Inside Trump’s Mind

QVC Red Carpet Style Party

QVC Red Carpet Style Party

We’ve asked 3 ‘special forces’ psychic spies to remote view Donald Trump’s mind. Here’s a collection of results as  they tuned into POTUS’s  thoughts.

We don’t need alternative energy when we’ve got alternative facts.

Lots of nasty women were out on that march after my inauguration. There was not a 10 among them.

It’s okay if Melanie wears that $1,000 Gucci pussy bow blouse a second time before giving to one of her maids. But I would hate to see her model one of those pussy hats.

Kellyanne…Kellyanne…Kellyanne. Hugs and kisses…and more for Kellyanne.

I’m sure everyone will love my wall, except for the 11 million illegals I’m going to put on the other side. Somehow – and I’m going to find out how – nearly half of them voted for Hillary and skewed and screwed the popular vote results of  my great election.

If we don’t get this widespread voter fraud problem under control by next year, I may issue an executive order to suspend the 2018 election. We just can’t trust the results any longer. And we certainly don’t want to lose control of Congress. Hundreds of thousands – no millions – of illegals will vote for Dems and destroy our democracy.


Good going, remote viewers. Your IDs are protected. Even though it’s difficult to say that these are actual thoughts coming from Trump’s conscious mind, they seem to fit the reality of everyday events emerging from the presidency. And thanks to Melania for modeling  the pussy hat! And a friend for providing the evidence!

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7 Responses to Inside Trump’s Mind

  1. Jane Clifford says:

    He’s the perfect president to show the collective shadow of America and I think the democrats put him there , if Bernie hadn’t been manipulated outta the way they cd have won.
    Clearly he’s a fascist and it’s clear to me that democracy is a myth that we are sold whilst corporate fascism rules the world, its obvious here in Uk too. We can’t be victims and add to the fear we have to take responsibility for the reality we see out there and do everything we can to bring the world we prefer to see into being.

  2. c.j. says:

    It may not be “real”. But it IS REAL.

  3. c.j. says:

    I’m going to say I told you so!!!!! What did I privately email you, Trish and Rob, about Kellyanne????? She’s his mistress. No doubt there is a pre-nup in place, and his wife may be stuck if the prenup states HE gets custody of Barron. But at least she has distanced herself physically from that ************* of a non-husband!

  4. lauren raine says:

    I just left a response and it didn’t go through. Lots of that happening lately……….

    But just imagine – the GREAT WALL OF AMERICA! The Trump Wall!

  5. lauren raine says:

    Funny, if it weren’t so tragic! I was just thinking that he also reasons that it’s fine to eliminate the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, affordable health care, Medicare, downsize social security, eliminate the Department of Education, Food Stamps, and any subsidy of Planned Parenthood, as that money will be needed to build THE GREAT WALL OF AMERICA.

    What a monument for future generations! What a glorious legacy…….the Trump Wall.

  6. DJan says:

    I went to bed last night feeing so depressed about the future. I hope we all realize that it could be worse: we could be married to that awful man! Poor Melania. 🙁