The Female Archetype, Rising

Depending on which news sources you read about the Women’s March, it appears that many of these marches had a turnout that blew apart expectations: 500,000 in D.C., 400,000 in NYC, 500,000 in L.A, 250,000 in Chicago, 90,000 in Minneapolis, and thousands more in more than 300 cities across the U.S. and in numerous foreign countries. Think about this for a moment. Trumps’ inauguration drew under a million. Just the numbers in these four cities blow his numbers out of the water.

What we may be seeing here is the rise of the feminine archetype.

Trump and the racist, mysoginist billionaires and millionaires in his cabinet seem to think that they will be able to shove women back into the 1950s, rob Afro-Americans and minorities of their rights to vote and to do anything else guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. They seem to believe they can do this because, after all, he is THE DONALD, the king of reality TV who spins facts to suit his version of reality. He has those who aid and abet him in this surreal world we’ve entered – Kellyanne Conway as one of the worst.

It’s beyond me to understand how any woman, of any ethnicity, religion, or political belief, can support a man who denigrates women and minorities at every opportunity. And how can a woman who has daughters support this guy? Each day will bring a new revelation about what will be DEFUNDED. Planned Parenthood, the Affordable Care Act, the National Foundation of the Arts, regulations on emissions. That’s just for starters.

Rob and I attended a rally in West Palm Beach with our friends Dwane, Rose, and Estis. The organizers were hoping for 1600. More like 5,000 showed up and many of them carried signs.



Some of the others moved past too quickly for me to photograph:

Now you’ve pissed off a grandmother.

Keep your small hands off my tits.

The best I saw was too far away to photograph. It read: OBAMACARED.

The White House is now occupied by a man so crass, so narcissistic,  that when you put him up next to the class act of Obama, he’s the lone clown dancing on top of a train wreck tweeting his foreign policies and his attacks on the media and everyone else in 140 characters or less. His every action screams, Hey, pay attention to me, I’m the best, the greatest…

Sure. And we’re watching you,we women are. We know what you are. We know you hope to take us back to the days of Leave it to Beaver and The Donna Reed Show. We know you hope to take us back to the days of abortions in dark alleys, of no contraception, of robbing us of the decisions to govern our own bodies. We know you hope to silence us, to bring us to some more perverted version of The Handmaid’s Tale,  The Hunger Games, On the Beach, or to a  Dystopian reality that no storyteller has conceived of yet.

But understand this: you have awakened the female archetype, that collective something in us that refuses to submit, become submissive, to draw back into the shadows. And when this archetype rises,  dudes like you don’t stand a chance.


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19 Responses to The Female Archetype, Rising

  1. c.j. says:


  2. lauren raine says:

    I was stunned to find myself with a group of women wearing Masks of the Goddess in a march of over 15,000 people here in Tucson! Absolutely stunned! The streets were overflowing. This is so important, because as you say, it is what I call the Rising of the Goddess, the rising of the power of feminine (which includes men as well). We are at a time when the planet Herself cannot afford the Trumps and his cronies, we simply can’t survive them. The old patriarchal paradigm has to end, and perhaps this is the last gasp backlash. Notice has been served.

    Here’s some pics of our little group with Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Quon Yin, Spider Woman, and Yemeya:

    and here is the New York Times montage of images from around the world: astounding!

    • Trish says:

      How exhilarating for you that you saw your masks there! Congrats, Lauren. They’re just beautiful!

  3. c.j. says:

    I have to laugh…Laurence’s comments about “small hands”. You know what they say about men with small hands….ummmmm….yep. Wonder if The Donald needs Viagra!

    I apologize for being crude but just can’t help it. Brings the “silly” out in me, so please overlook my moment of nastiness. I’ve lived in a house full of testosterone: a husband and three sons, so have heard all kinds of male stuff thru the years and much of it does make me giggle! I can just visualize The Donald keeping packets of the little blue pills in his pocket, “just in case”. Wonder if he’d go find a doctor if it lasted more than the four-hours they advocate in the commercials! Sorry, guys. Couldn’t resist the temptation!

