Golden Retriever to the Rescue


Noah and Nika – Noah the Golden

This post grew out of another on creativity and precognition, about how people who work in artistic fields often tap into the future through their works. It comes from writer and novelist Randy Russell. He wrote Ghost Dogs of the South as well as a number of other books on ghosts and several novels. Look him up on Amazon. I suspect Randy is one of those people who’s a magnet for synchronicities, spirit communication and other things that go bump in the night.

In an exchange of emails verifying an experience he had, he related an intriguing true story that he collected for Ghost Dogs of the South. He couldn’t use it, though, because it didn’t happen in the South!

Four teenagers, two girls who were best friends and their boyfriends, seniors in high school, sneaked out to go rafting on the Colorado River. The rapids turned bad and swept them away, down a portion of the river where rafting wasn’t allowed. They fell out of the raft, which was either swept away or destroyed.

They ended up stranded on the river sandbar island with no way off. Not only was it near dark, it was also getting cold. “The boys decided to become heroes and braved crossing the river rapids to seek help. They probably didn’t give a thought to the fact that they were leaving the two girls abandoned on that sand island, overnight,” Randy wrote. “The two girls were left shivering on the sand bar island in their bikinis. Kids, you know. The two girls huddled. It was the best they could do. Then one girl’s Golden Retriever shows up.”

The dog was alive, actually at home, so the girl just kept staring at the dog, trying to figure out how it had gotten to the sandbar. Then the dog started digging in the sand in front of them and got down into the hole – and vanished. The teenagers caught on. The girls dug holes in the sand, climbed in, and covered themselves with sand in order to keep warm and survive the night.

“They were rescued by helicopter the next morning. And now I don’t remember who told me of this occurrence. She was also a writer, btw.  Hey, it wasn’t you, was it?”

Nope, the story didn’t come from me! What I find especially interesting about it is that the girl’s Golden Retriever, a breed known for loyalty to the people it loves, sensed she was in trouble and was able to materialize in front of her to show her what she should do. Was the dog out of body? How was it able to project an image of itself that could dig a hole in the sand so that the girls would understand how to survive the night?

Randy wrote, “I like to think the dog sensed their discomfort ~ danger. As a close family member might in general sense a family member in stress miles and miles and miles away. Dogs’ ability to respond to spiritual influences is more sensitive than our own ability to do so.  Kind of like their sense of smell is so much better than ours.”




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7 Responses to Golden Retriever to the Rescue

  1. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    I agree that dogs are wonderful. Growing up with our motherly German Shepherd and having two wonderful terriers myself.
    I’d like to share that cats can also be pretty darn amazing. My black cat Katie (now passed) used to sense my distress or fear and “show up” to comfort me.
    The first time it happened I had to get an MRI of my knee, I’m extremely claustrophobic and when I had to be put inside the thumping machine I almost lost it, but then I felt something on my chest and looked, and it was Katie! She stayed on me, purring until it was over.
    Even now, I’ll call out to her or one of my other cats for comfort and she usually shows up pretty quickly!
    Animals are so amazing!

  2. c.j. says:

    What a beautiful experience! Last nite my husband said something to Storm, our black Lab, and she immediately obeyed even tho she had never heard that quiet command. Hubby looked at me. astonished, and said, “Look at her! She knew exactly what I was saying!” I have the conviction that dogs are Divine. And that their Souls far surpass the Souls of humans in evolution. Just before relocating from GA to FL, we had to find homes for each of our three sons’ dogs. Our middle son’s best buddy was a mixed German Shepherd named Nacoma. A family friend of ours loved him and eagerly said he’d be thrilled to give Nacoma a great home, so hubby and son took Nacoma to the friends’ house, which was eight miles away from ours thru the countryside. He put Nacoma in his screened-in back porch. Hubby and son drove straight back to our house, and Nacoma was sitting at the door! How could that dog have possibly outrun the car, much less find home? But he did. So, hubby and son returned him to his new home, and once again, Nacoma was waiting for them when they reached our driveway!
    Seems completely impossible and seems to deny the law of physics. Third time, new owner decided to put Nacoma INSIDE his house, and this time, Nacoma remained there and wasn’t back to our son. This is a totally true story. It broke our son’s heart, but we couldn’t bring their three best friends with us. Wonderful post and photo, Trish and Rob! And look at the expression on Nika’s face!!! Isn’t that a portrait of pure, unconditional LOVE?!!

  3. DJan says:

    Love this story! Thank you for sharing it, and I’m glad it all turned out well. It could have been so much worse, and the dog’s spirit saved the day. Along with the brave boys, too. 🙂

  4. Shadow says:

    This I can believe, there is so much in our pups eyes, they have free spirits…