‘Quite a coincidence’

That was the assessment of an DeKalb County, Alabama coroner to the astonishing dual tragedies involving a mother and daughter. Both died in traffic accidents within  half an hour of one another. The mother, 39, and daughter, 8, were both killed on the same highway a few miles apart. The mother was in a head-on accident, the daughter was struck by a car a few minutes after getting a school bus. The coroner, Tom Wilson, said he’d never seen anything like it. “Quite a coincidence.”

A sad story, no doubt. You can just image how the survivors – father, grandparents, siblings would feel in the aftermath of such a tragedy. In spite of their youthful ages, it seems that on a deeper level, mother and daughter were ready to move on, and both wanted to leave this world together.

I’m sure many people reading such an assessment would be taken aback or angered by such a seemingly crass comment. On the contrary, we find the truly crass perspective the idea that these two deaths were simply random  incidents that happened without any deeper meaning

While in our everyday world, it certainly seems accidents happen, even strangely coincidental accidents. But, from the perspective of the bigger picture, or the higher self, there are no accidents. What transpires on the physical is a reflection of choices made at a deeper level of consciousness. That’s not to say there were no regrets. But there must’ve been a decision made by mother and daughter, possibly before either were born, to remain here for a particular number of years before moving on together.

We know nothing about their lives. But perhaps they came here to accomplish a certain goal together – possibly related to a past-life scenario – and then move on.

We’d be interested in hearing other assessments of this so-called coincidence, either in agreement or other perspectives.



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4 Responses to ‘Quite a coincidence’

  1. C.J. says:

    Very recently, an older but still very busy couple who have been our friends here for 25 years, Bob and Jean, died within a few hours of each other. They were both 90 yet incredibly active, riding their bikes daily down the beach, playing golf, went on cruises, etc. She had been battling ovarian cancer and was finally placed in Hospice. Bob died the night Jean was admitted into Hospice. According to their children they had never slept apart. He was in excellent health, but died, the autopsy confirmed, of sudden cardiac arrhythmia. Jean died within a few hours but had not been told that Bob was gone. Of course their funerals were together. They had four adult children and many grandkids. My thoughts are that their life designs planned for them to leave together, and they did. They had been married for almost seventy years. Another such incident very recently: A different couple married more than fifty years died within hours of each other although neither was ill. The autopsies on each showed the same as it had with Bob….sudden coronary death. I believe this happens more often than we know. The Mother and Daughter, and Bob and Jean, apparently had created such a contract in their Souls’ blueprint prior to birth. They finished their planned experiences and left together. While my Spirits weep for those whose lives now have deep empty spaces, I rejoice in believing that they are together ElseWhere!

  2. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    I agree with your assessment.
    They may have also left together to have an effect on the ones left behind.

  3. blah says:

    50 something years and an “exact” number of days,,, plays in twice (just a partial)… Oh shot leaving a few blanks….. then the boy hears a hand gun saying,,, heard the same saying about 3 year ago,,,, different person same-name… then there was andy….