  4. DJan says:

    I marched in Bellingham and was shocked and pleased to see how many turned out there and worldwide. And the electricity in the air was amazing, all of us smiling and sharing with one another. No riots, no bad vibes, just hope for the future because of each other. And yes, it MUST continue. 🙂

  5. c.j. says:

    Trish and Rob, remember in one of my emails to you this past week I mentioned that he was speaking to a group and pointed to a woman and said, “My Kellyanne! My Kellyalle, come up here beside me!” When she did he kissed her several times on the cheek but close to her mouth, put his arm around her and kissed her on her hand twice, holding onto her hand as she went back to her seat. She is “Counselor to the President”. Wherever he is, Kellyanne is. He pays no attention to his wife. They don’t touch.

    At one of the dinners altho they sat side by side, the new First Lady looked straight ahead, never at him. She never smiled. I’m a long-time student of body language, finding it a terrific asset. I’m not an expert by any means, but there are “tells” that any novice can detect. So I just automatically notice the body language of folks when they interact. In their “first dance” as the first ball, as President and First Lady, they did not dance cheek-to-cheek. They did not look at each other. She kept the top of her body several inches from him. They simply have none of the invisible chemistry between them that is apparent between two people who love each other.

    Even Bill and Hillary have that chemistry, after all they’ve been thru as a married couple, the “electricity” remains between them and they publicly hold hands, he puts his arm around her or at her back, etc. It isn’t faked. And the Obamas are ALWAYS touching each other in one way or another. Seems they can’t keep their hands off each other, and they don’t care who knows it. Their eyes meet all the time. These are involuntary actions that occur between two people who care deeply for each other.

    It doesn’t exist with the Trumps. She has stated she is living with their son Baron in New York rather than in the White House with The Donald so that Baron can continue in his school and have a more normal life. My personal take on this is that Kellyanne will actually be The First Lady and Mrs. Trump will distance herself from it. Surely she knows her husband and Kellyanne are intimately involved. it doesn’t take a genius in human behavior to be able to see that! I feel sympathy for Mrs. trump, but a divorce in the White House MAY be forthcoming at some point. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  6. Laurence says:


    I have decided to call, as long as I can remember too , “small hands”, the new, get under his skin and cause a mental breakdown name, “old man trump”. And will not use upper case letters, since he doesn’t deserve the dignity of respect of our english alphabet.

    My little, pretty trivial, but significant act of protest.


    btw, “old man trump” carries two acts of insults, his age, and his throw back to the 1950s pre civil rights America.

  7. The marches have all been shown on the news in the UK, it doesn’t seem real – the situation I mean. It was announced that our Prime Minister, will be seeing President Trump on Friday – I can’t imagine what she will have to say to him.

  8. Trump has created something awesome. He has galvanized women from all over the world. And the men are there too. How can this president last for 4 years the way things are going?

  9. Sheila Joshi says:

    What a great day yesterday was! I watched MSNBC all day. Thank you for marching in Florida!

    Good point about the rise of the feminine archetype. That astrologer you posted a few months ago — Danielle Egnew — she said the next step was the return of the feminine through HRC being elected, followed by the rise of the people after that — more power in the hands of the people, more self-determination. It looks like she may have been partly right, but it’s not so step-wise. It’s the rise of the people *via* the feminine archetype.

    Events are also bearing out what psychic / healer Echo Bodine predicted the day after the election — that there was a masterful plan at work that would lead to something better than anyone thought.

    I would say this feminine citizen mobilization *required* the great disappointment of almost having HRC but getting DT — that extreme contrast — otherwise we would all just be sitting back letting HRC deal with things. I know I wouldn’t be watching hours of news a day.

    Wow, this has been a painful couple of months, but hopefully, the good results of that pain are starting to roll in.