Trump Trackdown

Here’s a fascinating prediction of the coming of Trump from an episode of a 1958 Western called Trackdown. In this episode, a snake-oil salesman named Trump talks about building a wall to save everyone.

When I saw this four-minute clip, I figured the name ‘Trump’ was a voice-over. But I was surprised when I went to and found out it’s legit – the character who was going to build the wall was really named Trump. It’s an example of  synchronicity and precognition through the creative process.



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3 Responses to Trump Trackdown

  1. Darren B says:

    After Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, the Republican real estate mogul channeled the main villain from “The Dark Knight Rises” during his inaugural address. 🙂

  2. Rob and Trish says:

    The two big stories of Jan. 20 are the Trump inauguration and the call for a boycott of the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, because of animal abuse in the filming. That seems like two separate events, but then again everything is interconnected at some level.