Tree Angel


Here’s a fascinating story about a near-death experience that changed a man’s life, and is changing our environment for the better. It comes from Catriona MacGregor, author of Partnering with Nature. The story will appear in her upcoming book, Dreaming a Runaway Horse: A Love Song for our Descendants.

“David Milarch, was a hard living, hard drinking forty-one-year old from northern Michigan. He had been working in his families nursery business for over two decades, had a wonderful wife, and two sons he loved, but he was dying of renal failure.

“David was an alcoholic. He tried to go cold turkey on his own, to change his life for the better, but the abrupt withdrawal from his daily alcohol intake was causing his body to shut down. Rushed to a hospital emergency room with fluid in his lungs, the doctor on staff told him he only had a day or two to live.

“A day after David was sent home, presumably to die, he felt a hard pulse in his heart. He died. As his spirit floated up to the ceiling, he looked down at the bloated, abused body below. He felt he had wasted his life. His attention was then drawn to a dazzling white light. Out of the light he saw a beautiful female angel in a white gown emerge. She eased his fears and shame with a gentle touch.

“The angel took David into a tunnel of light. At the other end of the tunnel, was a heavenly paradise of light and love. David was told by the angels there that he had work to do on Earth, and was sent back into his body to live and complete his mission on Earth.

“Some months later, after David had started to recover and be able to get out of bed, he felt the angels near again, this time with a clear plan that came through to David via automatic writing. Here is what he wrote:

“My heart raced as I read through what I’d written. The earth’s trees and forests are getting sicker, weakened by pollution, drought, disease and bugs able to survive the warmer winters. I was to clone the biggest, strongest, hardiest trees—trees that had lived hundreds, even thousands of years—so the world could one day be restored to its natural order by the giants of the forest. I felt like Noah, a simple man told to become a shipbuilder and a zookeeper …”

“Within a year after this divinely inspired mission, David Milarch, lanuched Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Its mission is to propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone; reforest the Earth with the offspring of these trees; and archive the genetics of ancient trees in living libraries around the world for the future.”

Catriona notes: “The importance of trees in first saving and then protecting the planet, cannot be understated. But it is just not fully comprehended. This is because we are still in the elementary learning phase with respect to these magnificent beings, Masters of the Three Realms – below the Earth, on the Earth, and above the Earth.”


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5 Responses to Tree Angel

  1. Jane Clifford says:

    Druids saw trees as masters of the light, keepers of wisdom and healing and their cathedrals were tree groves

  2. Nancy says:

    Beautiful story.

  3. DJan says:

    I am reading “The Hidden Life of Trees” right now, a synchro. I am learning about the way they communicate with one another and see them differently. They are magnificent beings and I get to commune with some giant old growth every week in the forest. Glad to learn that David healed and gave back to the world. 🙂