes and three helicopters; and, his birth SURNAME was “BIRD”. I can no longer entertain any doubts that my entire connection to this person, from its beginning to its end, was convoluted within the framework of my personal UFO encounters and abductions. I just don’t know WHY,
    because I am an ordinary person who simply has extraordinary experiences, and I have accepted that I will NOT know WHY until I transition. It’s my absolute conviction that the person in your post today has had a multiplicity of experiences throughout his entire existence, with no lengthy ‘breaks’ in the interim, many experiences which have been buried deep within his superconscious memories or cloaked in false memories. It’s frustrating and occasionally even terrifyng when we KNOW something inexplicable has happened to us and others compartmentalize us as being mentally unstable. It tends to makes us question our sanity, and more, to question the true Nature of Reality, sufficient to make us crazy, or at the very least, as said, to question our sanity. Are we, the residents on this round blue globe hanging in space, so unevolved that we cannot comprehend the Truth, or, cannot logically and reasonably COPE with the Truth? No answer…….

    • John D. says:

      Very interesting piece of your history C.j. The wait is certainly hard for me. I’m beginning to wonder if I too will have to wait until I transition also, perhaps. This life has definitely been some kind of ride. I’ve been astral projecting with only one question in mind, “who am I really”. I did manage to make it to the Akashic records, but the information coming in was so intense, that my waking mind just hasn’t seemed to make sense of it yet, … yet?

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I’ve always enjoyed this story, CJ, and appreciate that you’ve shared it here.