Two dogs named Tome


Here’s a startling dog synchro that comes from Connie Cannon.

“Yesterday I was watching Law & Order from 2pm to 3pm. In that episode, there was a suspect whose mother owned a dog named “Tome,” pronounced “to Me”. I have never heard of that name or word except that my friend Ron has an Australian Shepherd whom he named TUME, pronounced the same way. As I watched the show and heard the TV dog’s name several times, of course I thought of Ron and his TUME. She was his constant companion, accompanying him everywhere he went, and especially on his big boat.
“Ron called me a little while ago. He was planning to come by and visit with me but I’m too unstable today, so he drove on back to Orlando and phoned me from the vehicle. He told me that his TUME had transitioned. She was 14 and had been very ill. He had her all her life and even though he knew for awhile that she had little time, he was of course devastated.
“He had her cremated, and brought her ashes up here yesterday, took her ashes to her favorite spot on the waterway, and a friend gave a beautiful eulogy and they spread Tume’s ashes across her favorite water place. IT WAS AT 2:30 pm, exactly the time I was watching the TV show that had the pup named To-me in it.
“It wouldn’t be so astonishing if the name wasn’t so unusual. But how many times have you heard of a dog or pet named TO-ME or TUME???
That is an odd name for a dog. We once had a blogger who visited us regularly and called herself Toumai….as in Two May. Her name was May and she thought she had another May, an invisible double, living inside her. In other words, two me’s. 
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4 Responses to Two dogs named Tome

  1. c.j. says:

    Regarding your blogger…..perhaps she has an “alter-ego” by the same name. Weird.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Connie, somehow the attribution of the story got dropped. But I fixed it. Thanks again for the story.

  2. DJan says:

    That should be Tume. Darned auto correct!

  3. DJan says:

    Very fascinating synchro. Little Time was present in the ether, it seems. 🙂